“Keep Conservation, the Crux of Forestry Management, Strong,” FDA Retiree Urges

Participants at the close of the ceremony

An FDA retiree has urged his former management to keep the dream of the conservation program burning, “because conservation is the crux of forest management without which the intent of forestry would lose its scientific reliance and relevance.”

Mr. Theo Freeman, outgoing technical manager for the Conservation Department, was speaking on behalf of forty four (44) retired employees of the Forestry Development Authority who were honored for ‘committed services’ rendered over the years to the Liberian Government while in the employ of the FDA, a release from the entity has said.

During a ceremony to commemorate the occasion on October 27, Mr. Freeman commended the government through the FDA management for honorably retiring them after serving their country with distinction. The FDA management likewise applauded the retirees, describing them as men who had stood the test of time and whose contributions will remain written in the archives of the institution.

FDA managing director, Darlington Tuagben, recounted the numerous gains the retirees had made towards the sustained growth and development of the institution over the years and praised them for their level of patriotism and proven love for country.

He assured them that the forest sector would continue to build upon the foundation they had so sacrificially established, adding, “you still possess something we need in the running of the entity and could revert to you any time deemed necessary.”

Director Tuagben used the occasion to disclose the creation of 30 vacancies at the entity as a result of the retirement plan, while challenging young professional foresters to begin taking advantage of those opportunities.

“The wheels of the entity must keep turning progressively in line with the  development of a five- year strategic plan for the FDA and the forest sector being harnessed by local and international consultants,” Tuagben said.

“By successfully implementing this retirement scheme, we have together created an opportunity to bring on board young professionals to support the robust and full implementation of the FDA’s mandate.”  He thanked the government for its support rendered to the process.

The occasion was attended by representatives from the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) and the Civil Service Agency (CSA).


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