Joe Boakai: “Liberia Nears Disaster”

Former Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Nyuma Boakai

—Says protest is citizens’ constitutional right, calls on Liberians on both sides to exercise restraint

Mr. Joseph Nyuma Boakai, former Vice President and standard bearer of the erstwhile governing Unity Party (UP), has observed that recent events in the country seem to have taken an usual trend, describing the country as “a ship [without control] adrift on a turbulent sea.”

He said the pending December 30th protest is an important factor that “aggrieved groups of citizens use as their constitutional right to assemble, and exercise their freedom of expression.”

Mr. Boakai’s comment was contained in a statement he issued to the public on Thursday, December 5, 2019 as a statesman, reminding his fellow countrymen of where the country has been heading to in recent months.

“Our country seems to be taking on its own momentum, appearing as though it has become a rudderless ship adrift on a turbulent sea hurtling towards disaster,” the Boakai’s statement said.

He added, “Civil servants, teachers and other professional groups are demanding salary arrears, or they would initiate a go slow action.”

As regard the pending December 30 nationwide protest under the aegis of the Council of Patriots (CoP), who have called for a ‘Step Down’ of President George Weah, Mr. Boakai therefore urged all sides to exercise restraint, and to work within the confines of the Constitution.

He said it is worrisome that the Liberian people, and the world continue to demand full accountability and action regarding the ‘missing’ L$16 billion, and the US$25 million allocated for ‘mopping-up excess liquidity,’ “but in the face of that, economic hardship continues to impact lives throughout the country.”

The banks, Boakai said are failing their obligations to depositors whereby families are sleeping with hunger, while students are being thrown out of school for non-payment of tuition and fees.

“Overall school enrollment has drastically declined as compared to previous years, while hospitals and healthcare facilities are struggling to attend to the sick, due to lack of basic equipment and supplies; couple with the abrupt closure of businesses,” the Boakai’s statement said.

Accordingly, he said inflation is running high, while unemployment defies gravity..meaning it has become “unstoppable.”

“In the face of this mounting crisis, the people and our partners look up to President George Weah for assurance, but he has failed to address his people; and has instead, deferred to surrogates, who have resorted to inflammatory language to find scapegoats, and to add fuel to the fire.”

“The government,” he said, “has requested the printing of additional money in the face of structural deficiencies, and governance abnormality highlighted by both the Presidential Investigation Team (PIT) and Kroll Reports, which (both) agreed that there are inconsistencies in the Central Bank System; and that the US$25 million mop-up exercise created opportunities for fraud and money laundering.”

Moreover, Boakai said the government has not given convincing reasons, nor has it put in place adequate guarantees for “accountability.”

“We are all sitting on a tinderbox [and therefore] I urge all sides to exercise restraint, and to work within the confines of the Constitution,” the statement said.

As regards the December 30th protest, the statement said it is important that aggrieved group of citizens exercise their constitutional right of assembly, and freedom of expression.

Henceforth, he said “The government must perform its obligation to provide security and protection all citizens and foreign residents.”

On the threat of civil servants “go-slow,” the statement said government must meet up with its obligation.

“These patriotic citizens have played their part; they deserve the dignity of their labour, and the right to provide for their families. Therefore, we must not overturn the apple cart,” the statement said, cautioning Liberians against disrupting national gains made over the years.

Meanwhile, Mr. Boakai believes that Liberians have demonstrated that they are capable of conducting peaceful protests, “and equally so, Government has proven its ability to provide security, and protection for all. Let each and every Liberian play his or her part to preserve this sacred heritage of ours.”


  1. Thank you for explaining things again Mr. Kwanue. I hope they will be able to read and understand.
    Our people are so blinded by ignorance and hatred that they can not even piece together vital information and essential warnings from experienced people.
    If possible, Mr. Kwanue, get on the air and explain every paragraph to our dumbed commentators and bloggers.

    • Liberia got experience people??? If we had any useful people CDC won’t be able to break down a country in less than 2 years. This very old man has been on the scene for 40 years with nothing to show for it but holding govt jobs and eating of it. So let me hear my ear with experience ppl. I beg you. All these decades the so call experience ppl only approach is to beg for money, extract raw materials from the country … You take any serious investors they embarrass themselves …only vulture capitalist and crooks can come to the country… Our whole house of representative/ Senators got no body serious. The media landscape con artists… I have yet to meet one Liberian with real integrity.

      • Eddy, Boakai is A THIEF! Boakai is more than corruption itself! If you knew Boakai´s record at LPMC and his ghost paying payroll for his office as VP, and the fake companies he made to swindle millions of US DOLLARS out of government, you would not even want to hear his name.

