Karnwea, Dahn Cross Over to LP


A stalwart of the ruling Unity Party, Harrison Karnwea, and party sympathizer Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn, have both formally crossed over to the Liberty Party (LP), pledging their respective supports to ensure that the party attains the presidency at the upcoming October presidential and legislative elections.

In a communication to LP’s First Partisan Cllr. Charles W. Bumskine, Dr. Dahn said, “Considering what manner of man you have, and continue to prove to be on the Liberian political platform, especially at a time when the current political situation of our country requires mature, processed and tested personalities, we, Friends Of Dahn (FOD) hasten with all degrees of certainty to present compliments, and meanwhile pay our passionate tribute and also salute you for being a man whose political originality and reality are measured at all dots of the land.”

Therefore, he said, as Liberia stands at a critical crossroad seeking a new day, new vision and new breed of leaders who will make the difference in the supreme interest of the Liberian people, the FOD has no doubt joined ranks with LP, adding, “We also salute the LP for its fortitude and frankness in dealing with the country’s current political situation.”

The FOD, Dahn said, deems the LP politically suitable considering its consistency and persistency in addressing national issues in a manner that certainly seems to be the best therapy for the nation’s redemption from the dustbin of stagnation.

Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn is the deputy director-general at the National Commission on Higher Education. He made the declaration at a program marking the official launch of the “Friends of Dahn” (FOD) in Nyor-Butuo Town, Buuyao District, Nimba County.

For his part, former Unity Party sympathizer Harrison Karnwea, who is the managing director of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), made a similar declaration on Monday as he officially joined the LP.

Mr. Karnwea and Dr. Dahn are both sons of Nimba County hailing from the Zoe-Geh Statutory District. Unlike Mr. Karnwea, Dr. Dahn is aspiring for the county Electoral District #5 representative seat.

Karnwea’s declaration was made at a well-attended ceremony at LP headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Mr. Karnwea told partisans of his new party that he has officially resigned from the ruling party to join ranks with the LP to move Liberia forward.

He said the decision to join the LP is not an event, but a process which has been in the making over a period of time.

“I have finally made the decision to come to LP based on series of consultations with friends and relatives,” Karnwea told the gathering to a round of applause.

He added: “We have made a decision judging from what we see and feel is best for the people of Liberia in the face of the changing time and condition. We have made a decision in line with our irretrievable conviction that the LP promises to be a curtain raiser for the people of Liberia in the pending elections.”

The former UP ‘strong man’ noted, “In democracy, the interest of the people and nation are considered paramount, especially in this tiny West African state where the desire to see the country taking an upward trend cannot be overemphasized…It is an open secret that our nation-Liberia is at the verge of making yet another political history, which promises to be much more democratic in nature.”

He said democracy requires assorted opinions geared at moving a given people and nation from one level to another, with the people themselves turning the wheel and making the best choice.

Mr. Karnwea then used the occasion to thank the executives and partisans of the UP for the time granted him to have served the party over the years.

According to him, where one stands does not matter, but that Liberia overcomes hurdles and turns a new democratic page for the people is what matters the most.

Meanwhile, LP’s 2017 campaign manager Musa Bility thanked Mr. Karnwea for making a “wise decision” to join what he referred to as the incoming ruling party, adding that his decision to join the LP means the party is gearing up to win the pending October elections.

The party’s political leader, Cllr. Brumskine, referred to Mr. Karnwea as an important figure who has joined the party to vigorously forge it ahead.

It can be recalled that Mr. Bility was also a stalwart of the ruling UP, but joined the LP amid unconfirmed reports that several UP heavyweights were soon to join the LP before the October elections.


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