JEP Restores Street Lights in Several Towns, Communities

Aleyou Keita, Manager, Jungle Energy Power

With the Christmas and the New Year holidays just days away, Jungle Energy Power (JEP), the electricity firm operating the Nimba grid of the Liberia Electricity Cooperation, has begun the installation of street lights across the major towns and communities where they are currently providing services.

Speaking to reporters in Ganta on Monday, December 14, the Manager, Mr. Aleyou Keita, said the technical team of the company is installing street lights, beginning with Loguatuo, Karnplay and in most of the streets in Ganta, Sanniquellie, Saclepea, as well as other towns where they have a transformer.

He said they are also extending the project to other communities around Ganta, Sanniquellie and at the same time installing transformers in other towns where none exist, to enable the people have access to electricity.

“Currently, we are installing street lights in some strategic areas around the city of Ganta, Karnplay, Sanniquellie and Saclepea, bringing laughter to the citizens,” he said.

It is not clear, how the lighting of the streets in Nimba, especially key cities like Ganta and Saclepea, among others, but, during the visit of President Weah to Nimba recently, the residents of Ganta, through City Mayor Amos Suah, appealed to the government to install street lights in Ganta to boost business and also enhance security.

But, Mr. Keita said it is only Jeremiah Koung who made a contribution to the restoration of street lights. He also called on any well-wishers to make their contribution, as he put it, “the cost of restoring the street light is huge, because one street light costs over US$100.”

Of late, the city of Ganta has been shrouded in a state of insecurity with instances such as people being robbed in the street after dark in full public view. In most instances, bystanders fear trying to intervene for their own safety.

Mr. Keita noted that some crime-prone street corners will see the installation of lights to ensure the safety of peaceful citizens.

The coming of the street lights has been welcome in communities across the county, mainly the commercial cities like Ganta, Saclepea and even Karnplay.

Saclepea City Mayor Jeremiah Nyangeah hailed JEP for the streetlights and said installation will surely boost the economic activities in the city and also enhance security.

He told Radio Saclepea that it was through the instrumentality of Rep. Jeremiah K. Koung that these street lights were installed, adding that more are still coming.

Meanwhile, the JEP has assured the public of no power shortage from now on, because all mechanisms needed have been put in place, adding, “if any power shortage occurs, then it will come from the Ivory Coast.

In a related development, JEP has begun giving COVID-19 stimulus package in the amount of US$20 through the distribution of free electricity via prepaid cards. It is not yet clear, who is funding the stimulatus package.


  1. The installation of street lights in Nimba is a good development idea. By doing that, a lot of good things will happen in the county. On the flip side, I just cannot understand why madam EJS did not undertake that particular project during her presidency. It’s about time that street lights had been installed in the counties throughout the republic of Liberia. In addition to street lights, good public toilets are needed throughout the country.

  2. My Liberia, sweet Liberia!
    Individuals contributing to provide streetlights in our cities, quelle honte et quell mascarade!
    So, who is going to foot the bills for the streetlights? Consumers or government or individual contributors?

    I wish 2023 could come as quickly as possible for the ANC to set many things right in Liberia!

  3. The autocratic TWP came on board from 1847-80. With a supremacist mindset, the TWP left the country bifurcated. In short, the TWP had no answers for the country.

    The military-turned politician, SKD came on board from 1980-90. Instead of leading the country forward, the country was led backwards. In short, Mr. SKD did not have the answers that could move the country forward

    A convicted felon, Charles G. Taylor came on board in the late 1990s with an undemocratic guerrilla attitude. Taylor promised to lead Liberia to economic and political prosperity. During his struggle to claim power, over 250,000 innocent Liberians lost their lives. In short, Taylor did not have the right answers for Liberia.

    Through the help of the United Nations, the government of Madam EJS came to power. It was felt by many that the leadership of Africa’s first female democratically elected president would move the country to higher heights. Sadly, Madam EJS did have the right answers for Liberia.

