Kamara Wins #0602 Crown Hill Elections

Elections chairman Warnley and-web.jpg


Mr. Mohammed M. Kamara won the chairmanship of the #0602 Crown Hill Community elections, in Monrovia, according to Elections chairman Alfred C. Warnley.

In a release issued yesterday, Warnley said Mr. Emmanuel F. Nagbe, Jr., came second with 126 votes and Mr. Claudius M. Cooper, Jr came third with 82 votes.

He said there were 394 valid votes with 11 invalid votes and one spoiled vote. The release said there were 671 registered voters but 277 residents did not vote.

He said the commission printed 781 voters’ cards and 110 cards were returned. He explained that 157 cards went to Block A. “But 116 cards were used and 41 returned to the commission,” he said.

Block B had 150 cards, used 118 and returned 32 to the commission; Block C had 269 cards, used 260 and returned 9.

“Block D had 205 cards used 177 and returned 28. So we have a total of 781 cards, used 671 and 110 returned to the commission,” he said.

The release said 1,634 ballot papers were printed, used 394 and 1,240 remained with the commission. The release said further that 781 voters’ cards were printed, 671 used and 110 returned to the commission.

The elections were held at the AME Zion High School campus on Sunday, April 26 in Monrovia.


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