Justice Ja’neh’s Impeachment Trial Starts Tomorrow

Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja'neh fate to be decided on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

The Senate has announced that it will commence the impeachment trial proceedings against Kabineh M. Ja’neh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court on Thursday, February 14, 2019, starting at 2:00 p.m. at the Capitol Building.

The Notice of Assignment signed by the secretary of the Senate, J. Nanborlor F. Singbeh, Sr. instructing the Sergeant-at-Arms indicates thus: “you are hereby commanded to notify the parties and or their legal counsels to appear before members of the Senate in the impeachment trial at its Chambers in the Capitol Building, Capitol Hill, Monrovia Liberia, on February 14, 2019, at the hour of 2:00 p.m. for the commencement of the trial…”

According to the notice, which was received and signed for by the legal Counsels for Mr. Ja’neh, and the managers of the House of Representatives, Ja’neh is to face the Senate for impeachment proceedings on Thursday.

The impeachment proceeding against Associate Justice Ja’neh was put on the floor at the House of Representatives by two Montserrado County lawmakers on August 28, 2018, for alleged “misconduct and gross breach of duty” in keeping with the constitutional power assigned to that body to prepare a bill of impeachment and forward same to the Senate for trial.

Accordingly, and in keeping with Article 43 of the Constitution of Liberia, the Senate has extended an invitation to the Chief Justice to preside over the trial proceedings.

In its Thursday, February 7, 2019 edition, a Daily Observer newspaper’s Legislative reporter quoted an authoritative Legislative source of disclosing that the impeachment trial of Justice Ja’neh was set for February 14, 2019.

Meanwhile, sources say although the impeachment trial of Justice appears to be well on course, there are suggestions that the Senate may not able to muster the vote required to impeach Justice J’aneh. Aside from Senators Oscar Cooper, Conmany Wesseh and Daniel Naatehn, who have openly expressed opposition to the threatened impeachment, there may very well be others who may harbor sentiments in favor of Justice J’aneh.

However, according to political analysts, the imperial character of the Liberian presidency has never since changed its dominance of the other two branches of government. Given this reality, according to analysts, it appears more likely than not that the Executive will have its usual sway and the Senate will vote against Justice J’aneh.


  1. A Supreme Court´s judge sits as plaintiff and judge in a land dispute case, and then the very judge is involved in a money theft scandal where it is found out that the judge is the perpetrator and culprit, and then when the Legislature reacts against such proved misconduct and gross breach of duty on the part of the judge, you dare say it is a political trial? Boima Gbelly?

    This is no political trial. That poor old lady and that poor man who died as the results of this judge´s proved misconduct could have been your relative. These guys (Janeh etc) are very wicked abusers of powers. I hope they remove him from the Supreme Court. He has no conscience!

    • Zoebohn, I would be more than glad if you referred readers on this platform to the facts showing Ja’neh both as a plaintiff. That would be a travesty, and if indeed that was the case the the Legislature should impeach all the current justices on the Supreme Court Bench. I know that the case involving that 90-yr old grandma traveled from the circuit court to the Supreme Court on appeal. At the Supreme Court, Ja’neh recused himself from hearing the appeal because he had an interest in the case. Equity and law required him so to do. The appeal was heard and the case decided in Ja’neh’s favor. Maybe Brother Zoebohn has a different set of facts or is reading from a page different from what the public is reading. Please give us the facts and reference, Sir.

  2. After months of wrangling, justice could be served. In my heart of hearts, it’d be preposterous to suggest that justice is about to be served in Ja’neh’s impeachment trial. For sure, justice could be served, knowing the kind of justice system which exists in the motherland. In other words, justice that favors Ja’neh! Don’t be surprised.

    Why did it take so long for Ja’neh’s impeachment trial to commence at this time? Why didn’t the impeachment trial take place during the past year? As spectators on the scene, we saw how Ja’neh pulled political strings in order to avoid a hearing. Example, sometime in 2018, Ja’neh solicited the assistance of a group of Nimba county Elders to bid on his behalf. The use of Elders was a funny maneuver. It boomeranged in his face with maximum devastation. But Ja’neh didn’t stop. On his second gamble, Ja’neh appealed to an Islamic civic organization in order to forestall an impeachment proceeding. Again, that particular maneuver didn’t work. What a guy?

