Kailondo Offers US$5,000 Reward for Info on Journalist Browne’s Killers


George B. Kailondo, the owner of Super FM has offered US$5,000 to anyone who will provide information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of the assailant (s) responsible for the murder of journalist Tyron Browne.

Browne, who worked for Super FM, was found dead Monday morning (about 3 a.m.) on Duport Road.

An eye-witness claimed that Browne’s body was dumped from a black jeep.

Mr. Kailondo said while he believes in the ability of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to find the culprit, he will play his part to ensure that whoever committed the act is found and prosecuted.

He said he is hiring former police investigators to support LNP investigators but did not say how many private investigators he would hire.

Mr. Kailondo called on President George Weah to condemn the death of journalist Tyron Browne. “I have always believed that Liberia will be a peaceful country under a George Weah led-administration.

“I have US$5,000 for anyone who will provide clear information leading to the arrest of those involved in the death of journalist Browne. Again, I am appealing to the LNP investigators to begin work to find those who caused Browne’s murder,” he said.

He added “Today it is journalist Browne, tomorrow would be Kailondo or any other journalist in Liberia. We all need to live here peacefully as we experienced under former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration.”

Mr. Kailondo said it was unfortunate for members of the Fourth-Estate, and who are watchdogs of society, to be living in fear.

“I was seriously shocked when the information reached me on Monday. I can’t believe that Tyron Browne,” he said.

Mr. Kailondo said he believes that a national condemnation from President Weah on the death of journalist Browne will send a strong message that the President is a man of peace and humanity.

“Because we did not support the presidential bid of President Weah in the just ended elections, we continue to receive calls from unknown numbers with threatening statements,” he claimed.

Today, he said, “We have a journalist who has left Liberia, due to fear of losing his life. I believe this is not the country that Liberians envisage with George M. Weah being President for which many Liberians risked their lives.”

According to him, when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf won the elections in 2005 and 2011, no one was chased from Liberia, because of their membership of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).


  1. If individuals who care not for the indispensablity of a free press to democracy, or journalistic etiquettes, stop using the venue as platform for influence-seeking, there would be less media outlets, sufficient government-advertisement money to go around, and, consequently, more professionalism. The reported statements by a proprietor of one radio station lack evidentiary support: Jonathan Paye-Payleh wasn’t “chased out”, he left because his hypocrisy was exposed.

    The question, then, is, why would the proprietor of a radio station where the murdered Tyron Brown was working made such a politically-charged misleading comment, but putting out only $5,000 reward, when considering his reported wealth, $50,000 would’ve generated more public attention in finding the killer or killers?

    Well, mysterious murder probes start by looking at those closest to the victim; family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. So Tyron’s boss is a person of interest, and LNP would need his alibi; for instance, where he was at the time vitcim was assaulted. Furthermore, it isn’t unheard of for a murderer to post reward for his or her victim, and even lead the search to find a missing victim. Additionally, the FM radio’s boss politically-motivated statement could sound like a motive in the ears of an experienced homicide investigator.

    This case is solvable with motivated professionalism backed by compassion for a promising young man. Please, let’s catch the terrotist or terrorists; whososever committed the heinous act showed disregard for human life. It is about time Liberia ends such impunity, a direct challenge, if I may, to the competency of a government they want to probably frame.


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