Joint Statement by the European Union Delegation and the Heads of Mission of France, Germany, Ireland and Sweden in Monrovia on the importance of combating sexual and gender-based violence 


The European Union Delegation and the Embassies of its Member States resident in Liberia – Germany, France, Ireland and Sweden – issue the following statement:

The EU shares the deep concern expressed by the Government and people of Liberia regarding the alarming rates of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the country.

The EU takes note of the recent, deep public engagement on this important issue, including demonstrations on the streets of Monrovia. Likewise, the EU recognises the initiative taken by H.E. President George Weah and his Government to find ways to address this profound problem.

SGBV is perpetrated against women, men and children, often against the most vulnerable in society and it must be stopped. Freedom from violence is a fundamental human right, which must be realised and protected in every society.

The EU therefore remains committed to supporting Liberia in eradicating all forms of SGBV and strongly welcomes the increased commitment shown by the Government in this area, a commitment made evident by the recently appointed Presidential Committee on SGBV. The EU also commends the people of Liberia for their recent expressions of solidarity with the survivors and victims of this violence. Freedom of expression is a cardinal component of a democratic society and is enshrined in the Liberian constitution. We urge all parties to respect this freedom as the country continues to have this important national conversation.

Ending SGBV requires a spectrum of interventions from prevention, to care, to response and to justice. It requires the support and contribution of all citizens and partners, and political will at all levels.

Through the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative and several bilateral programmes, the EU and its Member States have partnered with the Government and people of Liberia in many of these intervention areas, including: preventing SGBV at community levels; supporting access to justice for survivors and victims; and, strengthening the response capacity of relevant institutions – including One Stop Centers and Criminal Court E. The EU will remain committed to these key sectors.

However, the EU strongly opposes the death penalty, at all times and in all circumstances. It is a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment, which is incompatible with the inalienable right to life. It is irreversible and ineffective as a deterrent to criminal behaviour.

Liberia has signed the Optional Protocol on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and, in keeping with its provisions, has instituted a moratorium on the implementation of the death penalty. Likewise, chemical castration violates international rules on torture and it is cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, as defined in the ICCPR.

The EU welcomes Liberia’s full accession to this Covenant and its optional protocols, and calls on Liberia to honour its international human rights commitments and to continue the great strides it has made in maintaining peace and strengthening democracy.

The EU stands firmly by the survivors and victims of SGBV, their families and communities, and we will continue to work with the Government and people of Liberia to end SGBV in all its forms.


  1. Mr. true nationalist, aka false nationalist

    Read the joint Statement by the European Delegation and and heads of mission of france, germany, Ireland and sweden and you will know why we protested.

    Stop asking silly questions.

  2. You have started your rudeness and idiocy again. Our position of capital punishment for rapists in Liberia should be enough to educate you that we know more of the teleology (the purpose) of the protest against rape in Liberia than many including even you.

    That question (posed to J.Boima Moses) is to instill into the mind of J.Boima Moses and into the minds of others (like you) that the purpose of the protest was to present a petition to the government against the menace of Rape in Liberia!

    Therefore, the protesters should have simply presented their petition to the Representative proxying for the President (as they did elsewhere), and not insist on such vanity and irrelevance as “the President should have spent 10 or 15 minutes with protesters”, as intimated by J.Boima Moses.

  3. Comrade Kimba,
    Please note that Mr. True Nationalist as well as you are genuine Liberian Patriots!

    Something To Think About:
    Mr. True Nationalist sees things differently. He expresses his ideas based on how he feels about the things he agrees and disagrees with.
    By expressing his ideas in ways he sees things, Mr. True Nationalist does not burn houses to the ground in Liberia. Without a hint of doubt, Mr. True Nationalist should be left alone whenever he expresses himself.

    Mr. Arthur Kimba….
    Kimba is a patriot. Kimba views things through his lens differently. Kimba has a right to become critical of whomever he wishes. It’s all good.

    Because of the fact that differences exist in the lives of Liberians, does it make sense for Liberians to become abusive and hateful of one another?

    No. Not at all. Liberians shouldn’t be hateful or obsessed with one another like that. It is normal for another person’s point of view to be disagreed with. However, disagreement should occur based on respect for others as well as for oneself.


