JFK Hospital Apologizes for Privacy Breach of Rep. Sloh

(L-r) Dr. Jerry Brown, the Chief Medical Director of JFKMC, and Mrs. Dama Yekeson-Koffa, Deputy  Chief Medical Director for Administration, on behalf of the hospital apologized and regretted the horrific incident

The John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC) has apologized to grieving members of the House of Representatives and the general public over breach of privacy of Rep  J. Nagbe  Sloh.

The fallen Sinoe County District #2 Representative’s photographs went viral on social media on Tuesday upon pronouncement of his death, an error the hospital said constituted a breach of the patient’s privacy.

Dr. Jerry Brown, the Chief Medical Director of JFKMC, and Mrs. Dama Yekeson-Koffa, Deputy  Chief Medical Director for Administration, on behalf of the hospital apologized and regretted the horrific incident in Session on Monday, July 6.

“We are very sorry that this error occurred and that the privacy of your fallen colleague, Rep. Sloh, was breached,” Dr. Jerry Brown said.

Both top officials were strongly warned to adhere seriously to the Patient Private Policy (PPP) and must never allow such privacy breach to ever occur to any patient.

However, before the apology, Dr. Brown told Plenary on Monday that the photos of Representative Sloh were taken allegedly by a man who claimed to be a son of the deceased.

Dr. Brown intimated that though the man introduced himself as George Sloh,  after the nurses observed that he had photographed the fallen Representative, they demanded that he delete the photos, which he probably did not do.

“Accordingly, George Sloh promised the nurses that he was going to delete the photographs but later, the photos regretfully went viral on social network,” Dr. Brown said.

Montserrado County District# 4 Representative Rustonlyn S. Dennis believes that their colleague was maltreated by nurses as a result of Legislator’s inability to increase the salaries of health workers in the country.

But in a sharp response to the allegation against JFKMC, the Deputy Director for Administration, Mrs. Dama Yekeson-Koffa, said Representative Sloh was treated fairly by the nurses contrary to claims by Rep. Dennis that the nurses’ action was due to Legislators’ inability to increase health workers’ salaries.

House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers asserted that the reasons given by the JFKMC are not justifiable on grounds that it is a total violation of the Patient Private Policy something, according to him, which was not adhered to by the nurses.

During his stint in the legislature, the former lawmaker was tough-talking and, on many occasions chided on Speaker Bhofal Chambers for handling sessions in what he thought was a biased manner. In May of this year the late representative called on the Press Union of Liberia to institute a media blackout on Speaker Chambers after he revoked the Capitol Building accreditation of Truth FM’s Musa Kanneh.

Not only that, he also campaigned vigorously for the dethronement of Speaker Chambers, but fell short of nine signatures to achieve his quest. He noted at the time that Speaker Chambers was of no help to the President and the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

While in the house, Sloh was a vocal member of the Independent Legislative Caucus, formed to ‘restore sanctity’ at the House of Representatives, and formed a formidable alliance with the late Representative Adolph Lawrence and Montserrado County District 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, which openly called for the removal of Speaker Chambers over allegation of corruption and the Speaker’s “inability to lead.”

Prior to Sloh’s election, he served as the Head of Liberia News Agency.


  1. So the other photos of Hon. Slog that had also surface up on Facebook, during his visit to see the herbalist for treatment, was also posted up by JFK as well?

  2. The top brass at JFK came forward and acknowledged their mistake. That’s unusual, but credit must be given to them because the JFK authorities made a good move. Second, the photographer, George Sloh, is blameworthy. He told a false narrative by claiming to be the late lawmaker’s son. Photographer Sloh shouldn’t be left off the hook easily. He must be held accountable for his stupidity! Third, it seems that security at JFK is weak. At least before snapping pictures of a dead man, especially a late legislator, someone at JFK should have requested an ID. Additionally, political figures (the lawmakers) should do everything to depoliticize this sad event. Or simply put, politics is unwanted! Finally, in order to avoid a repeat of someone posing to be who he or she is not, the JFK authorities are duty bound to ensure public trust.


  3. Impersonation is a criminal offense. That impersonator should be prosecuted. And if found guilty, sent to prison to serve his time as prescribed by law. The intent of taking the photo of the dead is obvious – diabolical, wicked, and satanic.

    He should be investigated by “crack detectives” regarding the video with the native doctor. What was the point of taking videos of one been medically attended in the bush by the native doctor? The answer is again obvious again: for diabolical intents.

  4. First of all it was disgraceful for these cowardly nut bags as direct Representatives of the people to put the interest of themselves before the national interest of the people they were elected to serve . No matters how little the citizen may be. Especially when they passed a law that was enforced resulting in injuries to citizens by law enforcement officials and officers alike. They have yet to investigate or to call in any one concerning the application and enforcement of the law under the State of Emergency. They have even failed to call in the Independent Human Rights Commission for a general account of the application of the law during the State of Emergency as an independent non-political source. But here they are pulling off the Mary Broh stunt of having administrators being called in for interrogations as it relates to one of their own. Here they are calling for the whole citizenry to be interrogated about “who done” it to one of their own. The interest of that child as a citizen, who never had a chance to say mama, or to serve his mother, the Nut Bags in the House of Representatives are not interested, not even about others injuries sustained at the hands of law enforcers. But other are here saying the administrators at JFK should have had security to check for ID cards. The lawmakers themselves do not obey the laws. Common thing the traffic regulations and laws, they do not wish to obey. Hence, they passed a law benefiting themselves. They do not even respect the traffic cops, and will even threatened to have the traffic cops dismissed. That security posted at JFK going to stop these cowardly Nut Bags to abide by the rules of the hospital ? Sure , like True or False Nationalist is calling for the prosecution of an imposter, so are citizens feeding that 98 percent of the time, the applications of the laws of the land should be applied to all citizens alike. 98 percent of the time, the citizens want to see the laws are obeyed and respected. Certainly, this is not the last Representative that will be going to that hospital. The next one going , should JFK request the military to the wards ? Since a common security will not be obeyed ? Then why have security guards posted at the wards because they are lawmakers, and not have security guards posted at the wards for the average citizens too ? Their privacy need protection too. The constant worshipping of of egotistical personalities in that country is what is responsible for the weakness of the law. And they have the license to commit murder, in situations like the traffic. The nation saw this political stunt played out with Mary Broh against one of their own. And these Nut Bags are determined to carry on that tradition, due to their political status in a corrupt culture found in their society. Interrogating the citizenry about Who Done It. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Who Done It?

  5. Patient confidentiality is one of the most important pillars in Medicine. Medicine is all about trust. Thanks to Dr. Brown & deputy for the apology. Please take measure for such to not be repeated.

  6. Mr. James Davis,
    My computer knows your name. Everytime I type the name James, (while not thinking about you), your last name usually pops up automatically. You’re responsible for that, you turkey. I will tell you exactly what you used to tell me…. even though you were wrong.

    “Use Your Independent Thought”.
    Stop Dreaming. Use Your Independent Thought!

    1. The Patriot, Mr. True Nationalist is not a false Nationalist. Watch yourself.

    2. Comrade James Davis……. security at JFK and all hospitals is very, very important. Security comes in many ways. When I suggested that earlier, I wasn’t referring to the uniformed guys one sees at the entrance of JFK. It’s more than that. Wake up to the smell of decaffeinated coffee.

    3. For once, try to be patriotic! Okay James? You’re always on the wrong side of Liberia. I sometimes wonder whether you will have a change of heart in terms of saying something good about our small little country. Do something for Liberia. Don’t work against Liberia.



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