Karnplay City Gets New Look


The opening of the recently graded alleyways in the City of Karnplay in Nimba County has given the city a new look and significantly eased the movement of goods and services in the area.

Karnplay City Mayor, Ms. Evelyn Gweh, said about 13 of the 21 earmarked alleyways have been opened so far.

She said from the onset, there was “some bitterness” among some citizens owing to the demolition of their homes to make way for the alleyways. The completion of some of the routes has many of the people expressing appreciation for the city’s new look.

“Although it was not easy from the beginning, now my citizens are very happy about the streets and want the county to provide culverts to fully connect all the streets,” she said.

“We are urging all the citizens to keep the city clean and avoid building makeshift bathrooms or pit latrines in the city.”

A visit by the Daily Observer to Karnplay city on November 10 revealed that the illegal structures congesting the city had been removed and the city is now accessible and well connected by roads.

“It was not easy here, but we are happy with this development because it is easy now to get to any part of the city with no difficulty,” said a resident who identified herself as Comfort, a petty trader.

Karnplay is one of the cocoa belts in Nimba County, situated close to the border with Ivory Coast. It is also a key agriculture horn where farmers are involved in growing a variety of produce.

Upon the elevation of Mr. Door Cooper from City Mayor to the post of Assistant Superintendent for Development in Nimba County, he immediately embarked on the opening of the alleyways in three of the cities in Nimba County, namely Bahn, Karnplay and Tappita.

The exercise began in Karnplay and Bahn, with people expressing bitterness over the demolition of their houses, although they were compensated.

Nimba County Superintendent Mr. Fong G. Zuagele said the project thereafter continued to connect the selected alleyways as well as feeder roads.

He said there is a plan to draw the map of the City of Karnplay that will, in future developments, include a running water system and electric lines.


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