      • But you guys (most Liberians) believe that everything that comes from the USA is quality. They have brought one brand new one for you to head the central bank. We don’t even know if born in 1962 0r 1952 or on which planet he was born. Is he an economist, a banker, a financial analyst? Anyway, he’s good because he studied and worked in the USA. Where he studied and the job he did is not of any importance, “shit hole” people

        They day you guys will understand us, you will learn to vet people properly. We (Cummings and apologists) are waiting to be vetted in 2023. Learn to listen to people before you choose. Not everything that glitters is gold

    • Nyumah Boakai is behaving NO DIFFERENT from the woman who wanted the baby killed because she knew she was not the true mother of the innocent newborn baby when King Solomon feigned his judgement simply to see which of the claimants was the TRUE MOTHER of the newborn baby.

      And this tells that Boakai would have made a selfish and very bad leader if God did not produce a young and very popular candidate in the person of George Manneh Weah to beat this 75 year old still eying presidency.

      And another lapse in thinking about Boakai is he not knowing that many Liberians are begining to lose respect for him and even hate him for being a STOOGE for Benoni Urey the boss of this good for nothing season hustler Henry Costa who is like a fly NOT knowing its dorection.

  2. Joseph Boakai, no matter how you pay to spin what you have said inciting and fomenting treason and sedition, even the international community is aware of your plot as a ring leader to commit treason!

    If the headline question By FPA: “What Does Joseph Boakai Really Want – Weah Removed?” is what have made you pay for THIS SPIN, you are dreaming!

    Do you think if “Liberia should ever experience disaster” as you wish, RING LEADERS OF THE “DISASTER” like you Josph Boakai will survive it or live? You must be living in the past to believe that you will not be killed in the process By ordinary citizens!

    So go on plotting “disaster” and believing your life will be spared. Boakai, you will certainly BE SLAUGHTERED in the process as ordinary citizens will start killing you and your immediate family members while or before you are trying to escape! And as it generally and always happen, President George Manneh Weah shall remain in power. WATCH IT!

    • Go ahead and slaughter VP Boakai and live in peace. I wish President Weah prosperity after slaughtering Joe Boakai. President Weah would be alive and ruling peacefully, go ahead war monger. We are waiting for you to slaughter him.

      Short memory idiotic Liberian!

  3. Peaceful assembly is consider a disaster in what society??? I don’t back Costa on a lot of crap he says or does but the man is right. If they don’t protest in this fashion where there is someone to talk to, Liberians will wake up one day and the whole country will be upside down. Yall sitting enjoying life and the hard time in the country is serious. We are the poorest country in the world and we aren’t having civil unrest like other countries. How long do you think before Liberia become an constraint match box? The people protesting is controlled venting… So I beg y’all let the people whole their protest and vent their anger… And stop collecting money from Govt to spew nonsense

  4. Using the economic downturn to carry out your hidden agenda is not a peaceful assembly or protest. Those days are gone when people will use such unconstitutional means to reverse the results of elections. This GOVERNMENT will just have to inject some fear by making people to respect the government or the President By teaching people like Henry Costa and his gang a lesson.

  5. Okay, former VP Boakai has a right to express himself. Boakai is expressing himself. Thanks be to God for democracy in Liberia. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that hard times are present and alive in the motherland. People are suffering. Every Liberian who lives in and out of
    Liberia is concerned about the condition of the country. We pray for God’s mercy!

    My greatest concern: The CoP! Are they formenters or tormentors or both?

    Like Mr. Boakai, members of the Council of Patriots have a right to express themselves. So it’s understood why a demonstration is being called for on the 30th of December, although I don’t understand why the Holy month of December has been chosen. My gripe is this…. while the members of the CoP have a democratic right to express themselves by calling for a demonstration, why do the members want Weah to “step down” from the presidency? The idea of a peaceful demonstration is good. However, a “step down” campaign that’s being orchestrated by the CoP is not good. A step down campaign could flare up into an unintended situation.

    The CoP knows very well that Weah was elected to serve a 6-year term. As Boakai warns the nation about the perilous times ahead, it makes sense for Boakai to sternly warn his CoP associates to halt their “Weah step down” campaign. Frankly, a “step down” demand could be counterproductive. If the Council of Patriots want to be seen as agents of change, they must act, think and present themselves as such.

    A peaceful demonstration is being called for? Wow! There could be a bigger agenda.

  6. “All persons, at all times, in an orderly and peaceable manner, shall have the right to assemble and consult upon the common good, to instruct their representatives, to petition the Government or other functionaries for the redress of grievances and to associate fully with others or refuse to associate in political parties, trade unions and other organizations.”(1986 Constitution of Liberia, Article 17).

    I concur with the former Vice President of Liberia that it is the people’s right to assemble in a peaceful manner in “consulting upon the common good petitioning the government ..for the redress of their grievances..”

