Journalist Zenu Miller Laid to Rest

The late journalist Zenu Miller's funeral was attended by senior government officials including Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, Presidential Press Secretary Solo Kelgbeh and others.

Families and friends paid their last respect for Journalist Zenu Millar over the weekend amid arguments that his death could be attributed to the alleged encounter he had with officers of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) who he said beat him.

On Saturday, February 29, 2020, hundreds of sympathizers flooded at the Freedom Worship Center near S.D. Cooper Junction, Paynesville, where the funeral was held. There, Bishop Jackson D. Weah had no flattering words to the congregation but to warn that “Things we do down here will speak for us” in the future.

In the presence of Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, Presidential Press Secretary Solo Kelgbeh and other government officials seated in the congregation, Bishop Weah questioned the disappearances of money in the country and said people have to be careful of what they do because everyone is beclouded by witnesses who are watching with keen concern.

The Vice President of the Press Union of Liberia, Daniel Nyankonah, could not withhold his emotions having missed his dear colleague, who he said was with him on many occasions.  In limited words, he burst into tears and gave way to others who gave their tributes in remembrance of the late Miller.

The death of Zenu Miller has been one that has heightened concerns about how tolerant the Weah Administration is regarding press freedom, which the President himself has promised to defend.

The late journalist Zenu Miller held his last media post at the OK FM radio station in Monrovia.

Even though the medical record obtained from the ELWA Hospital by the family said Miller died of hypertension (high blood pressure), the late Journalist’s last words about his encounter with the Presidential guard (EPS) reverberate even louder and more pronounced in the public discourse.

Zenu posted on his Facebook page that he was flogged by some officers of the EPS “in full view of the EPS director”, an allegation that EPS Director, Trokon Nathaniel Roberts, has flatly denied.

So it is a dead journalist’s word against the EPS.

Meanwhile, Presidential Press Secretary, Solo Kelgbeh said on state radio recently that the Government of Liberia was prepared to compensate any pathologist of the family’s choice to perform an autopsy on the remains of the late Zenu Miller, but was not in agreement with the allegation that the EPS was involved with beating.



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