Journalist Tells Taylor’s Story of Failure

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A Liberian journalist, Mr. Max Willie, has launched a book documenting the stories of former President Charles Taylor’s armed insurrection, his presidency and departure from Liberia to Nigeria.

The book titled, “Where Charles Taylor Went Wrong,” is a summary of the administration of Mr. Taylor’s governance style both home and internationally.

Launching the book on behalf of Mr. Willie was the executive director of Center for Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESP), Malcolm Joseph. Mr. Joseph disclosed that the pieces of information contained in the book, are an insider’s account of Mr. Taylor’s overgenerous approach to governance and his twisted perception on international relations.

Highlighting the books capacity to spark debate, Mr. Joseph said, “This book allows readers from the current generation to promptly delve into the details of actions initiated by well-known members of the international community determined to drag Taylor to court in The Hague. These forces placed emphasis on what they called Taylor’s ‘war crimes committed in Sierra Leone,’ while turning a blind-eye to the more serious offenses he orchestrated in Liberia.”

According to him, this piece of literature is a first-hand account of Taylor’s missteps in Liberia and Sierra Leone that speaks on the issues and events culminating in the downfall of a man who transfigured Liberia.

“The ex-president’s foreign policy toward not only the United States and other western countries, but to neighbouring African countries was the basis for his international isolation, the lack of donor support to his government and his eventual demise,” the author asserted.

Also commenting on the launched book, journalist Aaron Kollie encouraged Liberia’s educational system to take interest in said resource material in order to add another voice to the ever-changing story of Liberia.

He also called on the committee responsible to rewrite Liberia’s history to consider this piece as an important tool to help generate more necessary information to foster their work.

Max Willie is a former Voice of America (VOA) correspondent, former deputy director general of Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) and was in the employ of the Search for Common Ground-Talking Drum Studio Liberia public information manager.


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