Judge Sando Transfers US$2M Scrap Deal Case from Tubmanburg to Monrovia


-In order to get a ‘speedy trial’

Judge William B. Sando of the 11th Judicial Circuit in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, has granted an approval to transfer a US$2,000,000 scrap deal contract case to Monrovia, specifically  to the 1st Judicial Circuit, Criminal Assizes ‘A’ for Montserrado County for ‘speedy’ trial.

The deal involved the county Superintendent Adama J. Robinson and Hans Armstrong as plaintiffs; Reginald Holder and Jehu Richardson as defendants.

Judge Sando took the decision based on a request by the prosecution team for a change of venue preferably to Monrovia to give their witnesses and the defendants opportunity to have the matter speedily tried.

“The case has been kept on the court’s document for years,” according to the record.

Defendants Holder and Richardson were both charged with forgery and theft of property based on Armstrong’s and Robinson’s complaint that Holder prepared a counterfeit document in the name of Richardson as owner of the scrap metal equipment for them to sell it at the cost of US$100,000, which actually was valued at US$2,000,000.

“The accused were allegedly acting on their own without any authorized note from any of the county’s officials,” the document claimed.

Although lawyers representing the defendants rejected prosecution’s request for change of venue, Judge Sando ignored the defense’s resistance before approving the transfer document of the case to a new venue.

“Prosecution request for change of venue was in accordance with section 5.7 (b) and (c) of the country’s criminal procedure law, and thereby it is hereby granted,” the judge declared.

Judge Sando added: “This case is therefore transferred to the 1st Judicial Circuit, Criminal Assizes ‘A’ for Montserrado County for trial, same being consistent with law, practice and procedure extant in this jurisdiction is hereby granted.”

He thereafter instructed the clerk to transfer all records of this case to the 1st Judicial Assizes ‘A’ to proceed with the case consistent with laws, practice and procedure extant in the jurisdiction.

To make matters worse for the case, Sao M. Kortu and Vayanka A. Toure, claiming to be owners of the truck that Fountain-Liberia Incorporated, through the company’s representative, one Stanley Walker, also claiming to be the chief executive officer and president, allegedly contracted Kortu and Toure to transport the scrap metal to Monrovia.

But the duo are now requesting the Criminal Court ‘C’ to authorize officers of the Liberia National Police to released the vehicle that is reportedly under police custody.

Kortu and Toure are not party to the case, instead, they have claimed to have been contracted by Stanley Walker to transport the scrap metal from Sackie Town, Senjeh District, Bomi County to Monrovia for sale.

Based on the contract, Kortu and Toure further claimed that they proceeded to Sackie Town, and loaded said contracted scrap metal in their vehicle for Monrovia.

Before that could happen, Kortu and Toure also said there was a Memorandum of Understanding between Superintendent Robinson as owner of the scraps, and Walker as the vendor.

The case grew on December 22, 2012, when Superintendent Robinson, based on his complaint, the Grand Jurors of Bomi County indicted both Holder and Richardson with forgery and theft of property.


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