JFK Hospital Refutes Claims of Abuse, Deaths


The management of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Center yesterday expressed what it described as “utmost disgust” over a series of programming content aired on the Costa Show (Voice FM Liberia and Radio LIB in the USA) on the mornings of April 6, 7 and 8.

“These programs,” the hospital said, “did not only present gross misrepresentation, half-truths and many out right falsehood, but also failed to observe the fundamentals of professional broadcasting by contacting the Center for its side to whatever story or allegations the stations had.”

According to the hospital, this attitude on the part of the presenters of the program is not only a gross abuse of the public trust and the public right to know, but also a calculated attempt by the presenters and elements of the society to divert attention from the alleged criminal syndicate that has been busted at the JFK, many of whom have been arrested and are facing the full rigors of the law.

“The JFK also takes particular notice of comments made by Daylue Goah, a former employee of the JFK who served as communication specialist from September 2012 till the termination of his employment in December, 2014,” the hospital said.

JFK, in a release issued in Monrovia, refuted and condemned all claims made by Mr. Goah, stating that at no time, within his two years of service at the Center was Mr. Goah coerced, instructed or persuaded to lie to or deceive the people of Liberia on any matter relating to the operations at J.F.K. adding, “Mr. Daylue Goah is not a wanted man by the JFK neither is he a whistleblower, but rather someone who has brought his own credibility and integrity to serious question.”

The release clarified that, “on November 14, 2014, Daylue Goah requested a one week leave of absence from the JFK management in order to ‘take his mother’s adopted son, Lloyd Urey, to the United States’. Due to the State of Emergency declared as a result of the Ebola crisis at the time, the JFK management agreed to grant Mr. Goah two weeks leave of absence with pay (instead of the one week he requested).

“It was based on Mr. Goah’s prolonged absence from work, coupled with the many flimsy excuses he was presenting for not being able to return to work, that the JFK management (on March 26, 2015) mandated its human resource department to effect the termination of his employment effective December 28, 2014, that being the date he should have reported to work.

But Mr. Goah, in a quick response yesterday on his Facebook page said, “I have been reliably informed that the management of JFK has hired a PR firm headed by James Paykue from ELBC to start character assassination on me. They have also self-generated emails that I was begging to get my job back… hahahah… the JFK management according to my sources from the hospital, has invested over US$20,000 and has bought pages in four local newspapers for the publication. Don’t be surprised to see such evil act from the hospital tomorrow, but I am not moved and will not stop until I see change for our people. US$20,000 could have gone a long way in saving lives, but they prefer fighting me to keep their jobs.”


The public statement by the JFK management comes in the wake of a series of appearances on the Costa Show by Goah, who suggested that JFK’s earlier explanation in death of Mr. Ballah Scott, an employee of the hospital who was also admitted there for treatment, was far from the truth.

Mr. Scott, who served as Assistant Personnel Director and worked for the JFK for about 21 years, was found dead on the compound of the Hospital weeks after he fell sick. He was admitted at JFK after he complained of abdominal pain.

Scott’s death sparked controversy with family members alleging that their relative was killed at the hospital while undergoing treatment.

At the time the management of JFK refuted the claims, saying that Scott was discharged before his death.

On the Costa Show last week, Goah questioned why the body of Scott, who Dr. MacDonald claimed was discharged (alive), was found on the hospital compound.

He told the Costa Show that the autopsy pronounced by the JFK Management on the body of Mr. Scott to determine the cause of his death, was never conducted.

Goah also claimed that following Scott’s death, the JFK Management allegedly conspired with the International Bank (IB) and withdrew money from Scott’s account, making it to appear that Scott had been withdrawing from his bank account since he was discharged from the hospital.

Responding to JFK’s recent press statement on Goah’s remarks, Henry Costa, host of the morning show, said JFK “failed… to address or respond to the corruption and deplorable conditions at the hospital, or any of the widespread abuse and neglect at the nation’s supposedly number one referral hospital.”


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