    • Mr. Hney

      i quite agree with everything you have said and you nailed it on the head 100%. you rightly said that Mr. true Nationalist has the right to express himself and i agree with you. So too, others have the right to express themselves, but he takes exception when the expressions of others is against others and he start to hurl insults at them because he simply does not agree with their opinions. That is my issue with him. undoubtedly, he writes well, but he has short fuse.

      You and Mr. Dolo disagree with each other most of the times, yet you have never insulted him ever because of your disagreement. All the way that James Davis comes at you, you dont insult him, you still attempt to drive home your point .that is what I am talking about.

      Mr. Sylvester Moses has never insulted him – true nationalist- because of differences of opinions. but countless times he has insulted Sylvester Moses.

      he claims to be the most educated person on this forum and yet his actions speaks volume.

      If I am wrong, tell me.

    • Thank you, Hney. You so struck the nail into its position that it sits well without a hitch. If Liberians will understand respecting each other’s view(s) especially our political views without resorting to violence in any shape or form, we’ll doubtless grow up overnight and become a mature society. But aye yaa! We’re still the backward pipo the world knows us to be. Thank you once again for this s great input.

  4. Mr. Kimba,
    I am sure that the Patriot, Mr. True Nationalist will read or has read your comments as well as mine. I am sure he will modify his comments. But in return, the gentleman expects nothing less from people who disagree with him. Let’s close the book!

    Did you ever read the story that I recommended? If you haven’t read it up to this time, you will be in trouble my friend.

    • Mr. Hney, if “people” who “these people” look up to would, in their power-seeking hypocrisy and concealment of their selfish ambition behind the hypocritical rhetoric of ideological conviction would;

      (1) make such illogical and neophytic utterances as “there was no need for thousands of citizens to jump in the streets and protest against increase in rape cases if Minister Tarr was working in the interest of vulnerable people”, as if;

      (2) even if this menace (ante-dating this Administration) was not as it is, there would still not be a need for the people to petition government via a peaceful protest as done in democracies, or..

      (3) it is not laws put into place by the given Legislature to effectively deal with a given menace but a single bureaucrat who, because he or she is the Minister for Gender, has the omniscient capability to put an immediate end to the menace of rape – a menace which is not only burning issue in Liberia but in most parts of the world, you better don´t;

      (4) waste your intellectual equilibrium on a duck´s back!!!

  5. Comrade Kimba,

    Messrs Sylvester G. Moses and True Nationalist seem to operate from the same jetfighter. I have not seen a tangle between the two of them. Is it possible that you committed an error? Maybe I am wrong.

    Whatever the case, let’s move on like happy campers man.

  6. Mr. Hney,

    whatever the case, i am willing to move on henceforth.

    which story are you referring to sir? I must have glance over it. could you state the name of the story again and i will read it, Promise

  7. Comrade Kimba,

    I could be wrong. If I am mistaken, I will give you a bag of ice so as to cool you off.

    Are you the gentleman who is married to a Marylander?

    • Mr. Hney,

      Yes, you are right. I am the gentleman that is happily married to the most beautiful female Marylander that

      ever came out of cape palmas.

  8. To Messrs:

    True Nationalist,

    A. Kimba &

    Ekay Tuu:

    Thanks gentlemen for everything you’ve said. Let’s navigate through the rough storm with maximum care, not forgetting God as being the moral compass in our respective lives.

  9. Mr. Arthur Kimba,
    All bets are off. You’re in trouble man. If you want to be quickly exonerated from trouble, you have to offer a man cow for the fathers of your beloved wife to eat. Please let me know when you wish to donate the man cow. I will pack my things overnight and jump on the next flight to Monrovia. I just can’t wait.

    The topic you and I dealt with approximately three weeks ago had to do with rape. I told a real life story of a Washington state female teacher who raped a 14-year old boy. Yes, a grown-up female (not a male) teacher did that “thing” to her student. In the process of her complete control over the 14-year old student, she became pregnant. A 14-year old boy impregnated his 27-year teacher.

