Judge Dahn, Magistrate Duncan Admit to Call Conversations with Senate Secretary Singbeh

Judge Roland Dahn and Magistrate Victoria Ducan

Judge Roland Dahn of the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Nimba County and Magistrate Victoria Duncan of the Kakata Magisterial Court in Margibi County have both admitted to call exchanges between them and Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh while handling separate criminal cases against Singbeh and several other defendants that include Chapman Logan.

The two judges made the confessions in their separate responses they filed against a complaint of unethical behavior before the Chairman of the Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC), Associate Justice Yussif Kaba.

The complaint was filed before the JIC by a British investor, Hans Armstrong, who accused the judges of communicating with Singbeh and Logan while his case was ongoing at their respective courts, something he argues was unethical and opting the JIC to conduct an immediate investigation.

Armstrong claims that on June 17, 2020, by 8:09 a.m., there is a recording alleging that Singbeh calling Judge Dahn for 164 seconds (or 2.733333 minutes). Again, on the same day, Judge Dahn responded to Singbeh’s call by 8:12 and they both talked for 352 seconds (5.866667 minutes).

Judge Dahn was hearing the case where Singbeh accused Armstrong of allegedly stealing two machines belonging to MHM Eko Liberia Inc, a company whose majority owners are from the Czech Republic.

Armstrong is the attorney-in-fact for the majority shareholders, Pavel and Martin’s Miloschewsky, Czech Republic investors.

As for Magistrate Duncan, Armstrong claimed that she communicated with Logan and Singbeh over hundred times while the magistrate was hearing a compliant he had filed before her court accusing Nanborlor Singbeh, Chapman Logan, and several other individuals of the company of the illegal sale of heavy-duty, earth moving equipment (caterpillars), and heavy-duty trucks, valued at US$650,000, owned by the company without the knowledge of the investors, the Miloschewsky brothers of which Magistrate Victoria Duncan is being accused of communicating with Logan.

In the judges’ separate responses as demanded by Justice Kaba with different dates, the two admitted to the conversation with Logan and Singbeh with various defensive message exchanges and Logan to 100 times.

Judge Dahn’s response dated November 12, 2020, argues that the JIC should dismiss the compliant, making specific reference to various calls and communication alluded to.  “I must state that in deed I did communicate with the two persons at various levels just I remember communicating with counselors Tiawan Gongloe as well as Philip Gongloe regarding the same case. 

In her response dated November 17, 2020, Magistrate Duncan said on the issue of communicating with Mr. Logan, “I started earlier that Mr. Logan did call me to put in excuses for his inability to be present in court due to his health, but I told him that he has to address that with his counsel.”

“I don’t understand why Armstrong has issue with me being partial when motions that were raised by his counsels were ruled in his favor,” she lamented.

To show her interest in Armstrong’s case, the Magistrate narrated that one time she sent her bailiff to Monrovia 

 to arrest Singbeh, but the interference of the Senate Pro- Tempore caused some delay for the bailiff to carry on other arrest in Monrovia.”

With the claim and counterclaims, it now rests squarely on Justice Kaba to speed up the investigation after which a conclusion will be submitted to the office of Chief Justice Francis Korkpor for an immediate decision to ensure credibility in the country’s justice system.


  1. While Senators and Representatives and other key officials are running the streets of Liberia with take-home pay of nearly US$25,000 per month, covering salaries and benefits, trained and educated lawyers working as judges are paid US$2,500 as take-home salary as a judge. If Senators, Representatives, and so-called politicians are taking home monthly US25,000 as salary and benefits, what not hire and handsomely pay lawyers who accept work in the highly challenged judiciary? To end corruption in the Judiciary, Liberia must pay the judges and magistrates. If under-educated people calling themselves politicians are making huge monthly salaries, why not educated lawyers becoming judges? Judges and magistrates deserve better!

    Mr. Weah and his Government need to pay judges and magistrates US$3000 and US$5000 per month, excluding benefits. Monthly, a seasoned and competent lawyer can make nearly US$US$15K to US$20K.

    Judges and Magistrates, particularly lawyers accepting to serve as judges and magistrates are making immense sacrifices working for the Judiciary.

    Judges or magistrates, certainly deserve better!


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