“Jesus Didn’t Change His 12 Disciples. Why Should Weah?”


Weah’s spokesman, Solo Kelgbeh admonishes critics

Concerning the way President George Manneh Weah is running the country, mainly by his choice of cabinet officials, especially those who are have tainted public records Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh has called on critics to keep quiet and remember that Weah has the constitutional right to hire and fire cabinet officials at his will and pleasure.

But in an attempt to illustrate his point, Kelgbeh drew an analogy between Weah and Jesus Christ by saying, “Jesus didn’t change his twelve disciples. Why Weah?”

The analogy seems to drawing lots of attention on whether or not President Weah cares about the concerns, some legitimate, not only from his critics but many others who want to see Liberia progress.

Speaking on a local morning talk show yesterday, April 13, 2021, he said all those who are accusing Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, and many other members of Weah’s cabinet, have no evidence to prove the wrong-doing of those Ministers but are using politics to poison the minds of people against the cabinet Ministers.

“The Kroll report and the Presidential Investigative Team (PIT)’s reports have long since exonerated Minister Tweah and the government in general. What else do our critics want to see or hear before they can accept that they are in error? Kroll is not a Liberian company but a foreign company directly supervised at the time by the U.S. Embassy here. Let them find something else to talk about but, as for that, we have crossed over it already and focusing on how we can improve the lives of the many struggling ordinary people,” Kelgbeh said.

Primarily, the Presidential Press Secretary was discussing plans about the third leg of the President’s county tour (citizens engagement with Weah) but he delved into responding to what he termed as misinformation that continue to circulate the corridors of the country and even beyond its borders.

“Those small groups of people, protesting around here in demand of the President’s dismissal of any of his staff, a Cabinet minister or director, is not worth giving attention to. They only make blanket statements, allegations they cannot prove and, as such, we don’t have the time to dignify their comments,” Weah’s spokesman boasted.

According to Kelgbeh, when Jesus selected His twelve disciples, including those who he even knew could betray him; he kept working with all of them.

“Peter denied Jesus and the cock crowed but the Lord did not go against Peter. He did not even harbor a trace of malice or hate against Judas who sold him to his prosecutors. Leave President Weah alone and he alone will see the reason to do what he thinks is best in the interest of the country,” he averred.

County Tour

The Presidential Press Secretary named Margibi, Grand Bassa, Rivercess and Sinoe Counties as the next counties Weah will be visiting.

“The intent of the tour is to hear directly from the ordinary people and know what exactly to do for them. This tour is providing the government more opportunities to decentralize its development agenda and that is what we are doing,” Kelgbeh said.

He named the lighting of streets in some counties and some other development initiatives, including the construction of a modern hospital in Gbarpolu as achievements, not for political reasons but for the wellbeing of the people.

“This is why the President is calling on all those who have benefited from the solar lights and others to take ownership of the projects by ensuring that they are not destroyed. It is a fulfillment is his message that Monrovia alone will not be lighted but the entire country,” he explained further.

Kelgbeh said while he was not fortunate to have been part of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration and its activities, as well as those of her predecessors, Weah’s nationwide tour is different because there are immediate, on-the-spot developments the people get.

“Not everything the President has told the people that he would do in the future. Some, he ensured they were done and same or others, may be different, will be done also in other counties, depending on the pressing need of each,” he assured.

Kelgbeh added that President Weah is not sleeping, but watching all that is happening across the country and doing all that is best to make the needed impact.

“The President trains at his personal gym every morning before leaving for work. He listens to radio and even watches online talk shows and other programs. This is why he is in direct empathy with his people and is exerting all efforts to do more and put smiles on the faces of his people,” the Executive Mansion communication boss said.

Visit to Lofa

Kelgbeh informed the public through his interviewers on TBS that Lofa has been singled out as the only County to have a special time for the President’s visit.

“We will go to Lofa. Lofa is part of Liberia and the people there are our own people. We will visit a lot more of towns and villages in Lofa as compared to any other County because we want to erase the speculation that the people of Lofa hate Weah or Weah hates the people of Lofa,” he said.

He said Lofains should not be annoyed with Weah for J. Brownie Samukai, Senator elect of Lofa, not being certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

“The President is a straightforward man. Things are going the way they are going because he respects the rule of law and he is not interfering with the workings of the justice system.

“It is not Lofa alone it has happened to. There are many cases around the country, but the laws are the laws,” Kelgbeh says in boss’s defense.

He continued that his own biological brother is in jail in Sinoe for a crime he has committed but he will remain behind bars even if he (Kelgbeh) and Weah arrived in Sinoe.

“Not because he is my brother. I am not happy that he is in jail but, again, I have to be a respecter of the law and stay away from any act that has the propensity to undermine the legal process. This is it and we want the people of Lofa to see things as we see them too,” he noted.

He referenced the case in Bong County when the people of that County petitioned President Weah to prevail on the justice system to free the people who were arrested and detained for the damages they caused at the MNG gold mine as an example of President Weah’s lack of interest to interfere with the justice system.

It can be recalled that when he kicked off his first county tour, Weah was engaged by the people of Bong to prevail on the justice system to free their sons and daughters from prison but Weah, in his response to their petition, said he could not do it because the law is the law and they should go through their punishment to serve as a deterrence.

Use of funds to finance projects

Kelgbeh said President Weah uses his personal money at times to fund Presidential projects.

“The claims of our critics that the President is using the country’s money to fund public projects under his office and do his projects, too, are unfounded and completely false.

“The President has his development partners who contribute to initiatives he brings forth. His wife, the First Lady, also contributes and Ministers and other friends in government, too, contribute. So let those who have nothing good to say, sit down and forget about bringing out things they cannot prove in any way good,” he admonished.