    The courts:
    The courts ruled that the young man (who was forced into manhood) was raped just because of his age. But in the end, the female teacher got a light sentence.

    The main Event:
    The story I have told came about because I strenuously argued that rapists (who are prosecuted and found guilty) should not face capital punishment in Liberia. I also argued that some women are untruthful. Because of the untruthfulness of some women, a guy can be put to death. Speaking for myself, I continue to argue that whereas the threat of capital punishment could slow overall rape cases down, capital punishment is not a deterrent to rape cases.

    Kimba are you following me? Three weeks ago, I recommended a story of a slave black girl. I will recommend the story once again. If you don’t read it, you will be forced to come up with two man cows.

    Download and read…..
    State of Missouri vs. Celia; a slave girl. (1855)

    Kimba, let me put you to a test….
    In your opinion, was the 14-year old boy raped?

  10. Pointing out that Liberia has signed the Optional Protocol on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and, in keeping with its provisions, has instituted a moratorium on the implementation of the death penalty. We hope:

    (1) the Joint Statement takes into account the exigency of babies and children killed on a daily bases by rapists, etc. etc., and the international legal doctrine of rebus sic stantibus – a clause in international conventions (international agreements or treaties) that provides for the unenforceability of a treaty due to fundamentally changed circumstances; as is;

    (2) the case where when Liberia became a signatory to such treaties, rape had not become a menace; hence the right of Liberia to invoke this doctrine – rebus sic stantisbus – one of the oldest norms of customary international law!!! For;

    (3) Of course, as backed by all of the major schools of legal thought (Natural Law, Positivistic, Legal Realism, etc.), the most effective remedy or solution for this problem is the deterrence of the death penalty, just as other states who are signatories to the very ICCPR etc. etc. have upheld the death penalty as a matter of putting into place the necessary deterrence for the given menace!

    These articulated, we are not naive not to take into account the reality that it boils down to: “If you do not dance to our beat, we will not give you money, and in fact, we will tell our friends to also not give you money.” Notwithstanding, the ball is now in “the court” of THE PEOPLE´S BRANCH – THE LEGISLATURE!!!

  11. Mr. Hney

    In my opinion, the 14-year old boy was raped. I say that because he was below the age to give consent. i agreed with the court’s ruling.

    Concerning celia, the slave girl, it is a pity who blacks were treated since the days of slavery and up to now. A slave can be a property who has no saying in how he/she is treated but can be held criminally liable. That is the dark side of your America, Mr. Hney

    walt Whitman, an American Poet, wrote a poem “I hear America singing”. The poem talks about the ideal America. Langston Hughes, a black writer wrote a poem called, “I, too, sing America” and in the poem, he was talking for all black people.

    I, too, sing America
    I am the darker brother
    They sent me to eat in the kitchen
    When company comes,
    But I laugh
    And eat well
    And grow strong.

    Langston, also, was acknowledging America, but a different version from Walt Waltman’s poem.

    I guess, Mr. Hney, my point is, there has always been two America and with the events of things happening in your country, there is still two Americas. The whites try to paint an ideal picture but, but it is left with the Langston hughes of the world to paint the real picture.

    Concerning the buying of the cow, you way behind time. I have already bought the cow and my father in law ate the whole head and he refused to share it with my mother in law. I had to buy a goat to appease her. So, talk different thing

    The issue of rape has gotten out of hand in this country, and something has to be done about it. Swift and decisive action has to be taken to deter the rapist or we in for a long nightmare.

    Everyone knows that the law here is a big joke and so on one takes it seriously. My lovely wife was talking to her cousin last wednesday from America and all of a sudden, the line got disconnected. When they got reconnected later on, the cousin explained that she had to hang up because she had seen a cop coming her way and in her state, it is illegal to be holding a cellphone in your hand while talking a driving. So she had to hang up.

    My cousin in law knew what would happen to her if she was caught talking on her cell. but not here in Liberia here, no ones care. and so, we dance all night.

  12. Okay Kimba,
    Let’s put it this way. You presented a cow and a goat to the family. It shows your sincerety and commitment! I am proud of you. Also, I will not charge you to come up with another cow because you read the story of Celia the slave girl. Celia’s story has many parts to it. For now, I will move on to something else.

