Joint Statement by UN, AU and ECOWAS on Recent Inciteful Messages in the Media


The United Nations (UN), the African Union Liaison Office in Liberia (AU) and the Office of the Special Representative of the ECOWAS Commission in Liberia (ECOWAS) note with grave concern the use of inciteful messages in the media, particularly in the social media, which has become intensified in recent weeks and days.

“Liberia has taken great strides in building peace and stability. It is encouraging that the Kamara Abdullah Kamara Act of Press Freedom was recently passed by the Legislature, ensuring that all Liberians are entitled to all the protection that this new law extends,” the three multilateral organizations said in a joint statement Thursday, Feb 21. “It is important that all Liberians respect all the laws and exercise their rights freely, but always in a manner that carries responsibility towards other people and towards the nation. The UN, the AU and  ECOWAS, believe that this is a time that all Liberians need to come together to ensure that the hard won peace is sustained and a greater focus on the development of Liberia should be paramount, rather than media messages that distract and promote violence.”

The three multilateral organizations say they hereby condemn all such media messages that threaten peace and stability of Liberia and call on all to take immediate steps to refrain from acts and utterances that are inimical to peace and stability in Liberia. We shall continue to closely follow the media as well as the political climate, and remain committed to supporting the people and government of Liberia in all their endeavours for a peaceful country.


  1. Unbelievably, the UN, AU, and ECOWAS took the chestnut out of the fire, so to speak, because of our fear for few politico-journalists getting support from disgruntled elites and allegedly funded by few foreign agencies. Mr. Henry Costa got it right, the plan is to make Liberia “ungovernable”. The question then becomes, what has free speech or freedom of expression got to do with intentional efforts by agent provocateurs and diehard anarchists to stoke another civil conflict? well, I’m not surprised that those bragging bookish blockheads who have been cheerleading the silliness stayed away from this shameful topic: Bull Crap!

    • Mr. “Baghdad Moses, what you refer to as “silliness” above are actually displeasing responses to what is unfolding in Liberia, at the behest of self-seeking numskulls thrust on us by some accident of history. It even hurts more when patented discredited characters like you jump in the fray to tell the rest of us, “everything is fine,” its just our illusion.

      It is therefore the brazen callousness of scoundrels like you, mustering the nerve to chastise or lecture people on democracy, or good governance, or social decorum that is stoking the enmity towards this rogue government. And for what? Pittance!

  2. Hilary Snyder,

    By now every impartial reader knows that ethnic bigotry has been unhingedly driving your anti-establishment sentiments and unconscionable nonchalance towards stability in Liberia. It suggests that I don’t expect a silly fool whose whole generation benefited from institutionalized inequality of an Oligarchy to embrace transformational change, or prioritization of the vast majority poor. It isn’t quantum physics, by any stretch!

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