Journalist ‘Killer’ Appears in Court under Tight Security

Defendant Jonathan K. William (in t-shirt and army shorts) being escorted by police officers to the Monrovia City Court

Tension was rife in the air yesterday at the Temple of Justice growing out of what appeared to be presidential like treatment given to Jonathan K. Williams, the man, the self-confessed killer of  journalist Tyron A. Browne of Super FM Radio Station owned by businessman George Kailondo. Williams said he stabbed the victim with a knife twice in his left rib and once on the left side of his upper back.

The victim died of his wounds on April 15 in the Duport Road Community, outside Monrovia, according to police.
Williams along with five others were later remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison to await trial, charged with murder and criminal facilitation and conspiracy.

He was the only person charged with murder while the others that include Alice Youh, Edwina Promise Youh, Massah Kennedy, Caesar Kennedy and Joana Bracewell were also charged with criminal facilitation and conspiracy.

The confusion started when police officers that accompanying self-confessed killer Williams to the Monrovia City Court, for strange but unknown reasons did not handcuff the suspect as is usually the case where criminals are handcuffed before being led to court. Yesterday’s hearing was intended for Williams and his six accomplices to answer to charges presented against them by the Police.

Hearing into the matter was presided over by Magistrate Kennedy Peabody under intense security.

The hearing which lasted for hours saw security officers preventing court workers, family members of late the Browne and bystanders’ access to the courtroom of the Monrovia City Court, an action which many people considered as preferential treatment for the suspect.

The over one hundred bystanders, including family members of the victim who had gone to take a glimpse of Williams, could not believe what they described a ‘presidential treatment’ for a man who confessed to killing their relative.

Many spectators were heard saying, “What interest does the police have in Williams that they did not handcuff him when others have been handcuffed and taken to court as suspects in murder cases.”

The Police charge sheet, a copy of which is with the Daily Observer alleged that Williams was arrested on April 16, just a day after committing the act based on a tipoff from a community member identified as Samuel Sieh.

Police charge sheet said Alice Youh, Edwina Promise Youh, Massah Kennedy, Cersa Kennedy and Joana Bracewell allegedly, deliberately and criminally concealed information about the murder of Tyron Browne by defendant Williams from April 15 up to his arrest on April 20.

Preliminary police investigation established that Browne lived in Zubah Town Community, but his lifeless body was discovered around the Kingdom Care Community, on Duport Road.

The investigation explained that on Sunday, April 15, Tyron Browne covered the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Tamba in the Pipeline Community, Paynesville, as a photographer and video recorder. The program, the police claimed started around 2 p.m and subsequently ended at 7 p.m that same day.

After the wedding, the couple dropped Browne at his Duport junction residence along with his equipment. While at home with his nephew Charles Browne, Tyron Browne, police claimed, received a mobile phone call, where he told his nephew that he was going to Pipeline Road and would be back.

He later went to the compound of the Kingdom Care Community, that contained two separate apartments, where suspect Williams lives them with his two nieces, Alice Youh and Edwina Promise Youh.

Browne, police said had gone there to visit Promise Youh where he was later attacked by defendant Williams.
During the confrontation, police alleged, Williams stabbed the victim with a knife twice in the left rib and one time on the left side of the victim’s upper back resulting to his death.

When the defendant noticed that his action led to the death of Browne, he contacted another defendant Bill and both of them placed the victim’s body in William’s white Infinity Jeep and dumped the lifeless body along the Du Port Road Kingdom Care Community clinic, police said.

Williams later washed the blood from his jeep to destroy evidence, police claimed. They also claimed that after the incident, Williams explained the incident to via mobile phone to his brother Daniel Socree, and a few hours later, Socree dove to William’s compound along with a man said  to be Chris Massaquoi, the former police director, police investigation said.

Both Massaquoi, defendant Williams and Socree allegedly went to the crime scene where they saw the lifeless body of Browne.

At the scene, police claimed that former director Massaquoi held a meeting and afterward, placed the body in his jeep with the help of Kennedy and another suspect identified as Ernest Karmue, who was believed to be on the run before dumping the lifeless body of Browne at the Kingdom Care road.

Defendant Williams and Kennedy returned home and later Williams ordered that they should burn the plastic bag which he allegedly used to wrap the dead body and put the burnt bag into Williams’ septic tank.

Meanwhile, information on the police charge sheet has not established the intent nor motive for the crime. However, despite Williams’ confession to being the ‘killer’ failure of the Police to establish the intent and motive behind the killing of the journalist, fears are that once in court, lawyers representing Williams could tear the Police murder charges into tatters and the self-confessed killer could be let off the hook on lesser charges, possibly manslaughter.

Police investigators have however charged Williams with the crime of murder in violation of chapter 14 sub-chapter A section 14. 1 of the Penal Law of Liberia, pending trial.”