    Your relative who lives in the US is right. If a motorist is caught with a phone while driving, a ticket will be given. The cost of such a ticket ranges from $100-250.00, depending on one’s state. There are speed cameras here also. For instance, if the speed limit is 40 miles per hour between Kakata and Redlight, you as a motorist must drive without going above 40mph on the road. If you do, and get caught by a speed camera, you will pay a hefty fine!

    How does the speed camera work?
    Let’s say you live in Maryland county. But you have to attend business in Karnplay, Nimba county. There will be hundreds of speed cameras planted alone the main road from Pleebo through Gee, Grand Gedeh and eventually Nimba.

    Your car has a license plate. The license plate is registered with the county in which you live. While driving through Gee county, you pressed the pedal down to 50mph. When the speed camera notices that you went above 40mph while driving, it snaps the picture of your car, including your license plate. Guess what? In a few days, you will get a letter from Gee county…….. in the letter, there’s a ticket that says you drove 40mph at 3pm on the 27th of August.

    Lastly, there’s extreme police racism in America. God’s unfilling love, His mercy, His protection is all we need. The Psalmist states….”I will look up to the hill from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord who has made heaven and Earth”. That’s how (I,we) live in America.

    Good night. It’s 9:14 pm or 1:14 am in Liberia.

  13. Kimba,
    I wrote a detailed response earlier this morning. Unfortunately, the comment was unposted because of computer error.

    In America, your state ID or driver’s license carries your address. So when you buy a car, your car must have licence plates. The license plates are issued by the state in which you live. Your state’s data base has room for all addresses. States share information to member states. So for instance, if I get a ticket in California (although I live in Indiana) my personal information (meaning my address) will be obtained from Indiana. That’s how the authorities obtain addresses. There could be other methods.

    Kimba, where do you live in Liberia? I do not live in Indiana.

    Hang in there gentleman.

  14. Kimba,
    That’s good to know. Have a great night or day. Another week has begun. More topics are up. Don’t shy away from expressing your opinions.
    If you have the time, download this video:
    The cows of Doloken paye!

    Stay safe out there.

  15. Mr. Hney,

    Thank you for the recommending of “The Cows of Doloken Paye” I did enjoyed watching it but I was wondering why you recommended it. The only conclusion that I can safely arrive at is that you recommended it because I am from that part of Liberia.

    Hope your weekend went well and that you and your family are all doing fine.

  16. Kimba,
    Up to date, I don’t know Where Doloken Paye is. Where is the town of Doloken Paye located?

    The reason for its recommendation…
    I did so because the whole of last week and few weeks before, the people of Grand Kru were occupied with all sorts of issues. Witchcraft, human disappearances, a snake lies in the Superintendent’s bed and so on… I am wondering if something like that could work in Grand Kru.

    Once you tell me where the town of Doloken Paye is, I will know where you were born.

    Stay safe,
    Be cool,
    Relax and have a great day!

  17. Dolo Ken Paye, this wonderful video Hney wants everyone to watch.
    I watched the documentary video today from beginning to end.
    Why does Hney want people to watch the video? Maybe simply because of the name “Dolo”.
    If not, it’s a beautiful video that gives insight into how problems are resolved at the village level in Liberia; a beautiful cultural tale I would encourage any Liberian to watch.

    I especially admired the setting, our cultural identity and Africanity; the values indigenous to Africans in the length and breadth of the rainforests of Liberia and neighboring countries namely Guinea, Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, etc.
    The traditional rhythm and voice of our mothers may create a sort of nostalgia in the hearts and minds of anyone, like me, who was partially or somehow groomed and brought up at the village level.
    I was also fascinated by the rich, dense and verdure rainforests of Liberia that lay bare, beckoning to the children of Liberia to make good use of them to improving their livelihoods and their stock.

    There is a church in Forkwilla, thank God for that. Unfortunately, I did not see any health center or a school building.
    I therefore encourage the elected officials of Bong to address this other generalized plague. Liberia can NEVER be built sustainably by foreigners, but by Liberians.

  18. A brief reponse to Petarus Dolo

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you be the judge!

