JEP Revamps Power Supply in Nimba

Jungle Energy Power office in Nimba County

As huge supplies of the meters, others arrived

The Management of Jungle Energy Power (JEP), the firm managing the Nimba Grid of the Liberia Electricity Corporation, has revamped its activity to boost the distribution of electricity in Nimba. Speaking to reporters in Ganta on Thursday, October 15, 2020, the overseer of JEP, Mr. Aleyor Keita, said the management brought in huge consignment of meters to connect all those yearning for electricity. The company, he said, will be upgrading services, ensuring that the supply of electricity is effective and up to standard.

“We are going to upgrade most of the communities that have low voltage by increasing their phases and adding more transformers, if necessary,” he said.

Mr. Keita said the company has connected over 8,000 customers and they are in the process of connecting another 6,000, ensuring that the customers enjoy the electricity at all times.

He said all those who will be getting connected will also be given 30 meters of cable, free of charge, from the main supply line to the subscriber’s property. Before, JEP used to provide 15 meters of cable for connecting any house or property and, if the cable provided exceed the 15 meters, then the customers had to procure the remaining part, to enable the electricity line to reach the property.

Mr. Keita also explained the company is still in the investment stage and is yet to make any profit, but assured the public that streetlights will be reinstalled across Nimba, especially where JEP operates when things get better, but he did not give a timeline.

The Nimba grid of the LEC, managed by JEP, starts from the Liberian border with Loguatuo and ends in Saclepea, but the other towns and cities, including Tappita, are under the Grand Gedeh grid, which is still under the management of LEC.

The demand for electricity in Nimba is very high, with nearly everybody wanting to be connected at once. However, the shortage of meters on the part of JEP had many customers frustrated. The new arrival of meters and the upgrading of the power are likely to boost the morale of the company and also make them gain public trust.


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