Judge Makes Open Confession


A Civil Law Court Judge on Monday, September 15, defended that in order to free judges from corruption; they must be given better incentives to live decent and dignified life.

Judge Emery Paye stressed that if that is done, it would prevent financial and domestic worries, and would enable them repel temptation, which, according to him, is susceptible to human life.

“As priest of justice, a judge should not be given the cause to be corrupt in the performance of his judicial duties, so as to be justified for any disciplinary action taken against him if found deficient in those qualities,” he disclosed when he read his charge during the opening of the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice.

According to him, the responsibilities of government to the judges are laid down clearly in both the constitution and emphasized in judicial canon six (6).

Quoting Judicial Canon 6, Judge Paye said, “A judge is a government paid official and must be paid adequately, because he or she holds an exacted position which prevents him or her from engaging in any business pursuit,” adding “therefore, he or she must be provided with the necessitates of life and with every means by which they will be able to perform their judicial duties efficiently, effectively, and speedily.”

The Civil Law Court Judge further stated that “The cardinal restriction posed that judges should not engage in any business pursuit is mandatory and may lead to the dismissal of any of us, who is found engaging in that practice,” adding, “In obedience to the restriction, I am of the strongest conviction that we are adhering to this law. Based on that, we are only relying on our salaries and benefits.”

Making reference to the better incentives, Judge Paye indicated that they are advocating mainly for retired judges. “We see and have seen the very poor condition of our retired judges, such condition is the result of the lack incentives after retirement,” he noted.

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