    I recommended the video, “Cows of Doloken Paye” to be watched by a gentleman named Arthur Kimba.

    It was never ever intended for everyone to watch the video. I didn’t harbor a subliminal reason for the video to be watched because of the name “Dolo”. Now ladies and gentlemen, the name of the town is, “Doloken Paye” or maybe just “Doloken”, not Dolo or Dolotown or Dolo city. Additionally, I spoke to a Kpelleh/Kpelle guy just this morning who indicated to me that the town of Doloken Paye is located in the Zota district of Bong county, not Nimba where Petarus Dolo was born.

    Take a listen…..
    There’s a town in the US that’s called, “Three Brothers”. Personally, I have three brothers. Is it right for me to claim the town of Three Brothers just because I have three brothers?

    Ladies and gentlemen, in the Cows of Doloken Paye video, the use of “sasiwood” was employed by the chieftains. The chieftains wanted to get down to the truth and so they resorted to the use of juju. Of course, the culprit who chopped the famous cow in the video, was nabbed.

    Contemporary relevancy of the video…..
    In recent weeks, rape cases have become a hot topic in the Monrovia area
    Besides the rape cases that we hear about in the city of Monrovia, the people of Grand Kru have been hard hit by human disappearances, witchcraft and funny deaths! I recommended the Cows of Doloken Paye video because the chieftains used sassiwood. I felt like this…..if sassiwood worked in Doloken, it can work in Grand Kru. That’s all.

    Ladies and gentlemen, was I wrong to do what I did? I need legions!

  19. Points of correction before I comment:

    1. The name of the village is not Doloken Paye, but rather Forkwilla
    2. Dolo Ken Paye was the most renowned and imposing chief in the village of Forkwilla
    3. The taking of the sassiwood did not take place under Chief Dolo Ken Paye, but his son.
    4. Kimba did not confirm that he knew the village called Doloken Paye, if he did, then he’s not a Kpelle man from Liberia.

    Why did I comment on the name Doloken Paye?
    Whenever there is an attack or stupid insult or false accusation against my “demigod” Alexander B. Cummings, Comrade Hney will evoke this story of Doloken Paye to ascertain the fact (a situation completely out of context)
    When there is a situation of witchcraft in Grand Kru, Comrade Hney will evoke Doloken Paye to get a solution (which is in context)

    For over more than 3 months, Comrade Hney has continuously evoked the name Doloken Paye on various unrelated situations.
    What is so special about the name Doloken Paye, when there is no set or specific context in which it is used?

    Dear legions, Comrade Hney has called upon you. Come and cut this case for us. Tell me if Comrade Hney is not always referring to Doloken Paye just because of Petarus Dolo, or if I am making a logical guess out of context?

    Legion James Davis, please come in and cut the case for us!

  20. Corrections….
    I didn’t say that Kimba told me where the incident occurred. This morning, I spoke to a guy whose name is Bemah. Bemah is a Bong native.

    I didn’t say that the taking of sassiwood occurred under chief Dolo Ken Paye. You are insinuating that into this discussion.

    I do not write stupid comments. It’s okay to be disagreeable. It is improper to condemn someone’s point of view as stupid. It is easy to disagree respectfully.

    The name of the video is Doloken Paye. There’s no reason to change the name of the video. The lesson is okay, but it’s unnecessary to imply something that I didn’t think about.

    James Davis is not on the same level with me. I Know how to fight dangerously. It’s not my style to play in the.mud.

  21. Again, I wrote:
    “Whenever there is an attack or stupid insult or false accusation against my “demigod” Alexander B. Cummings, Comrade Hney will evoke this story of Doloken Paye to ascertain the fact (a situation completely out of context)”

    The sentence above does not imply that Comrade Hney writes stupid sentences, far from it. I am talking about people who write nonsense about respectable Alexander B. Cummings.
    Unless Comrade Hney wants to include himself on the list of those goons.

    Again, the video is entitled : The Cows of Dolo Ken Paye”. Anyone can open a YouTube page and just write that title, the video will pop up.

    I will not like to see my respectful Comrade Hney involved in any street fight, so do not contemplate such eventuality against anyone.


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