    Throughout his active years as an Associate Judge, Ja’neh had dealt with all kinds of court cases. Well, Ja’neh’s time to be dealt with has arrived. Justice could be served. I won’t bet a buck though.

  3. Corrupt Janeh did not only pull political strings. This corrupt judge Janeh who stole that poor 90 years old widow’s land and received money under false pretences, also, together with his colleagues on The Supreme Court’s Bench tried to prevent the House of Representatives from impeaching corrupt Kabineh Janeh. But the House warned the Supreme Court to behave as
    a Supreme Court “and avoid embarrassment!”

  4. Good Gontee.
    I really don’t know what’s wrong with our people.

    I wonder whether corruption is ingrained in some black people’s DNA.

    Also, was it due to corruption amongst our black kings that caused slavery to occur? I don’t know why our people show no love for our country.

    Undocumented Liberians in the disapora are unwilling to go home. You can’t blame them. But Liberia is home.They know what could happen if they go home. If you can’t win over them, join them. That’s what a Nigerian guy told me.

    What’s really wrong with us? Since 1847, we’re still listed as a poor country. Yet we’ve got very good educators in Liberia and elsewhere.

  5. The problem with your so called “good educators” is that they are very much unprincipled, corrupt, and pretenders. Take the cases of Tiawen Gongloe and Kofi Woods in this very impeachment case. Gongloe goes around ranting that he is a human rights lawyer.

    But this very Gongloe has shamelessly attempted to make a mockery of justice because according to him he and Kabineh Janeh are from the same county.

    As for Kofi Woods, he says his friendship with Kabineh Janeh takes precedence over the ultimate rule of law.

    Gongloe has even said the Chief Justice should not perform his constitutional mandate ini this impeachment because Kabineh Janeh is from Nimba, and the Chief Justice is from Nimba. Everyone saw how Gongloe
    in this impeachment matter disgracefully mobilised Nimba elders to obstruct justice.

  6. Zoedjallah,
    The fact cannot be invalidated that we’ve got very good Liberian educators. We sure do. You write like someone who is an erudite Liberian. That’s positive! If you were entrusted with the responsibility to occupy an influential position, would you do as Gongloe and Woods have done?
    The arrogance of some Liberian educators messes up the system. And so the question is this…..why do our educated Liberians behave so stupidly?

    I criticized Gongloe just a few weeks ago in an earlier commentary. Why? Because Gongloe stated that Weah’s appointment of Patten during the Christmas recess was a violation of the Liberian constitution. His argument was in poor taste. In the examples you’ve stated about him, one sees how preposterous he could be.

    Gongloe argues that a disgraced man like Ja’neh should be exonerated because he’s a derivative of Nimba county. However, Nimba happens to be the very county in which Gongloe was born. That is laughable. It shows the simplicity of Gongloe’s judicial philosophy.

  7. Now that the stage is set for the much talked about impeachment case, lets not forget the intent, which is to improve the standard of conduct, in the Liberian legal system.atleast, that’s what the acusers are saying. It is reported, that the Excutive branch might likely have a say.The reporter did not give clearity. However, in Liberia, the governance of the pratice of law, is the responsibity of the judicial branch. Interference from the Excutive as alledged, by the reporter, is no justice serve.

  8. Counselor James boayue of ganta Nimba county says President Weah is wrong. The charges alone are ridiculous. As a matter of fact those charges apply to the “every day actions ” of the legislature “. How can “big gut” Prince Johnson from my county,nimba,just sit there without saying a word against it? Is he afraid that Weah might out him on trial for all his killings?
    James Boayue cell#0888305743
    We,nimbarians are tried of you as our senator

    Cal-li- foo- Ko
    Cal-lay-fooo-ko is his feared name. Not even senator prince Johnson or the superintendent can qss question him because he does “witch craft”

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