JFK to Bury “Abandoned” Dead Bodies

Dr. Jerry Brown, JFK General Administrator says the issues of abandoning dead relatives is not about the hospital charging high fees, but because the relatives do not have money to bury their loved ones.

Authorities of John F. Kennedy Medical Center have announced a mass burial of abandoned dead bodies and body parts that have been kept in the hospital’s morgue for a couple of months.

The authorities said the exercise will commence on Friday, August 9, 2019 but called on family members and custodians to visit the center to claim their bodies ahead of the announced date for burial.

The authorities indicated that these dead bodies and body parts have been abandoned in the JFK morgue from March 9 this year to June 28, 2019.

The authorities noted that the Hospital will not take responsibility for any dead body parts after the August 8 deadline.

The hospital, in a press release which has been circulating on social media, has claimed the attention of the public as some blame the abandonment of their deceased love ones to the “prevailing economic hardship” and the hefty fees charged by JFK.

However, the General Administrator of the JFK Hospital, Dr. Jerry Brown, denied the allegations and noted that the medical center does not charge for bodies that are being kept at the morgue.

“We are not charging huge fees for bodies. That’s a lie. In fact, a lot of people take their [dead] bodies home without us charging them anything. Nobody can tell me that we charge people for taking their bodies,” Dr. Brown asserted.

He added that the information is usually is not meant for public consumption, but management decided to go public with the information to give family members the chance to have access to the bodies and body parts of their deceased relatives.

Speaking further, he blamed the idea of relatives abandoning their dead loved ones to the lack of financial capabilities to bury them.

According to Dr. Brown, the Samuel Stryker Funeral Parlor has been contracted to execute the exercise safely.


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