    It is my hope that the government will live up to its responsibilities in providing the requisite security for the aggrieved citizenry that are expected to gather on December 30 in the hope of petitioning the government for the redress of grievances which among other things include: “no safe drinking water, no good healthcare, no jobs, salaries for the few that are gainfully employed are not forthcoming, all our banks vaults are empty, ATM machines are empty and non-functional, people are denied withdrawing from their saving deposits in banks because the banks have no money, corruption, we are told, is rampant, parents are unable to pay their children’s tuitions and as a result, children have been thrown out of schools for lack of payment, we are yet to account for both the 16 billion dollars as well as the 25 million U.S. dollars allegedly used to “mop” up old currency notes, our checks and balances system to ensure good governance among the 3 Branches of Government, is presently in tartars as the Executive branch controls the other two branches of government, we are told, with Brown Envelops, thereby threatening our democracy.

    A Peaceful demonstration is therefore in place to address these concerns. The People are the Creators of government. They are the Sovereign. The government is the Created. It is a subservient tool for the purpose of protecting the Life, Liberty(Freedom of speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Association, Right of Petition, etc.etc.) and happiness of the people. These Freedoms, Constitutionally, cannot and should not be denied or curtailed. Let the people marsh but government must ensure to provide security and protection as our Constitution and laws direct.

  7. Thomas Max Beer, “an oderly and peaceable manner” is never asking a democratic elected (NOT SELECTED) President, Head of State, Head of Government, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Liberia to “step down”!

    Joseph Boakai is a very foolish and stupid oldman whose greed for power is as SELFISH and extremely SATANIC as satan himself! Not because everyone has the right to own property one can just own property even by means of committing CRIMES.

    According to the Liberian Constitution President George Manneh Weah is the sovereing leader of the Republic of Liberia ; and anyone or any group caught within the attempt, motive, intention, or act to remove the sovereign leader WHETHER IN “A PEACEABLE MANNER” (if such conduct could even ever have a “peaceable nature”) or WHETHER IN A NON-PEACEABLE MANNER, such conduct is an extremely serious breach of public order since it involves both an overt offense against the sovereign (the President), and a threat or attack which entails the subversion of the government .

    In short, those including old and ugly and CORRUPT Joseph Boakai intending to carry out this act of treason are actually committing offenses against the sovereign public peace, the maintenance 9f social and governmental order, national stability, to the detriment of the rest of SOCIETY! And it is the constitutional obligation of the law enforcement branch of Government- THE GOVERNMENT to prevent such anarch and criminality .

  8. Again; Again and Again.
    Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows can develop Liberia.
    Do NOT count on anybody from the CoP to lead liberia when it comes to needed Know-Hows, Skillset, etc.for Liberia.

  9. Interesting how some demonize Mr Boakai for repeating what is in the constitution. He didn’t support the campaign, only observed that the constitution be respected. Where was this righteous indignation during the Ellen step down campaign of Vandella Patricks
    and the CDC ? Oh, THAT wasn’t treasonous. Again, citizens can call for ANYTHING but the government does not have to abide by the call. IF citizens then do something that threatens the peace, then there a cause to answer. Otherwise, it is called “freedom of expression ” and this right is enshrined in the constitution. Also, how come you never discuss issues without insulting? Are you incapable of intellectual discussion? God bless Liberia.

  10. Boakai is a damn ignorant, SELFISH, and politicly stupid old and very mentally, emotionally, and physically, ugly man. And what substantiates such disgusting charactetistics of Boakai is his silly thought that because the government was able to prevent any form of unlawful and destructive acts on the part of the two protests in March and June which did not have any INTENT, MOTIVE, or act of TREASON , the government should permit a protest which is from all intent and purposes both in implied and expressed terms motivated and purposed on committing the acts of SEDITION and TREASON. This is why opposition parties as the ANC and even civil society organisations as the Political Women, EFFL, Independent CoP, etc. have distanced and dissociated themselves from such lawless, stupid, and criminality deyriment to the rest of society.

    • Some of you sycophants should be summoned to the court of law for using insults on respectful people in society. Don’t you know that this Oldman can born you? Don’t you know that he’s once served as your vice president for 12 unbroken years?
      I don’t know if you even have a father, if so, do you respect him? If you do, you should have respected someone else’s father.
      Did you take your time to read and understand the simple English the Oldman wrote, Mr. fine man?

      Sorry for the bunch of heathens we have in my beloved and once respected country called Liberia

    • Kojolokpo, you might have inadvertently ommitted mentioning also the Grand Old True Whig Party (TWP) which also made public the implausible basis of a protest calling on the President to step down . Also, even EDITORIALS from respected and credible news outlets like the FPA etc. resounded the unreasonable and undemocratic , and the abuse of rights on the part of those engaging in such protests.

  11. It is hard to understand that Mr. Joseph Boakai would publish a statement of this kind as a former leader/ former vice president. This statement clearly manifest how Mr Boakai is desperate to become president. When he and his boss madam Sir leaf led this country during the period of abondance, some citizens still went to bed hungry.His statements indicate how his knowledge of running Liberia is still limited.

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