Juli Endee’s LCP Launches ‘Show Love Campaign’

Ambassador Juli Endee, LCP Executive Director making remarks at the Liberia Patriotic Initiative launch

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace, in partnership with media institutions, on Yesterday, April 1, launched the “Liberia Patriotic Initiative, Show Love Campaign,” to promote peace and love messages across the country.

The Patriotic Initiative is intended to restore the country’s love that has been taken away in the name of politics and individual greed.

The Patriotic Initiative’s launch brought together both past and current government officials, opposition political leaders, Civil Society Organizations, business community and media institutions, among others.

Ambassador Juli Endee, LCP Executive Director, said the Patriotic initiative came into being after a careful look at the current circumstances that have caused people to celebrate other people’s deaths.

Amb. Endee said Liberians no longer have sympathy for one another but rather wish each other evil because they want to be elected in another’s place. She named fear, mistrust, ingratitude, poverty and the refusal to take responsibility for personal actions as  early warning signs for the country.

She said the internet is intended to promote businesses, help people find jobs and scholarships for higher education; but in Liberia, to the contrary, people use the internet to promote hate and other evils.

“People are afraid to use the internet today because they will see naked women parading the streets; people are recording people because greed and injustice have taken over the entire country,” Amb. Endee said.

“When accident occurs and people die, others are rejoicing; when people are sick and fighting for their lives, you pronounce them dead because you want to take their space in the legislature, Amb. Endee said.

She said creating enemies and battling with one another is not the meaning of opposition.

Liberians neither love nor respect their country and that is why they keep moving and shaking when the national anthem is being sung.

“There is division in the Mosque and Churches today because people are not satisfied with the way the Pastor or Imam use the institution’s money. Something is wrong with Liberians,” Amb. Endee insisted.

She said Liberia is the oldest independent republic in African that was known for kindness and helped other country with their independence. Today, the story has changed and all we hear about Liberia is negative news.”

An array of dignitaries, mostly government officials, at the launch of the Patriotic Initiative, organized by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace

Aaron B. Kollie, Executive Director Power FM/TV, said the value system of the county is at its lowest ebb putting the nation at a critical crossroad.

Mr. Kollie said the national political discourse has become as toxic, chaotic, acrimonious, rambling and incendiary, resembling an all time political campaign season that must summon collective resolve to immediately ceasefire and proffer a way forward.

He said Liberia’s strength as a nation lies in diversity which must be tolerant and not hateful of one another, being fully cognizant that every citizen is an equal stakeholder in the wellbeing of Liberia for socio, economic and political growth.

Mr. Kollie said advances in technology that are supposed to elevate society, are seemingly being negatively exploited by a segment of the society thus lowering the nation’s pride.

“Hate speech and conduct that do not appeal to the prurient interest, threatening the collective security, should be discouraged and discounted,” he said.

Mr. Kollie said leaders must not allow bribery, shortcuts, personal connection and sycophancy to become the norm.

“Unless fathers become real fathers, mothers become real mothers, elders become real elders, children become real children and above all leaders at every level of society become real servant and accountable leaders our nation is doomed,” he said.

Charles Coffey, Press Union of Liberia president, said the media is not responsible for hate messages because they are doing their job responsibly.

Mr. Coffey said the end users of the media product must be careful and understand that Liberia needs better not wrong interpretations of media messages.

He called on those in  authority  to do what is right and uphold the rule of law if Liberia must develop.



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