JFK Honors Dr. Billy Johnson

Dr. Johnson being gowned by his colleagues and other employees.

John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFK) on September 3 held an official exit honoring ceremony for  outgoing Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Billy C. Johnson for his “outstanding and committed” work at the country’s major referral hospital.

Shortly after he was honored, Dr. Johnson described the occasion as being a totally unexpected event and of which he is very appreciative.

Johnson recalled that during his administration, he succeeded by putting in place many development packages, including salary increment, ensuring a high standard for medical and surgical practices, and making JFK a place of “safety and satisfaction.”

As CMO, Dr. Johnson said there were a significant reduction in the morbidity and mortality rates, thus making the hospital #1 and leading to a drastic reduction of maternal and child death as contained in the millennium project.

He said further that as part of his administration’s developments, JFK stood up to the insult of the Ebola menace in 2014 and 2015 by keeping the national referral hospital open to the public, especially during the worst part of the crisis, and even after losing some key doctors.

“The strategic plan, which was the first of its kind in transforming JFK into a modern institution that meets the need of the Liberian people in preferring quality and standard services for all irrespective of statuses, was based on the theme, ‘Just for Love of the Profession and the Life of our People,'” he said.

Dr. Johnson meanwhile lauded President George Weah for his vision to put the improvement and transformation of the hospital high on his Pro-poor agenda.

According to him, with Dr. Jerry Brown in the driver’s seat, the President will not be disappointed by his investment in JFK.

Dr. Brown assured the public that Dr. Johnson was only leaving an office at the medical center, but will be called upon when the need arises to share his experience for the betterment of the hospital.

Brown said Johnson was honored for the “impact and changes he effected at the hospital through his cordial working relationship while serving as the CMO.”

He said JFK remains united and, with unified effort, the hospital will be a better place for the Liberian citizenry, “because JFK is for every Liberian, including the nurses, doctors and patients.”

Brown also described Dr. Johnson as a great instrument that has made JFK a place of choice for every citizen, making particular reference to the height of the Ebola crisis.

Nyeminah Y. Williams, supervisor for both nurses and midwives, as well as other senior staff members expressed  gratitude to Dr. Johnson for his service to JFK.

According to the employees, Dr. Johnson has a quiet and devoted character, always willing to work and educate others in the field of medicine.

Dr. Billy Johnson holds a Ph.D in Molecular Biology/Microbiology and a Doctor of Medicine (MD from Latin Medicinae Doctor) from the University of Florida in Gainesville. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, and practiced as a board certified physician in Virginia and Connecticut. He is the founder and president of Ultimate Health plus in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Dr. Johnson became interested in Health and Nutrition after losing his oldest brother to cardiovascular disease (heart attack) in type 2 diabetes.


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