Justice, Foreign Ministers Sent to Receive Protesters’ Petition

Foreign diplomatic missions near Monrovia now want the CoP's planned protest postponed to January 5, 2020 and moved to away from Capitol Hill. (Above: flashback to June 7 peaceful protest on Capitol Hill)

The Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor, will not receive the Council of Patriots’ (CoP) petition. According to sources, she is not well and is seeking medical treatment. This information could not be independently verified. However, the  However, the Ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean and Gbehzohngar M. Findley, respectively, have been designated by President Weah to receive the petition.

So far, the protest has been peaceful. Minor issues, such as protesters reportedly being restricted by police from coming to the assembly point at the Capitol because of “lack of national identification”, were quickly resolved.

In earlier meetings between the Council of Patriots and the Ministry of Justice, it was agreed that, at 3 p.m. today, the Vice President, as designated by President Weah, would avail herself to receive the petition.

Henry Costa, a member of the Council of Patriots, told journalists after 3 p.m. that in spite of the sudden change in who would receive the petition, there are certain immediate demands that the President must meet. If those demands are not met, he said, “we will not stop protesting.”


  1. It is vital that the government, especially the president of Liberia, hears the cries of the people and fix the problems effecting the country. Liberians are suffering here my people, and this country belongs to all…those immediate demands as highlighted must be met without delay to save the state. The economy is not good, but most importantly, the basic needs of the people should not be that the common man cannot afford to live. Government must fix things, and they must do so fast!

  2. Gone are those days when we used to buy pepper kala for five cent.Gone are also those days when the rate used to be $1.00 US dollar to $2.00 LD. Inasmuch-as we have a banknote that was printed from $5.00 LD to go Up. It will always be high, height total involvement. Living standard will be expense in the country and only the laborer will survive.

  3. Why should she be the one to meet with COP, , , , why not him self or one of his cronies so called ministers, she is not part of the gang of thief’s robbing the country pennyless,


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