Journalist Zenu Miller Is Dead

The late Journalist Zenu Miller

3 weeks after alleged attack by presidential guard

On Saturday, February 15, the Liberian media community was met with the shocking news of the death of Mr. Zenu Miller, a proficient and articulate journalist and talk show host. His death comes exactly 21 days since he reported that he was attacked by officers of the Government of Liberia’s presidential guard, the Executive Protection Service (EPS).

Miller, who made his career as a broadcast journalist, worked with Renaissance Communications Incorporated (Truth FM). He had a brief stint as a Communication Officer at the Lonestar Cell MTN, and later plied his trade at OK FM 99.5, where he remained up to his demise.

He was one journalist who could not please people wishing to set the impression for undue praises.  This, indeed, made him to be described as “Controversial among newsmakers, especially politicians who sought sycophantic reports.

As a host of the OK Morning Rush radio show, Miller would show no remorse to officials of government who appeared on his show. He would quiz them thoroughly without partiality. According to some coworkers, Zenu would turn controversial when newsroom policy tries to compromise the ethics of Journalism and will remain clear on his position about how he feels about a compromising issue.

Now, is believed that such hard-hitting journalism, led to Miller’s death.

On January 26, 2020 Zenu Miller posted on his Facebook page: “I was attacked tonight at the SKD by EPS officers in the full view of the EPS Director.” The EPS is the government security apparatus exclusively set aside to protect the President and the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

Since the encounter with the EPS officers, Miller has not been well, spending much of his income on medications.

An official of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) confirmed to the Daily Observer over on Saturday, February 15, that Miller verbally reported the matter to the PUL. The PUL then took written record of Miller’s verbal statement and sent a written communication to the EPS, calling for an investigation.

According to the PUL official, Miller narrated that on Sunday, January 26, 2020 on the day of the finals of the National County Sports Meet, as he entered is vehicle to depart from the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) Sports Stadium, he was stopped by an EPS officer who informed him that a VIP convoy was about to leave the stadium and asked Miller to wait. Miller said he obliged, and the convoy made their exit from the stadium. When he saw it fit to leave, Miller told the PUL that he was beaten by two other EPS officers.

The PUL official also told the Daily Observer that Miller had been away from work due to his pains resulting from the attack, and “finally returned to work last week.”

It would be exactly three weeks since Miller was reportedly attacked, that he died.

“But this is a very serious matter,” the PUL official said, “considering the proximity of time between the alleged attack on Miller and his death, and we have to get to the bottom of this.”

However, up to the time of Miller’s death, the PUL official said, there had been no progress on the investigation. “We have been waiting on the EPS to respond to our communication.”

Prior to the Daily Observer’s conversation with the PUL official, there were reports on social media that Miller had suffered a stroke. This has not been confirmed.

Miller leaves to mourn his loss his widow, a son and a host of family members in Liberia and abroad.


  1. So, the ”ailing Liberian journalist, John David, who works with Radio Gbarnga in Gbarnga City, Bong County, and is suffering from an unusually severe pain in his chest, believed to be what is widely considered ‘African science” was also beaten by EPS agents, and Zenu Miller’s pain in his chest, cannot be attributed to or believed to be what is widely considered ‘African science” as is the case with journalist John David whose severe pain in his chest is believed to be what is widely considered ‘African science”?

    • Concerned citizen, perhaps most of us miss news of the beating of John David by the EPS in Gbarnga? I think you are raising a shoddy and flimsy strawman argument. Get real, man.

      • L. Zlando, it is you raising a silly rant, since it is John David HIMSELF who NEVER MENTIONED ANYTHING ABOUT BEEN BEATEN BY ANYONE, BUT says he ”needs urgent help to save his life, for he is suffering from an unusually severe pain in his chest, believed to be what is widely considered ‘African science’.”

        • Concerned citizen, the only commonality between the the illnesses of both men is chest pain. Besides that, the causes are absolutely vastly different. The recently deceased, who had allegedly suffered beatings by EPS personnel by his own account, has a logical causation for the symptoms attributed to his death. Perhaps John David, by his frame of thought, believes his illness is definitely caused (not by any of the 1000s of natural causes) by ‘African science’. Where I think your imagination ran into the weeds is when you ignored Miller’s brutal alleged experience and tried to reduce and equate his cause of death to the ubiquitous ‘african science’ which John David is supposedly suffering from.

          And by the way, this is just rant from me.

        • Then let John go to the council of elders or Zahnzhan Kawa, but the 2 case here are completely different: Zenu never complain of pain until after his alleged attack and he never attributed his to Black Magic or African Sign but sought medical care, while your John is asking for help but his is African black magic: so what help is he requesting? He want someone to take him to India for magical intervention or Zahnzahn Kawa to come to his rescue? If he needs medical attention then that’s another thing. Your African science person complain of pain in his chest with no assumption or knowledge what could have led to it whilst Zenu clearly stated he got to visit the hospital because of pain in his chest and leg after his ordeal or physical attack.

  2. So Liberia has returned to the PRC days when security personnel could beat up anyone. I am not suprised. This is a direct result when state power is handed over to heathens by a mostly illiterate population.

    • Elijah Barnard, ”so Liberia returned to the PRC days” when Amos Claudius Sawyer as President ordered the brutal slaughter of journalist John Vambo?

      At least this claim about ”3 weeks after alleged attack by presidential guard” IS AN ALLEGATION.

      And an allegation or claim never made by the media nor even Zenu Miller who now according to this news outlet made ”verbal claims’ as ”When he saw it fit to leave, Miller told the PUL that he was beaten by two other EPS officers.”

      This is mere ”they say’ news which DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE as compared to when Amos Claudius Sawyer as President ordered the brutal slaughter of journalist John Vambo?

      • Mr.Tamba,
        You don’t know anything about the John Vambo incident. He was severely beaten by a group of Nigerians ECOMOG in the presence of many onlookers.The Nigerians were known for their brutality towards Liberians. I was in Liberia and saw some of these brutalities FIRST HAND. The idea that Amos Sawyer gave instructions to someone to brutalize a journalist is stupid and and crazy.

        • Elijah Barnard, no doubt, it is you who knows ONLY THE SURFACE of the brutal slaughter of John Vambo upon the savage orders of Amos Sawyer.

          And this ‘surface knowledge” you have about that Amos Sawyer’s brutality and savagery against journalist Vambo is made evident in your childish argument…”He was severely beaten by a group of Nigerians ECOMOG in the presence of many onlookers”, as if the victim had to be brutalized on the office desk of Amos Sawyer.


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