Police Investigates Killing in Nimba County


Officers of the Liberia National Police in Tappita, Nimba County, are investigating the brutal killing of a 27-year old woman by another woman in a fistfight in Blehwalay Town, Kparblee District.

According to reports, Daybah Lorina Wongbaye was stabbed by Angie Mehn, a lover to George Fardolo, who has been in a relationship with Daybah for years and borne four children for him.

It began when the victim, Daybah Lorina Wongbaye learned that her boyfriend Fardolo, an informant of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, was in love with a 40-year-old woman named Angie, who is a resident of Blehwalay where he is assigned.

On January 9, 2021, the victim (Daybah) got a tipoff that her boyfriend was in bed with his new girlfriend (Angie Mehn) in her home, and when Daybah got the information, she hurriedly went in search of her boyfriend and caught them red-handed.

Upon catching Fardolo and Angie in the act, an altercation ensued between the two women, which resulted in a fistfight. After community intervention and Daybah was leaving along with her boyfriend, Angie followed with a sharp object, took Daybah by surprise and stabbed her below the breast. Daybah was rushed to the Jackson Fiah Doe Refferral Hospital in Tappita, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The perpetrator, Angie, has gone in hiding with no clear information about her arrest.

The death of the woman has created serious tension between the citizens of Blehwalay and New Yorpea. New Yorpea is believed to be the home of Daybah, while the Angie is from Blehwalay. The tension has left the homes of both Fardolo and his lover destroyed by angry mobs in Blehwalay.

However, the situation was brought under control through the intervention of the Liberia National Police and the local authority after hours of violence, where the mob attempted to set some other houses ablaze and persuing the perpetrator in retaliation.

The Nimba County Police Detachment CSD Commander, Oscar Seyeh, confirmed the incident but said they were still conducting an investigation to get clear information into the incident.

Blehwalay and the entire Kparblee District connecting Buuyao, along the border with Ivory Coast, remain lawless due to the absence of a police station in most parts; something the local authority has been complaining about.

On October 10, 2020, Samson Dopoe killed one Kpomentor Wrolee, 29 with sharp cutlass upon a call from Dopoe’s mother that Kpomentor Wrolee was fighting her in Glarlay, a town next to New Yorpea and Behwalay, but situated in Buu-yao District.

In 2013, an angry mob from the Wea Chiefdom in the Buu-Yao Administrative District entered the police cell in Buutuo and brutalized a murder suspect to death. Several of the perpetrators were arrested, placed in jail in Sanniquellie but vanished from prison for reasons yet to be established.


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