Journalist Tyron Brown’s Killer Guilty of Murder

Police officers escort to prison defendant Jonathan Williams, who has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of journalist Tyron Brown.

The 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Bomi County on Tuesday, March 17 brought down a guilty verdict of Murder against Jonathan Willaims who was held liable for killing Super FM Journalist, Tyron Brown, on the night of April 15, 2018, in Monrovia.

When this incident occurred, Jonathan Williams was most of the time seen in the court without remorse for his action but smiling and, in some instances, treated preferentially by the Liberia National Police (LNP) in the court. The court’s decision was reached by Judge Nancy Sammie, who presided over the trial that lasted for over two weeks.

Judge Sammy has also scheduled the sentencing of Williams for Monday, March 23.

The case was transferred from Criminal Court ‘A’ in Monrovia to Bomi County after Williams’ lawyers argued that the victim was a journalist and a resident of Montserrado and that families, colleagues, and other concern people would influence the jurors’ decision in the case.

The late Journalist Tyron Brown (pictured)

Before Judge Sammy’s guilty verdict, the prosecution had earlier asked for life imprisonment, though it is not clear whether the judge would accept their plea when she delivers the sentence on Monday.

The defense team, however, has rejected Judge Sammy’s guilty verdict and openly announced an appeal against the verdict to the Supreme Court.

Jonathan Williams on March 6, 2020, admitted in an open court that he stabbed the victim three times, but insisted it was done in ‘self-defense.’

It may also be recalled that in 2018, Defendant Williams was indicted by the Grand Jury of Montserrado County for allegedly killing Journalist Tyron Brown in the Du-Port Road Community, Paynesville.

The government also charged defendant Williams with murder along with Edwina and Alice Youti, two sisters who were also charged with criminal facilitation and conspiracy in connection to the case.

However, the charges against the two sisters were dropped by Justice Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh.

Brown had gone to Williams’ house in an attempt to visit one of his nieces who was not identified when he was stabbed to death by Williams, which prosecutors claimed was witnessed by the sisters.

Defendants Alice and Edwina were jointly indicted with the prime defendant, Jonathan Williams, by the government for the death of Tyron A. Browne.

The sisters were charged with hindering law enforcement on grounds that they allegedly, deliberately and criminally concealed information about the murder of Journalist Browne by defendant Williams from April 15 up to his arrest on April 20, when he was subsequently charged with murder.

Based on those charges, the Youtis’ legal team, headed by Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi, prayed Judge Roosevelt Willie to separately try co-defendants Alice and Edwina from Williams because the indictment charging the two Co-defendants for hindering law enforcement did not point out any acts of conspiracy and facilitation by them to commit the alleged act of murder.

Despite their arguments, Judge Willie proceeded to deny and subsequently demand that the defendant and co-defendants be jointly tried. This, therefore, led Cllr. Massaquoi to file for a writ of certiorari, contending that only the magisterial court has jurisdiction over the matter and not Criminal Court ‘A.’

In her ruling, Justice Yuoh maintained that Willie was in error to have denied the defendants separate trial and that such denial endangers the rights of the accused to have a free, fair and impartial trial.

Therefore, she reminded Willie that prosecuting the defendants along with a murder suspect will be antagonistic and would amount to unfair prejudice against them; one of the arguments Cllr. Massaquoi relied on.

“The alternative writ of certiorari is hereby affirmed and the peremptory writ is ordered issued,” Justice Yuoh declared at the time.


  1. Please provide all the facts so that we can make an informed decision without being bias. How old was the niece of Williams that Brown when to visit? What exactly transpired during the visit that led Williams to commit such a violet crime?

    • Natural Mind, your ”informed decision” is irrelevant on this forum, and also absolutely irrelevant in both the courts at the Temple of Justice and at the Court of Public Union. Besides, if you really wanted to know the facts you should have been present during the hearing, that is if the facts published by THE MEDIA is not enough for you. Jonathan Williams is a killer. He deserves nothing short of death by hanging as prescribed by the laws of Liberia.

  2. Natural Mind,

    This case has been on since two years ago. If you were following the case, you would know what transpired exactly during the visit the led Williams to commit such a violent crime.

    But here is the gist of the story: The Niece in question was over 18 years of age when The deceased paid her a visit at her home where Mr. Williams was also residing at the time of the murder. According to Mr. Williams’ own admission, he thought/mistook the deceased to be an armed robber and therefore sought to do him bodily harm, thereby killing him in the process.

    According to the story, Mr. Brown had gone to the home to see the niece and when he knocked at the door the niece went to the door and she and Mr. Brown engaged in a conversation for about 10 minutes before Mr. Williams left his room and went to the door and he and the deceased engaged in a heated exchange of words and he proceeded to stab the deceased with a object believed to be a knife.

    It cannot be exactly said what the exchange of words were between the killer and his victim, but one thing that is note worthy here is that all the time the niece and Mr. Brown were engage in their conversation, he was standing outside the door and she was in the house and never once did he enter the house.. I know that to be so because the niece said as much.

    it was further established that the deceased and the niece attended high school together in Harbel, Firestone and they knew each other well. Many of their friends that I spoke with suggested that they were lovers and this relationship continued when they left high school.

    I know all of this because i followed the story very closely to the end and I personally talked to many of the friends they both had in common. I hope these information that I have provided is sufficient for you to draw your own conclusion or if you have any questions, please ask and I will be glad to answer, provided I have the answer.


  3. Charlie, in Ghana,
    we say, you do all, meaning, you’ve done more than fantastic. Thanks for the detailed but brief summary. Without preview to the story from the defense I am convinced the accused can be further charged with perjury, but, a death sentence will not bring the innocent young gentleman back. I’m in for a life sentence without chances or possibilities of ever of ever getting out of bars to see day light.

  4. Kpakpo, will the life sentence without chances or possibilities of ever of ever getting out of bars to see day light. bring the innocent young gentleman back.?

    That murderer Jonathan Williams whose face looks no different from a chronic murderer must be put to death.

    That swine Jonathan Williams must not profit from his criminality, abomination, and wickedness, by living on tax payers sweat after he has killed an innocent young and promising human being. Murderer Jonathan Williams must be put to death followed by divine retribution as he rots in hell!


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