JFL to Stage ‘Solidarity March’ for All Rape Victims

Maxson S. Kpakio, Executive Director, Justice Forum Liberia

— Calls on President Weah for the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court

As rape cases become alarming, a human rights group, Justice Forum Liberia (JFL), has announced a one-day solidarity marched in honor of all rape victims after a series of high-profile rape cases sparked an outcry in the country.

The march, which is slated for Thursday, August 27th, 2020, is intended to immediately call the attention of President Weah and his administration to take concrete actions against those that are violating the rights of women and girls, especially underage girls.

Maxson S. Kpakio, founder and chief executive director of JFL, told reporters recently in Monrovia, that the issues of rape and other forms of sexual and gender-based violence have become widespread in Liberia.

He said, “JFL is also concerned about the issue of rape and the low concern given to it by stakeholders including the government through the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, as well as the Ministry of Justice.”

It can be recalled that, between January and July 2020, there have been a total of 450 incidents of statutory rape, 100 cases of rape, 55 cases of gang-related rape, and ten cases involving sodomy.

According to reports from various counties, Montserrado recorded 288 cases of rape and domestic abuse, Nimba 56, Bong 36, Magibi 76, Grand Bassa 26, Bomi 15, Cape Mount 13, among others.

“Our young women and girls are raped across Liberia,” he said. “JFL is taking a new dimension especially in this COVID-19 time. Ladies are being raped and abused in all sorts of manner and we say that these acts of gender violence must stop. The impunity must stop.”

“We must promote zero tolerance to all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse including gender-based violence. We are worried that, at a time when the pandemic is ravaging the world that we are having another pandemic [within a] pandemic. This has left our women and girls feeling very unsafe.

“This is a very disruptive time when people are no longer feeling safe in their homes, neither are they feeling safe on the streets. Women are abused at domestic level and in public places. Incest and defilement of young girls is on the increase and the practice of blaming the very victim prevents even adult women from talking about this,” Kpakio added.

According to him, the pending march is not really about JFL, but for Liberian children, women and their future, and JFL will continue to advocate for those affected through rape and other forms of violence.

Mr. Kpakio said rape cases continue to be alarming because the President has not come up publicly to condemn it and to also announce some actions that needed to be taken.

“We are calling our President’s [attention to] the alarming rape issue within his administration,” Mr. Kpakio said.

Kpakio also told reporters that a petition statement would be served to various Human Rights organizations, including the government of the Republic of Liberia through the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers; Gender Minister Piso Saydee-Tarr, and the Liberia National Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue, calling for their swift intervention in the matter.

At the same time, Mr. Kpakio used the occasion to call on President George Weah to pay heed to the calls of Liberians for the establishment of a tribunal to prosecute perpetrators of war and economic crimes.


  1. JFL, or whatever your name is, keep quiet, and take your mouth from the rape cases. Why you acting like you don’t know the real rapists? Your can’t see some of the so-called connected big, big people as well as some ” plasters,” sorry, I mean some “pastors and imans” with the small,small girls? Yor own your own with yor pending anti-rape demonstration.

  2. Are you a man, I mean a REAL man? Are you a Liberian? Do you believe you are real human C.Y. Kwanue? You sounds like a beast honestly.

  3. Whatever oneś view may be about getting rid of this rape danger against our poor little children, something must be done to actually get rid of this problem. Take for example the fact that even someone who wants to be president is so much acting worst than a rapist in this news article I came across hours ago. I mean this is disgusting. I discussed this with my colleague, and she even sent me more on how Alexander B. Cummings Jr. of his ANC has openly confessed that there is nothing wrong with him having sex with any little boy he loves! IMAGINE! Read Cummings´ STORY OF SODOMY BELOW. THIS IS SCARY AND SHAMEFUL!

    Breaking News – West African News Agency
    Cummings Takes Gay Life To Another Level- Sexually Harasses School Boy As He Receives 100,000 USD To Support Gay Activities In Liberia

    A male senior student studying Environemntal Science At Catholic run Stella Maries polytechnic in Liberia alleges Liberian Politician Alexander Cummings asked him for anal sex after their scholarship meeting at Royal Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia. The student who audio is in our possession says he was promised a graduate scholarship at the Northern Illinois University, where he Cummings earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. The student escaped and has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening to harm him if he discusses what transpired at the hotel. Our Reporter called Mr. Cummings for his side of the story but he declined to make any comment.

    It can be recalled that In January 2020, Local businessman man in the USA Sandy Edwards extended a $100,000 grant to the Liberian based Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund, a collective giving and endowment initiative of Foundation For the LGBT communities in West Africa. The Fund which was founded by ANC political leaders Alexander Cummings addresses the historic under-funding of nonprofit organizations that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
    “I lived in Liberia for 30 years before the first civil war and I am still in love with the country. I wanted to encourage Liberians in the diaspora and at home to contribute to the Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund and thought of no better way than to show it by example,” said Edwards. “I believe the overall success of our community is dependent on promoting understanding and inclusion.”


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