‘June Protest Stands; No Turning Back’

Mr. Paye (3rd from right), reads the statement on behalf of the four political parties.

— Collaborating opposition parties

The opposition collaborating political parties have, joined forces with the Council of Patriots to stage the controversial June 7 “save the state” protest demonstration.

The parties are the former ruling Unity Party (UP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Liberty Party.

They said their resolve to join the protest stems from their response to President George Weah’s January 28, 2019, State of the Nation Address in which they urged the President to realize that the country’s governance system has reached crisis level, while the economy is declining exponentially.

Their position was contained in a statement dated Wednesday, May 8, 2019, delivered at a press conference in Monrovia. Reading the statement on behalf of the four political parties, UP Chairman Wilmot Paye said, “so today, not only do our four Political Parties unflinchingly, resoundingly, unapologetically and unequivocally support efforts by the Council of Patriots to organize a peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the 1986 Constitution of Liberia. We also announce our direct involvement and participation in the planning, execution, and management of all peaceful conduct and actions geared toward achieving the noble objective of drawing the attention of President Weah and his administration to the issues of governance, which his administration has woefully ignored despite growing outcries from Liberians.”

Mr. Paye told Liberians to act urgently, “else the country will be doomed forever.” He said the country’s fragile peace can only be maintained when the government musters the courage to tackle historical wrongs and contemporary ills.

“In recent times, in quite an unprecedented fashion, our international partners have been vocal. This is reflected in their utterances, which they make apparently reluctantly and against conventional diplomatic protocols to draw attention to Liberia’s declining governance climate.

“They do so because more than US$10 billion had been invested in Liberia’s peace. This peace, we are under no illusion, can only be sustained through deliberate citizens-centered decisions, actions, policies and a governance culture that is characterized by the rule of law,” Mr. Paye said.

He added, “there will be no violence at least from the perspective of our four political parties and the Council of Patriots Movement. No one should instill fear in you. There is a huge difference between 2019 and 1979, to which some unqualified comparisons have been made to discourage us from speaking out. The Council of Patriots is a democratic movement that our four Political Parties are part of.”

He called on Liberians both at home and away to accord their fullest support to the Council of Patriots, by turning up in their thousands on June 7 to express their disapproval for the deteriorating state of the economy.

“June 2019 is the time for you to speak to those on Capitol Hill, who have shown no interest in your plight. Their contemptible behavior is the reason for us to unite under a single banner,” Mr. Paye said.

Paye: “This will be the time for you the forgotten doctors, nurses and health workers to be heard. This will be the time for your teachers and professors and education workers to speak out. It will be the time for you civil servants, who may soon lose 25 percent of your salaries as part of a fake solution to problems you did not create, to stand up for your rights as guaranteed by the Liberian Constitution.

Mr. Paye further noted, “This day will unite your voice with marketers, taxi drivers, motorcyclists, teachers, and health workers to speak to the three branches of your government seated on Capitol Hill.”

He said “Indeed, June is your time to make history; to speak truth to power, and to put into practice the power that the constitution gives to you when it says, “All power is inherent in the people…”

Paye said June 7 is not about violence, and so it cannot be violent, adding that those on Capitol Hill are working to instill fear or discourage people from participating in the protest because “they are the looters; you are the looted; the cheaters, you are the cheated; you work, they pay themselves; you sow, they reap; You study hard, they get the pass; you trek, they fly. June 7 will be the one chance you have to make them know “enough is enough.”

“The conspiracy on Capitol Hill is serious, but it will not end if we do not stop it! That is why, without a doubt, a peaceful action by all of us, irrespective of our political, religious and ethnic differences, has become necessary,” Paye said.

He urged the President to not fear June 7 or its aftermath, because it is not intended to unseat him.

According to Mr. Paye, those that are misguiding the President are “lying to keep you away from seeing reality, and by the time you realize it, you could be well on your way to The Hague, like former President Charles Taylor.”


  1. I hope this unity will be reflected in four years where one viable candidate will run instead of ten or more candidates. You all always to unite against problems you contribute to because of ” greed to be” President of Liberia “. Now when things go wrong “you unite”. Why not “unite” for elections or “unite ” as a majority in the Senate or the house of representatives which you are currently to change laws, enact laws,etc. You have Varney Sherman from one of your parties who “illegally maneuvered ” the impeachment of the associate justice. You approve of nominations of ” unqualified persons, then in the same breath you criticize the president when you don’t correctly function in your roles as opposition parties in the legislature where you hold the majority. CDC alone is not a “majority party “. Yes, question the president but also your partisans in the legislature.
    Question yourselves for being “gutless ” for these many years.
    If Alex Cummings, a self made millionaire was not around in politics, most of you would not be “openly seeking the good of the Liberian people”.
    Ye . The June 7th March should not be only against President Weah but also against the legislature who are mostly millionaires by now according to Vice President Taylor article last year. But also criticize yourselves for not being “proactive “, always ” reactive”.
    George Weah is President for another four years. You “politicians: need to publicly and importantly ” privately ” talk with him. You need to come up with strategies yourselves, you need to invest in Liberia yourselves like Alex Cummings is doing . I don’t agree with everything he does, but I respect ” his guts”. He ran a company that has more money than most countries. Coca cola is not just soft drinks but a variety of products. This involves a complex organization which is s a major feat. What’s next political parties after the March? Are you going to shoulder responsibility to be Patriots, build wells in villages, support hospitals, build road connecting remote agricultural areas. Sure, it’s easy to ” throw stones” at someone. Our Liberian people need to have s better quality of life. We all have to shoulder some of the responsibilities as well. Sure, the government in certain areas is not being run correctly and yes, Liberian corruption continues to be a cancer in our government both in legislature and executive branches. We know must have a delicate balance. Sure hold people accountable but work towards a better responsible government by educating our people, improving our agricultural capabilities and give incentives so we can redistribute our population throughout the country.
    Have “concrete written goals” for the March, agree to find pathways that both your (our) movement and the government can agree on and work together. Our government need more qualified people from a vari err of tribes and expertise as well as political parties.

