Judge Chenoweth Wants Citizens Respect Rule of Law


The Resident Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit in Margibi County has called on residents, irrespective of status, to live within the confines of the law by respecting the rule governing society, Liberia News Agency (LINA) Margibi County correspondent Richard Baysah reports.

Judge Mardea Tarr–Chenoweth said there can be no peaceful society without a total respect for the rule of law.

According to LINA, Judge Chenoweth made the statement recently in Kakata when she delivered her charge at the 13th Judicial Circuit Court during a formal opening of the court for official business.

Chenoweth said it was disheartening to see citizens manhandling court officers and other peaceful citizens in flagrant violation of the law.

She said it was totally unacceptable for citizens not to respect the law and also for the court that is dispensing justice, adding: “This is wrong, because it has the propensity to put the country in a difficult position to win the trust of any investor who wants to come to the country.”

On the topic, “Respect for the Rule of Law; an Obligation for Every Citizen,” Judge Chenoweth said when the rule of law that governs every citizen is not respected, then serious hitches that would sway the country’s development is being undermined by lawlessness that would eventually result into anarchy.

“Where are we headed to when the court cannot enforce judgment passed by it after adjudicating cases, and aggrieved citizens that are seeking justice interest is being thwarted by others that have no respect for the court’s decision,” Judge Chenoweth further wondered.

She also said the Judiciary is the conduit that stabilizes the country for everyone. As such, it is imperative that all respect the rule of law at all times and not at sometimes.

“It is very much unfair and unacceptable for citizens to brutalize police and court officers, who are simply effecting orders from the court on judgment handed down in a case, only to circumvent justice,” Judge Chenoweth said.

In response to the judge’s charge, Margibi County Attorney and Dean of the local bar, Cllr. Deddeh J. Wilson, said as a principal representative of the Ministry of Justice in the county, she will work alongside the court to ensure that the rule of law is respected and upheld.

Cllr. Wilson said she will also work with the court to ensure that justice is dispensed without fear or favor.

She said that if every citizen has respect for each other, the prison will not be overcrowded, because no one will commit crime that would land them in jail.

“The way forward is justice, and not reverting to mob violence or other acts inimical to the rule of law,” Cllr. Wilson said.

Of the 59 cases on the docket, 47 constitute criminal offenses while 12 others are civil cases pending adjudication. – LINA


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