Judge Orders Officer Dennis to Testify


Criminal Court ‘B’ was on yesterday a scene of disbelief when Judge Karboi Nuta instructed court’s officers to ensure the presence of Police Superintendent Monroe Dennis to continue with his testimony.

The sheriffs with the intervention of Inspector General (IG) Gregory Coleman yesterday managed to ensure that Dennis was brought under the court’s jurisdiction.

Judge Nuta later postponed the police superintendent’s testimony to today, Tuesday.

Dennis was the officer whose investigation led to the subsequent indictment of former Executive Protection Service (EPS) Deputy Director Darlington George and James Tamba, an officer assigned with Vice President Joseph N. Boakai with the commission of crimes of aggravated assault and criminal facilitation in connection with the alleged brutality against Esther Glain in Barnesville Estate in 2015.

The criminal court judge had earlier rejected Dennis’ investigative report that prosecution was relying on to convict the defendant because it was not presented to the defense team prior to the trial.

Besides, Police Superintendent Dennis has been on the stand as prosecution’s fourth witness for two days, which he should have concluded last Friday, but failed to appear, because of what prosecution termed as “police interference,” although that request was strongly resisted by lead defense lawyer, Attorney Jonathan Massaquoi.

Judge Nuta accepted Dennis’s absence and subsequently postponed the matter to yesterday.

At yesterday’s hearing, state lawyers again complained to the court about Dennis, who had informed them that he was ill and could not appear in court to testify.

After that application, Judge Nuta immediately asked the prosecution to make sure they produce a written communication along with medical records of which hospital Dennis was treated, because state lawyers did not name the hospital where their key witness was receiving treatment.

“If those documents are not available before the end of the day, you are going to face the necessary action to be determined by this court,” the criminal court judge warned.

Minutes afterwards, the defense team quickly informed the court that Dennis was at the police headquarters, contrary to prosecution’s earlier request that he was ill.

To authenticate that allegation, Nuta ordered the sheriffs, accompanied by the defense team to police headquarters.

Fortunately, when they arrived they met Dennis at work and they reported it to Inspector General Coleman who ordered the officer to proceed to court.


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