Jones Described as ‘Outstanding Philanthropist’


Hundreds of residents in Chicken Farm Community, located in Jacob Town, Paynesville last week described the political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, as an ‘outstanding philanthropist.’

Dr. Jones was honored by the residents based on his personal financial contribution of over one million Liberian dollars to support Ebola orphans in schools during the Ebola crisis and also fixing some major community roads in the area.

Currently, he resides in Marshall, Margibi County.

Speaking at the event were Mr. Gregory Blamoh, Community Chairman; Mrs. Korto Robert Sorsor, Community Chairlady; Imam Layee Kamara, representing Jacob Town Muslim Community; J. T. Max Hinneh, Elder Council and Rev. Abraham Saweah.

All the speakers delivered testimonials about the character of Dr. Jones.

The program coincided with a formal declaration of membership of Anthony Mallay, a former UP partisan.

The testimonials mentioned Dr. Jones’s fervent goodwill and his compassion for students and an understanding of their problems.

He was also commended for his tolerance of university students when they are in difficulty with their tuition arrears.

The residents also called on Dr. Jones to re-establish the scholarship scheme for Ebola orphans, because as a community they are finding it difficult to pay the children’s school fees on time.

Responding, Dr. Jones expressed gratitude to the Jacob Town residents for the honor.

He further said the reason he supported those Ebola orphans in school, was because their story brought sorrow to him.

From that moment, Dr. Jones said “only the devil from hell that doesn’t have a broken heart, particularly looking at these young children who lost their good parents, will allow them to suffer.”

But then, “I was encouraged to look at them when I saw the smiles on their faces and how they treated themselves and then I realized that there is hope for us and our country.”

Dr. Jones said “What we do does not require praises from anyone because it is the right thing to do.”

He encouraged the residents to dream about a new Liberia with a brighter future, and cautioned them to register to vote.


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