  2. Set concrete written goals, challenge our government to work along with you & Qualified people to work towards these goals. Use existing resources like our ability to grow foods and our existing fisheries to reduce food prices. We , government and private enterprises can pay farmers to grow foods then the government or private enterprises can be responsible to get those to market after those farmers are paid an as greed rogue regulated prices. Investors and government can buy fishing trolls and do do mass fishing to supply our people with cheap fish. End result csssava,plantain, does, greens can easily be supplied with innovation.
    Fish can be supplied as well.

  3. Farmer’s prices can be regulated for food they sell. It’s been obvious for years that we need to be able to have viable transportation of farm goods to market. That’s where government and or private entrepreneurs can be given incentives to provide those transportation needs. Edoes, cassava, yam, greens,paw paw, breadfruit, etc. Can be grown locally and government and or entrepreneurial can be given incentives to provide refrigerated trucks or units for these products. Fisheries with advanced boats can amass large quantities of fish for local consumption by our government and or entrepreneurial. All these areas are under our ( Liberian) control and not subject to massive price fluctuations like rice or imported goods. Rice is controlled by Lebanese who make more by its importation as opposed to it being grown locally. It’s a major political tool that Lebanese and government officials profit from and Liberians are addicted to. That’s a subject for another day

  4. Finally the devil shows its ugly face to the public, after hiding for many days. These opposition political parties have finally and openly confirmed that they are supporting the June 7 protest, the very same people in the same opposition parties, hmmmm, what a shame. One group dividing itself many times to gain public attention. Let me say this in conclusion, no matter what they do, LIBERIA will succeed big time.

  5. I support freedom of assembly and free speech. I am not supporting anyone person other than the legitimate President of Liberia. The President of Liberia is accountable to the Liberian people. The people are suffering due to the high cost of goods and very very low employment. As President, George Weah inherits the ENTIRE responsibility whether some or all of it is his creation. The President’s job is “tough”. He needs people, qualified people to help including those that may disagree with him or have other opinions. The President MUST acquire the ability to compromise, understand criticism is NOT personal but is directed at him because HE is the PRESIDENT ( it comes with the job)! I personally don’t know if any of the opposition leaders will have the ALL of the qualities to be a PRESIDENT. it’s easy to CRITICIZE but very DIFFICULT to GOVERN especially in a country that has little or no systems or little or no functional institutions in place!. With the recent unresolved central bank scandal and the questionable handling of $25 million dollars by the finance minister it “highlights” irresponsibility and corruption of our government at the highest levels. Additionally, it is a United States Federal Crime constituting “money laundering” in how its federal reserve money was handled and still unaccountable by ex-central bank officials. What business does a finance minister has to by-pass established financial institutions such as banks and distribute monies to money changers and businesses! It makes no sense, it’s not his job, he should be investigated, friend or no friend of the president!! Mr. President” don’t let other people drag you down “!! Why is 2/3 of donors money used on salaries instead on development? why are 3rd world senators and members of Liberian congress making more than united States Senators and United Stated Legislators? Many questions?? Like I said, some of theses things are done recently,others were around before President Weah but he inherits everything as President. Mr. President “Put some of your opposition to work. Some have good ideas. I can personally say Mr. Cummings has financial experience and connections that can serve your administration well”. Liberia is for ALL of us, we want it to succeed and YOU will get the credit as President. Like I said earlier, Mr. Cummings is a financial expert that does NOT qualify him to be a good President. He may need “years” to understand the physiology of the Liberian people composed of many tribes and tradition. But right now, he has an advantage because the Nation is experiencing “financial hardship”, people are suffering and a suffering people are an ANGRY people.
    J. Whama ,” A Patriot”

  6. We don’t LOVE OUR COUNTRY, nor do we love one another, is it therefore surprising that we don’t love what is in our country, i.e. our natural resources, our wild life, the natural beauty of Liberia?

    We have to find the PEACE, the SOLUTIONS TO PEACE.
    Populations grow, and people become more dissatisfied.

    Our institutions/structures are not fit for purpose. We have leaders, but they have had no voices!
    WE ARE THE PEOPLE,… The TRUE, EDUCATED Liberians, not these old and new Liberian-Americans. Liberians ONLY, should run government. But where are they?

    What is democracy? The most recent model that we have has not worked. The manipulation of democracy is a very serious issue in our country, and it has worked! Our population has a level of illiteracy that can be manipulated, and that’s NOT right.
    Democracy is the new and dearly beloved concept in Liberia when it comes to politics. But what about capital? Most capital is allocated by dictatorship — or perhaps at best, a ruling class of people whose power did not and does not derive from their wealth. It is not plutocracy.


    Liberia needs a SOLID LIBERIAN WOMAN who can JUSTIFY her actions AND PURGE THIS CORRUPT SYSTEM BY SETTING EXAMPLES. A 100% WOMAN, with sincere LOVE OF COUNTRY, a LEADER who can take Liberians to a place where they should be. Demonstrating REAL LEADERSHIP, that is EARNED, and that earning is GOOD LEADERSHIP.

    And Liberia is where it is in 2019. Who produced a man? A woman. I challenge anybody.


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