KEEP Dedicates Reading Room Valued at US$4,500

The KEEP rehabilitated reading room

The Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) over the weekend dedicated a reading room valued at over US$45,000 at the Moses Weefur Public School in Logan Town, on Bushrod Island.

The school is one of the leading public schools in Logan Town and runs two sections, with a student population of about 700.

Felecia Doe-Somah, Assistant Education Minister for Early Childhood Education, lauded KEEP management for the initiative, describing the reading room as a priority of the ministry to ensure that children choose reading as a startup course in their academic sojourn.

“We are hoping that students and the administration will make the best use of the facility. This is the kind of effort we welcome,” Minister Somah said.

Beneficiaries of KEEP initiative dancing shortly after the dedication ceremony started

While taking a guided tour of the facility, Somah praised the KEEP management for being a blessing to the students by the dedication of a well-furnished reading room that other schools and students lack and cannot improve their reading skills.

She then expressed the hope that the reading room will be used for its intended purpose, and not just be a nicely decorated place for the school.

She also lauded the Principal Solomon W. Bartee and the teaching staff for the effort in bringing the school up to standard and greatly impacting the students with informed knowledge.

Minister Somah added that teaching the pupils to read will help them to overcome all other subjects, to include English, Mathematics, and Science.

She told the students that reading will help them to know about other people’s culture and improve their results in those subjects.

Solomon W. Bartee called on Minister Somah to help build up the school’s courtyard, to address flooding they experience every year during the rainy season.

“The schoolyard gets flooded whenever it rains, causing the students and even some of the teachers to use rain boots before they enter classes, a situation which is hampering the school especially when we are hosting the flag,” Mr. Bartee told Minister Somah.

Bartee said the administration has made some efforts in addressing the situation, but are yet to reach the necessary level where the wearing of rain boots during school hours was unhealthy.

Brenda Brewer Moore, founder of KEEP, lauded Guaranty Trust Bank-Liberia for providing the funds that was used to renovate and upgrade the reading room.

Minister Doe-Somah along with Minister Duopu in conversation while others look on shortly after the viewing of the reading room

Mrs. Moore’s organization intends to continue the initiative to improve the reading skills of school going children.

According to her, the issue of a reading room is required in most of the public schools across the country, “but for now, KEEP is starting the project in Montserrado and will gradually extend to other counties.”

She warned students not to make the reading room appear like a decorated place, but to see it as something that can change or improve their reading skills.

Mrs. Moore: “We have enough materials for reading at your level, such like story books, and so I want you to make maximum use of the room and the materials that we put there.”

The two reading rooms contain stockpiles of different types of books that Mrs. Moore wants the students to read regularly.

“This is the sixth project and we also have another reading room that will be dedicated in the coming weeks in Gbarpolu County,” Mrs. Moore said.

She told the students to take advantage of the regular reading activities on every Saturday since that initiative is implemented by authorities of KEEP.

“We have established book clubs and look forward to seeing you being part of it. I want many of you to take advantage of the club,” she urged the students.

KEEP is currently working in Grand Gedeh, Montserrado and Gbarpolu counties.

Deputy Education Minister Alexander Duopu who was part of the weekend’s ceremony, lauded authorities of the school and also called on parents to work with various schools’ administrations to ensure children grow in an improved way as they acquire better education.

“Students, I want you to take your reading very seriously and build your skills, which is cardinal to your education,” Minister Duopu said.


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