    After Madam EJS had governed the country for a period of 12 years, it was decided by many Liberians that George Weah, a former soccer star-turned-politician would move the country forward. Unfortunately, Weah’s critics complain that he does not have the right answers for Liberia.

    Finally, Weah’s critics are telling the Liberian people that a former private sector employee, (Alexander Benedict Cummings) who in essence is a neophyte “has” the ability to help Liberia. Remember… Like Donald J. Trump, the former private sector employee (Alexander Benedict Cummings) has had no governmental experience.

    My Response: My fellow compatriots, please do not be mislead by Cummings’ enthusiasts! It’s a ruse. Being a former private sector employee is fantastic, but it is not a prerequisite to being elected to the presidency. In short, Alexander Benedict Cummings does not have”all” the answers that will move Liberia forward.

    • Mr. Hney, firstly, it is an error to use the word ”ALL” and write that A NEOPHYTE, Alexander Benedict Cummings who has no government experience does not have ”all” the answers that will move Liberia forward, when as a neophyte with no government experience, HE OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE ANSWER THAT COULD MOVE THE COUNTRY FORWARD.

      Now, Mr. Hney, amongst the Administrations or names listed by you, UNDER WHOSE ADMINISTRATION did many indigenous Liberians have the opportunity to attain advanced education abroad whether to Harvard, Oxford, or otherwise, as compared with a time when having such opportunity was a ”divine right” for the Congors?

      During whose administration government introduced the building of complexes for government ministry (eg. Ministry of Defense, Health, etc.)? During whose Administration did our army and police begin to live in modern barracks, and better paid (as was also public servants better paid) as compared to when they were considered as sub human beings living in swamps?

      Mr. Hney, during whose Administration was participatory democracy via MULTI PARTY POLITICKING seen to be a reality in Liberia with the people throughout the country absolutely represented by THEMSELVES as far as majority rule is concerned?

      During whose Administration in recent time , the election of Mayors as constitutionally mandated was carried out to the fullest from county to county?

    • Mr. Concerned Liberian,
      With all due respect, I will disagree with you on a few issues.

      My colleague, Mr. Dolo always informs us (his readers) that Cummings has what it takes to move our country forward. I totally disagree with him. Indeed, Cummings has a professional private sector background! But he is a neophyte. Cummings may have some ideas, but he does not have all the answers to solve the country’s problems. I meant what I said. I don’t think I committed an error. I employed the word “all” because Dolo wants the Liberian electorate to swing over to his buddy. In reality though, Dolo has the right to heap praise on Cummings and whomever he wishes. However, like him, I have a natural right to disagree with him.

      Dolo is a very intellectual. But I disagree with him on a professional level.

      When Mr. Doe and his colleagues assassinated Tolbert, I wasn’t living in Liberia. During those days, from newspapers I read, Doe was variously referred to as SGT. Doe or CIC Doe. Eventually, both titles changed to President Doe. In other words, after he became elected, Doe converted to civilian type leadership. Despite all he did, (example, the building of a National Sports Stadium) his critics said that Doe did not have the right answers for Liberia. Based on what I heard from people, it became abundantly clear that although he tried his level best, Doe didn’t have the right answers.

      From my humble experience, most leaders do not get all the credit they deserve. For instance, I think Obama did a good job. Just listen to Dolo and his Republican colleagues. Dolo and friends want to rip Obamacare into smithereens. But Obamacare saves lives!

      • Mr. Hney, as long as the political problems of obsession of domination by the elite, and the vigorous resistance by the masses remain a natural phenomenon in polities, one must be mindful to never reach conclusion based on HEARSAY.

        Mindful because inter alia power seeking hypocrites (eg. Sawyer, Tipoteh, Ellen in the 70s and 80s, Benoni Urey, Boakai, BUTT BOY ALEX CUMMINGS,) are not critics in the true sense of the word. They (BUTT BOY CUMMINGS, UREY, ETC) are power seeking hypocrites.

