JW Conventioneers Empowered to Imitate Jesus

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The second of six “Imitate Jesus” conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses ended yesterday at the Assembly Hall in Mount Barclay, near Monrovia with over 2,000 Witnesses and their friends in attendance.

The three-day convention began last Friday with both morning and afternoon sessions. A group of 22 deaf students participated in the program through sign language translators.

Each of the three days was filled with activities and lectures. Friday’s session began with the examination of the topic ‘Imitate Jesus—Why and How?’ drawing attention on Luke 6: 40, (A pupil is not above his teacher, but everyone that is perfectly instructed will be like his teacher).

It was followed by a symposium in which a discussion about the lessons from Jesus’ word pictures ensued, in which they were told to observe the birds and the lilies (Mat. 6:25-30); having salt in themselves (Mark 9: 50) and building their house on the symbolic rock (Luke 6:47-49).

Another topic examined thereafter before the keynote address for the session was ‘Follow Jesus’ pattern—keep on asking, seeking and knocking.’ The morning session was concluded with the address: ‘Concealed in Jesus are all the treasures of wisdom.’

After a special musical video presentation, the topics, ‘Imitate Jehovah by imitating Jesus’ with specific emphasis on when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples; when Jesus told Satan to go away from him; being peacemakers and paying back God’s gifts to God, were delivered with scriptural references.

Next was part one of a drama, “For a certainty God made him Lord and Christ.”

‘He was favorably heard for his godly devotion’ was next discussed and the day’s program ended with a delivery of the topic ‘Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost.’

The second day began with two symposiums on: ‘Imitate Jesus, Not Satan’ and it dealt on Jesus’ generosity (Luke 14: 13, 14); on appreciation (Luke 7:44); on truthfulness (Matthew 5:37) on loyalty, (John 13:1), being reasonable (Matthew 23:23, 24), forgiveness (Matthew 18:22) and being impartial (Matthew 11:28-30).

The third symposium began the afternoon session on the topic ‘Do the work that Jesus did?’ which dealt on preaching, teaching and healing. It was followed by a lecture for baptismal candidates, who were encouraged to follow Jesus’ steps closely.

The afternoon session continued with a symposium, an interactive discussion with selected families and individuals. Next were topics, including ‘following Jesus, but not at a distance; train, trust, and empower others, as Jesus does; a sound drama titled ‘For this I have come into the world’ and concluded with an admonition to the gathering to arm themselves with Christ’s mental disposition.

The third day, yesterday, continued with a symposium when they were called on to have love among themselves, with specific points on patience and kindness; avoiding jealousy; repudiating pride and indecency; rejecting selfishness and provocation; not keeping account of the injury; enduring in all things and cultivating love, which never fails.

A public discourse titled: Jesus Christ, world conqueror—how and when, was examined, followed by a summary of the Watchtower magazine to end the first session.

The afternoon began with the discussion on “True liberation awaits those who imitate Jesus,’ which was followed by the second part of the drama ‘For a certainty God made Him Lord and Christ.’ The final discussion encouraged the gathering to maintain their focus as the storm approaches, in what was said to be the last days of the system of things.

The conventioneers were drawn from 10 Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations in central Monrovia.


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