JICA Contributes to Gov’t Manpower Development

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    About 45 civil servants from various ministries and agencies of government have been certificated for successfully completing a three-week seminar on ethical leadership for quality productivity improvement program in Accra, Ghana.

    The training was intended to make civil servants more effective and efficient in order to increase productivity at their places of work, and to improve them ethically, something that has been lacking in the civil service as a result of the civil crisis.

    The 45 participants of the seminar, who just returned from their training in Accra, were taught in several public service courses, including, professional work ethics and attitude; performance management; professional leadership skills; general administrative procedure (modern practice) and many more.

    The seminar was organized and financed by the government of Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with technical assistances from the Ghanaian government through its Civil Service Agency and the Liberian government.

    Though the three-week seminar took place in Ghana, the certification ceremony was held in Monrovia on Wednesday, February 5, at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The ceremony was graced by several officials of government and international partners.

    Speaking at the certification ceremony, Mr. George K. Werner, Director-General of the Civil Services Agency (CSA) lauded the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for sponsoring this event and the Ghanaian Civil Services Training Center for collaborating with them (JICA)  to train Liberian civil servants in Ethical Leadership Quality Productivity and Improvement.

    He said on October 8, 2010, the head of the Ghanaian Civil Services (GCS) and JICA representatives signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the commencement of the Institutional Capacity Development of Civil Service Training center project for the GCS for the period of three years. Mr. Werner added that JICA and Liberian civil services also signed a similar agreement for the purpose of training Liberian civil servants in the area of ethical leadership.

    The CSA boss further explained that during  2011 a seven-member delegation— made up of two Japanese and five Ghanaians— visited Liberia for a needs assessment exercise aimed at improving the civil service in neighboring countries.

    He said the information gathered from that assessment mission was used to develop training materials and a framework for the establishment of a cooperative relationship between Ghana and Liberia.  

    “Our record shows that over a three-year period, since October 2010, JICA trained six Liberian civil servants in Ethical Leadership for Quality and Productivity Improvement (ELQPI),” he indicated.

    Mr. Werner also acknowledges JICA’s efforts in extending the program to the civil service in Sierra Leone.

    Also speaking was Mrs. Patricia Ayenpong, director of RTDD, OHCS, and a facilitator from Ghana. Mrs. Ayenpong indicated that the training programme is truly unique in the sense that the CSTC utilizes the skill-focused approach facilitation mode aimed at equipping participants with hands on training to enable them to transfer knowledge acquired to their workplaces.

    She said that facilitators were well equipped with requisite skills in the trainer of trainer course for ELQPI.

    Mrs. Ayenpong concluded by saying that the CSTC will continue to support by way of training to the wider Civil/ Public Services of Liberia to enable their services to move higher in productivity levels.

    For his part, Mr. Kunitoshi Saito, one of the facilitators from JICA told participants that many of them took it upon themselves to work on developing administrative manuals, jobs descriptions, training on the elements of report writing as well as preparing directional sign post, and the establishment of phone directories at various ministries and line agencies.   

    Meanwhile, Madam Wanneh Clarke-Reeves, director of CMT/ CSA Liberia said JICA agreed to assist the Government of Liberia by sponsoring an ELQPI program, which she said would enhance the capacity building of civil servants and improve the quality of services they render to the public.



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