July 26th in Sinoe, Grand Kru Certain


Public Works Minister William Moore has assured that road conditions will not be an impediment to Liberians, especially the hosts of the country’s 168th Independence Day celebrations, Sinoe and Grand Kru counties.

The two counties were selected by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to host the 2014 celebration, but it was deferred due to the deplorable condition of the road.

Minister Moore, speaking to journalists who are on an assessment tour with President Sirleaf, said upon their arriving in Greenville yesterday that the road is about 76 percent completed with bridges along the road near completion.

President Sirleaf has been assessing the road and other projects in the counties to make sure that they are completed on time for the occasion.

The Rivercess-Sinoe road which is one of the most deplorable motorways in the country, especially during the raining season, is being constructed by Solid Rocks Construction Company, a Liberian owned enterprise.

Minister Moore noted that the contractors will turn the road over to the government the first week of June.

 “We are confident that between now and the end of the month, technical work on the bridges will be done and since concrete takes about 21 days to solidify, it will be passable during the first week of June,” he said.

He was also quick to note that when he took over the ministry, there was a lot of work to be done to ensure that the hosting of the celebration in the southeast was possible.

He said the ministry has been vigilant in task monitoring and assessment as well as motivating the contractors.

“One of the things that we tried to do when we came was to ensure that the Independence Day celebration will not be deferred for the second time,” Moore said.

He disclosed that every two weeks, the Assistant Minister for Operations who handles repairs and maintenance, is on the road to assess the progress of the work. “This is my third time on this road since I became minister,” he said.

The July 26th celebration will be held in a little over nine weeks and to quickly complete the work, especially the last stretch from Nyanford Town to Greenville which is about 32.5 km, the MPW brought in the engineering battalion of the Armed Forces of Liberia to assist, he said.

He, however, indicated that a segment that was of much concern is a bridge between Greenville and Barclayville, called Dehbo. Allaying fears, the MPW boss said there is no need for concern as engineers are working on the bridge.

The administrator of Solid Rocks, David Moore, assured President Sirleaf that his company will complete the road on time for the celebration.

  President Sirleaf had earlier raised concerns about the road being completed on time. She fears another deferment of July 26th in the designated counties would be seen as a failure on the part of her government.


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