Kailondo Faces Negligent Homicide Charge


More than seven months after a boat ride left the former managing director of Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank) Dan Orogun’s dead by drowning, the Monrovia City Court yesterday brought a charge of “Negligent Homicide” against George Kailondo, a businessman who Orogun’s family claimed is responsible for his death.

Dressed in a gray coat suit at yesterday’s hearing, Kailondo, himself a lawyer, was made to sit on the prisoner bench for hours before he was allowed to go back home at which time he has posted US$10,000 bail bond.

Orogun, a Nigerian national, died during a boating accident on January 26, this year at the Barracuda Marine Resort, off the ELWA/Robertsfield highway. The boat belonged to Kailondo.

A media report quoted Kailondo after the incident, saying the banker had drowned, while on a cruise to celebrate his (Kailondo’s) wedding anniversary.

But the family in opposition claimed that Mr. Orogun had earlier gone with his wife and children to Kailondo’s house to honor to celebrate the day with him.

Negligent homicide is the killing of another person through gross negligence or without malice. It often includes death that is the result of the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, which includes, among other things, the operation of a boat.

It is characterized as a death caused by conduct that grossly deviated from ordinary care. It may be charged as a lesser-included offense of manslaughter. It is sometimes referred to as “involuntary manslaughter.”

Although, details of Orogun‘s family complaint were not available in court yesterday, sources claimed that their action was as a direct result of contradicting statement made by Kailondo regarding Orogun’s death.

A source quoted a conversation allegedly held between Kailondo and a journalist that, “Orogun committed suicide.”

It was not established in court yesterday as to whether these were some of the evidences the Orogun family is relying on to press charges against Kailondo.

It was also not clear whether several other charges were added to the negligent homicide that compelled Kailondo to seek a bail of US$10,000.

Prior to Kailondo’s negligent homicide charge, officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have reported no foul to the cause of Orogun’s death, due to the look of the dead body at the time it was retrieved from the beach.

Besides, the Orogun family has also requested for an autopsy, but it was not clear whether the autopsy was conducted and results later released to the family.

It is now the court that would provide answer as to whether or not Kailondo was responsible for the death of his onetime friend Orogun.


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