KEEP Dedicates New Reading Room in Marshall

The KEEP Reading Room that was dedicated at the Peabody Public School in Marshall, Margibi County.

The Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) over the weekend dedicated a new reading room at the Peabody Public School in Marshall Town, Margibi County. The Peabody Public School, established in 1980, has never had library. The new reading room will serve 425 students.

Latim Da-thong, Deputy Education Minister for Administration, who performed the dedicatory ceremony, lauded KEEP and its partners for the initiative. Reading room (library), Da-thong said, remains a serious challenge to the country’s education sector. He called on authorities of the school to use the reading room for its intended purpose.

He said government does not have all the resources to buy everything that is needed for students or school authorities, “therefore, school administrations should make the best use of whatever our partners have presented to us.”

“Encourage the young people to continue to read, because we are now considering revision of the present curriculum with a key focus on reading. We are now talking with stakeholders to ensure that from 3rd grade to 4th grade do only four subjects,” he said.

“We know Brenda or KEEP’s work. We are grateful to the partners, who have made this dream a reality. KEEP’s dream is to continue helping the future leaders through youth empowerment,” Mr. Da-thong said.

He added, “we appreciate these kinds of efforts and will find a way to help because educating Liberian children requires collective efforts. Every parent, stakeholder, guardian, and the community is cardinal as Liberia’s greatest resource is the young people.”

Edward Sharpe, representative of Amos Lodge and a sponsor of KEEP’s program, expressed gratitude for the initiative. Mr. Sharpe said the reading room will impact education to greater extent.

“We are here to identify with KEEP, because they are one of our partners that have worked with us for years, and so, Amos Lodge remains proud working with them, specially the construction of reading rooms,” he said.

Brenda Moore, KEEP executive director lauded partners, including Royal Hotel, APM Terminals, Amos Lodge, Liberia Telecommunication Authority and Liberia Airport Authority for supporting the construction of the various reading rooms over the years.

Mrs. Moore said KEEP has established reading rooms in Grand Gedeh, Gbarpolu, Margibi, and Montserrado counties. “Reading remains fundamental to education, which indicates one cannot learn without it,” she said.

She said KEEP will continue its journey of establishing reading rooms around Liberia, stating, “we need to provide spaces for children to read.”

KEEP has established 10 reading rooms across the country.


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