Kelgbeh said projects funded by international partners such as EU, USAID, UNDP and others are recognized as such, and at no time did Weah claim direct ownership of the funds used to implement those projects.


    • Haha. The bible says, you reap what you sow! The country is doing a very poor job educating its citizens so what we have is a bunch of poorly educated people running the affairs of the country. What can we expect from these idiots? Unfortunately, Liberians are paying a steep price for electing an idiot like George Weah. Hopefully, and I say hopefully next time they will elect a qualified person as president. There is no way George Weah will be elected in 2023 because Liberians have a very negative opinion of him. The CPP needs to put forward a candidate and I think Alex Cummings is the right guy for the job. He’s educated, he has leadership skills and solid business experience. He knows about strategic planning, etc. The executive leadership training he received from Coco-Cola will be of great help in his role as President. Joe Boakai is a good man but what new ideas does he have? We need someone who has the energy to take the bull by the horn and run with it. We need a hands-on president because there are too many big challenges to solve.

  1. Yes I agree with you Bartum N. Kulah,Sr that the president should keep his INCOMPETENT and KLEPTOMANIC disciples, and he should keep on installing CHEAP Chinese solar lights on dusty streets in the counties. The Liberian peoples’ eyes are wide opened, and they are taking note and will deliver the verdict in 2023.
    The Liberian people proved that the mistakes made in 2017 will not be repeated again by their votes in December, and if the president, and his minions think that they can bribe the Liberian people with a few Chinese solar lights, and a few cosmetic developments, they will get to know the Liberian people in 2023.

    • Tolo Bonah Corfah, you are still seconding motions? You mean after a half of a century you have been a participant observer regarding at least politics as public affairs, and you still make judgements as an intellectually and politically delinquent juvenile?

      Dont you know by now that President Weahs two terms as President of the Republic of Liberia is a foregone conclusion, taking into account the massive developments he has made throughout the country, and the popularity of himself and his policies in the Capitol, to the extent that even his political opponents have vowed to campaign for him come 2023?

      Follow reason and not deceptive emotions, former LPP Board member who confessed to the public that his “being an LPP Board Member was only on paper, there was never ever a single meeting“!

      Anyway, such disappointment from you should not be surprising, since this is what results when one has wasted most of his youthful and adult life being a follower of political flunkies (eg. Togba Nah Tipoteh, Amos Sawyer, Dew Mayson, Boima Fahnbulleh, Dusty Wolokolie, and the rest of your MOJA, LAP, LPP, etc.etc.) who after they have lost their way in the muddy wilderness of Liberian politics, are today, like you (Tolo Bonah Corfah) worse than political upstarts or cursed political neophytes.

      You are here ranting about “cheap solar lights“. What did you and your mentors named above do when you were crumbs collectors of all of the governments preceding this government including the governments of Amos Sawyer, Charles Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the rest of all the interim governments in which you political flunkies were beneficiaries… including that of the military junta of the 1980s when they sent you to Ethiopia to study communism under the ploy of attending adult literacy classes? NOTHING BUT DRINKING PLENTY CLUB BEER.

      After all these years, as a result of the social transformation UNSERIOUSNESS and greed of you political zombies and flunkies, you kept the streets in darkness for nearly twenty years! And you have the nonsensical temerity to rant about “cheap solar lights“? Are you crazy or something?

      You guys should be ashamed of yourselves after destroying our country from 1979 when we had another transformational leader (William Richard Tolbert Jr.) as transformational President George Manneh Weah! You better shut up or talk sense and not senselessness.

  2. Solo,

    Know that I did not finish reading the above article but from the lines I perused, the following opinions can be made of you:
    – You do NOT know how to read to understand what you’ve read. If it were the case, you could NEVER have come here to say that the Kroll report exonerated Minister Tweah and the Government in general.
    – Your effrontery from killing and stealing with total impunity has gone beyond bounds for analogizing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the satanic embodiment to whom you’ve sold your soul, repent while there is time!

    Are you guys focused on the improvement of the lives of our struggling masses? Or worsening situations for them?
    Do you want people to give proofs of your embezzlement and then find themselves dead the next day, like the 4 auditors and the EPS officer?

    Don’t worry, in due time you guys will be shown proofs, as is being done with maniac Gilbril Massaquoi.

  3. Maybe Ellen should have installed ‘made in Liberia Solar Panel’ or wait for the one that will come from America; so Monrovia wouldn’t have been as dark as it was before the cheap Chinese one were installed. We are 173 years-old and counting, we still look like a dumpster at the outskirts of town with nothing to show.

    Some of you need to visit some other Africans states and compare Liberia. We cannot even compare ourselves with South Sudan 🇸🇸, the youngest African nation.
    We don’t own anything in our own country. We have foreigners controlling the economy and controlling our stomach.


    99% of Liberians have PhDs in BIG MOUTH

  4. I know this dude might have heard about Jesus’ encounters with his disciples from the Satanic versions of a Fodky Klon church? Therefore, his analogy is not scriptural. To the point, let him be reminded of the way our country is faring. Time will soon tell.

  5. Mr. T. Nathaniel Tamba 111
    Thanks you so much for throwing light in Liberia’s darkness. Some Liberians are complete political junkies who served as ‘followers to no idea’. The only president you may compared GMW with is visionary like William Tolbert in term of development. But as we are: listening to outsiders, we connived with foreign agents and killed him; thinking we were doing ourselves good by appeasing foreign FOES.

    40 years have been spent in the ‘wilderness’ with nothing to show for. No good school, no road, no subsidies public social system, plus education. We now have free public education, and some are opening their BIG mouths.


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