Judge Benedict Holt Is Dead


Barely a month and a few days following the deaths of Cllr. Theophilus C. Gould and Civil Law Court ‘B’ Judge Johannes Zlahn, another judge has died.

Like his two colleagues who predeceased him, Judge Holt died at the SOS Clinic – on Saturday, May 20, according to a staff of the judiciary who pleaded for anonymity.

Judge Holt was the Resident Judge assigned at the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Bassa County.

Circumstances surrounding Holt’s death remain a mystery.

Until the news of his death, Holt participated in the just ended three-day judicial retreat that was held in Gbarnga, Bong County.

“Judge Holt had been battling serious typhoid, but decided to attend the retreat though he was undergoing medical treatment,” the source sadly explained.

“He was seen with a typhoid drip on his hand while attending the retreat,” one of the judges recalled.

Judge Holt was vocal on the passage of the Land Rights Act that is languishing at the Legislature.

In November 2014, while delivering his charge at the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court in Maryland County, Judge Holt said the Liberian civil war had given rise to increased number of land cases, which are creating setbacks to peace and socioeconomic stability.

He warned those who want to buy land to be careful as they could be guilty of third degree felony by knowingly purchasing land from people who are not the proper owners.

Holt was among several judges nominated in 2005 by Charles Gyude Bryant, then chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia.

He was later confirmed by the then National Transitional Legislative Assembly.


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