Karnplay Police Station in Grim Condition


The police station in Karnplay is said to be in a very poor condition, with the entire roof and other parts of the building in serious disrepair, hindering the effective functioning  of police officers assigned in the district of Gbehlay.

The Daily Observer observed that rainfall compels officers to seek shelter elsewhere as the offices are flooded.

The building, which has four offices, shows deep cracks on every side, with a big hole at the back of the building.

“There is no bathroom in the entire building for either the officers or the inmates,” a police source said.

Pointing at the small cell, the police source said, “We provide buckets for the inmates to ease themselves and we pay others to dispose of it.”

The poor condition of the building is not healthy for the officers and inmates, residents interviewed told the Daily Observer.

“Karnplay is too close to the Ivory Coast and therefore crimes should be expected,  which suggests that the police detachment should be housed in a decent building,” they said.

Karnplay is one of the semi- urban towns in Nimba and is close to the border with Ivory Coast. The police station also controls towns and villages within the two Gbehlay Geh Statutory districts.

Karnplay remains one of the focal points of crime in Nimba County. Last year, two little girls mysteriously dissappeared after school and were later found on their farm road.

Late last year, a man set his house ablaze, leaving four children to die in the blaze in a border town called Loguatuo.

Recently, a man identified as Randolph Free attempted setting one of Nimba County’s yellow earth moving catepillars ablaze in a town called Gbehyee Vonwea.

The man is currently detained at the police cell in Karnpaly awaiting trial, although he has pleaded for mercy saying, he did that out of furstration because his parents are very old and he did not have any place to live.

Nearly all the police and immigration stations in Nimba County were built by the UNMIL Quick Impact Project, but with the poor status of the police station, many in the town are wondering whether the Liberian government is waiting for UNMIL’s departure before embarking on major and minor reconstruction.

 “Everyday people come here to take photographs of this building, but we see nothing happening,” a neighbor told the Daily Observer.

 A source at the Liberia National Police headquarters in Monrovia told the newspaper yesterday that the information will be looked into to ensure that immediate intervention is made to assist the police detachment in Karnplay.


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