“Judiciary C’ttee Will Be Vibrant, Resourceful…”

Cllr Sherman- “I believe that-web.jpg

The newly elected chairmen of the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Claims, Petitions, and Human Rights, Senator Varney Gboto Nabie Sherman, has assured Senators of the 4th Session that he will exert himself and apply resources to ensure that his committee is vibrant, resourceful, dedicated and committed.

The Grand Cape Mount County Senator was speaking yesterday minutes before Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence cast the white ballot for Sherman as the sole candidate for that position.

“I am very pleased that I was the only candidate for this position as chairman of the Judiciary Committee Sen. Sherman said and disclosed that he became a lawyer 35 years ago in February, 1980.

Senator Sherman, who is also chairman of the ruling Unity Party declared that:“When I read through the duties and responsibilities of the office of the Judiciary Committee, I believe that I am eminently qualified to conduct those affairs to your satisfaction, and to the honor and pride of our country.”

The Grand Cape Mount County lawmaker who is one of the few successful corporate lawyers in Liberia, concluded: “I promise you as I have always done, that I will exert myself, apply my resources and ensure that this committee will be vibrant, resourceful, dedicated, committed and you too will be proud of it.”

Also elected by white ballot cast by Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee, was Lofa County Senator Steven H.J. Zargo who now chairs the committee on Defense, Intelligence, Security & Veteran Affairs.

The elections of the two Senators completed the process of electing chairs of the Statutory (Leadership) committees that serve as the nucleus of functions within the Senate; the process of appointing co-chairs and members of leadership committees will however continue.

President Pro Tempore Armah Jallah is expected to conclude appointments of heads and members of standing committees.

Meanwhile, the issue of the Western and Northern belts of the country controlling all the leadership committees still seems to be a topical concern within the Senate corridors, with some Senators arguing illogical to allow two Senators from the same county to serve on leadership committees.

Other Senators brushed aside the debate, saying the election guidelines approved by plenary for the electoral process for the Pro Tempore position and statutory committees did not see anything wrong with that outcome since the two senators holding those positions were elected.


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