Judge Revokes ‘Letter of Administration’ for Gray’s Estate


Judge Holders of the Probate Court has revoked a ‘Letter of Administration’ issued to one Momo Gray, to manage 575 acres of land of the estate of the late Momo Baikonay Gray, in Johnsonville, Montserrado County.

A ‘Letter of Administration’ is a document issued by a probate court appointing a manager of the assets and liabilities of the estate of a deceased from becoming a business.

The Johnsonville community is said to be one area that is suffering from the illegal sale of lands.

Holders did not just revoke Momo’s letter, he also appointed Morris Gray, Melvin M. Gray, Oscar J. K. Gray, Kula M. Gray, Varnie Gray and Mamie Gray as the property’s new administrators.

“There is no showing that Momo Gray performed as required by this court because he miserably failed to account for the money he collected on behalf of the estate,” the probate judge noted.

Besides, Holders ruled that people who are residing on the property and did purchase land from the said estate or failed to produce an additional relevant document to substantiate their ownership to any portion of the said property would face the full weight of the law.

Holders also ordered that “upon the failure of anyone to do so the court will have no alternative but to proceed according to the law in the interest of fair play and justice of the said estate”

After Judge Holders’ ruling, two of the newly appointed administrators, Mamie and Kula, who were not satisfied with the decision, also appealed for President George Weah’s intervention.

Meanwhile, the judge’s action might have stemmed from reports that the formal in-court process of collecting a decedent’s assets, notifying creditors of the death, settling claims, and distributing the remaining assets to heirs or those designated in a will are being abused.

According to information, some unidentified individuals are allegedly collecting money and issuing letters of administration and what is believed to be the signature of Judge Vinton Holders, on the letter to two or more persons of the same family to manage the very estate which has resulted into family feuds.


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