The charge sheet was signed by CIP Abu B. Daramy of the Chief Crime Against Person Unit and ACP G. Alvin James of the Chief General Crime Section of the Liberia National Police (LNP).


  1. In the midst of souring relationship between a Press – trying to flex its muscle – and a new leadership which some deemed as unqualified, there was a deliberate rush to blame the government. Not surprisingly, accused Jonathan Williams and his co-conspirators tried to convey that impression by dumping the body of journalist Tyron Browne (dictator Idi Amin-style) in his community.

    Of course, these terrorists wanted the administration to be blamed as confirmation of hypocritical BBC reporter Jonathan Paye-laleh’s feigned fears of death. In spite of war, some of our people won’t change, blinking devilish; so, we want to thank the Security Sector for pursuing the evidence wherever it leads. They’ve so far shocked the nation with a professionalism absent in the two murders passed off as “drowning deaths” few years ago for lack of trying by a LNP, whose bosses swore to protect lives.

    Ironically, if the story of former police director Chris Massaquoi going to the crime scene is true, he won’t escape under an attorney- client privilege that protects most communications between client and their lawyers. Instead, he could be charged with failing to report the murder; especially as a former chief law enforcement officer, and charged too for accessory after the fact for covering it up. So I hope his involvement isn’t true.

    Once again, we want to thank members of the Security Sector for their professionalism.

    The case is still ongoing. Let investigators connect all the dots; collect and protect forensic evidence from contamination and tampering; keep the pathfinder jeep and the corpse under 24-hour watch; get autopsy result in order to have convictions in court after a speedy trial. The criminal justice system should make this case be a warning to all criminals in the country that no matter how high they think they are, if they do the crime, they would do the time in jail. By the way, do we still have death penalty on the books, folks? Hang the bloody wicked terrorists!

    • SBM, stop making yourself appear ridiculous. What are you trying to prove? Do you know more than others? Do you have info about this case that others don’t have? Are you fired by a nepotistic fervor? Why not wait until the case end? The case hasn’t even begun and now you coming up with this? At one point you are quick to exonerate the government. At the other you opined that the case is ongoing. What do you make of your response? Could you please reread your post?

  2. If the rumor of Chris Massaquoi presence at the crime scene is true this would speak volumes about his crime scene credentials and the tip of the iceberg or an indicator of how the crime scenes under his tenure as Police Director or Inspector General may have been compromised.

  3. All wrong doing-doing arises because of the mind. If the mind is transformed there can be no wrong-doing. We Liberian, have to transformed our mind. Religious bigotry, nepotism, tribalism and the remaining ‘ism’.

    Let us consider how hard it is to change ourselves and we will understand what little chance we have in trying to change others. When things are not going our way, we are stoic on blaming others, and pointing out there errors. We ourselves can do more errors than others. Remember all Liberians, when you throw the sand at the wind; the wind will blows it back to you again.
    From Sydney, Australia, with peace and love for all

  4. That’s the problem with Liberia, we don’t have respect for the rule of law. Why Will the former police chief/attorney even think about going to a crime scene with the perpetrator, a potential client of his without alerting the police first? Plain disregard and disrespect to our men and women in blue.

  5. Chris Massaquoi has not practiced law a day in his life. And so I find it very ironic that anyone would be calling him for legal advice. So that story about him being called for legal advice was most probably a lie. Massaquoi is also very close with George Kailondo. The two men should be under serious investigation along with the alleged killer, Williams. May justice be done!

  6. Nostalgia, or Homesick,

    Is the case not “ongoing” because government was exonerated by the evidence; should we abandon the search for the truth and nothing but the truth on behalf of a fellow younger than my late grandson?

    The evidence blocked the wind some depended on to sail with their blame-government-games; so for someone familiar with how agenda-driven “hate media” stoked Liberia’s civil war, you can’t imagine how pleased I’m. As for whether I know more than “others”; with no intention of bragging, you won’t find ten persons in the MRU to match my experience and knowledge in the field of national security intelligence analysis – take that to the bank.

    Thankfully, in the Internet Age, one doesn’t have to work for government or live at home to help in protecting the country. And, by the way, then NSA director Counselor Freddie Taylor would confirm that I was contributing to that as far back as 1997 when Charles Taylor, for that matter, was President. My grandparents suffered for our country and a mother they tried to protect died in a war you guys needed – I dare any fool who tries to deny my free speech right.

  7. Liberia starts again; giving no value to human life when the Government is involved or implicated
    in murder. The killing of Michael Allison and Harry A. Greaves, Jr. that has had no consequence up
    to today. I see this case- the killing of Journalist Tyron Browne as having a heavy hands behind it.
    If the Government is cleared and have no part in that killing, why it did not handcuff and block his
    movement but allow him walk to Court just like ordinary man? There where the issue of involvement
    is brother Sylvester Moses! Or are you saying that the Government of Liberia under George M. Weah
    no more care about human life?


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