        So, it is understandable that once those you referred to as a Presidents “critics“ reached a conclusion about a given President, you too also concurred with such hypocritical and misleading analysis or disinformation.

        I am very impressed with the didactic manner in which Mr. Concerned Citizen cornered you (his enumeration of the forward looking developments made by President Doe) giving you the benefit of the doubt after he seemed to have realized that your critique was based on HEARSAY.

        Mr. Hney, as I hinted earlier, regarding the obsession of political dominion on the part of the elite and the legitimate no retreat no surrender vigorous resistance by the masses, always bear in mind that wherever and whenever the people rule ( eg. the incumbent Administration), that is certainly democracy!. The actions and reactions of the incumbent CDC (viz the ongoing elections) as we communicate, are proof to the aforementioned claims!

        But when the wealthy rule ( 1847 to 1980, 2006 to 2017) that is an oligarchy! Oligarchy is what the likes of Boakai, Benoni Urey, and BUTT BOY Cummings want, and not anything near democracy! Urey’s, Boakai’s and BUTT BOY Cummings’ records of the past, in relation to Liberia, prove this fact!

        So, I hope as you are still not resident here Liberia, as was the case in the 80s, you do not accept the hypocrisies as criticism of power seeking elites and oligarchs, who in their obsession with political dominance over the majority, have absolutely no interest in democracy or in the common people …the majority, not to even mention the development of the country. Urey’s, Boakai’s and BUTT BOY Cummings’ records of the past, ,are testamentary.

  4. Correction… See the third paragraph.
    Should be:
    1. Dolo is very intellectual!!!!!

    The sentence shouldn’t be:
    Dolo is a very intellectual.

  5. Grand Frere,

    No mortal being has all it takes to successfully lead his fellow countrymen, NEVER ever! However, there are prerequisites that even God Himself look for to establish a person as a leader.
    David was chosen based on his pure heart, Solomon for his humility, etc. It does not mean those great biblical kings did not have shortcomings, yes, they had. But when God calls you for a mission, HE justifies and qualifies you for such task.

    The use of the word “NEOPYTE” on Cummings usually leaves me perplexed and bemused. First, a neophyte is some who is new to a subject or activity. Form this definition, can we say Cummings, the former vice president of Cocoa Cola globally, the former CEO of Coca Cola in the Great Federal Republic of Nigeria, a man who currently sits on the boards of several multinationals, is a neophyte to management and politics?

    He may be a neophyte to the Liberia politics (pigheaded politics) but not a neophyte to politics. Know that a successful manager is equally a very good politician. A person can NEVER undertake a managerial job without the required skills to put people to work with enthusiasm. So, I think you should rethink the use of the word ‘neophyte’ on an accomplished and honorable man.

    However, the real neophyte in the Liberian political arena is your honorary Dr. Dr. Dr. George M. Weah. Intellectually, he is zero, politically, he is a lame dog and socially, he has no international outlook and contacts to move Liberia an iota. In fact, can’t you see the guy turning in on himself all the time? Going to the studio to make music about himself: Mr. Liar Man!

    There is one achievement from Ellen I am praying to be upkept, i.e. the new AFL. We need to build on this achievement, render the army financially independent to continue to uphold our constitution and the defense of our frontiers.

    The next foundation we need to set is education. It is the bedrock of any successful project to be undertaken in Liberia.
    I used to complain that ArcelorMittal was not living up to the task by employing Liberians in numbers. But Grand Frere, from recent firsthand account, the company is not getting the required human capital among Liberians. How can we improve lives without quality training and education?

    Cummings is neither a military nor a strong man to become a dictator. Cummings should therefore not be compared in anyway with Samuel Doe or Charles Taylor. Cummings will in no way resemble any of the wicked and failed past kings and emperors, but Tolbert, that Liberia has produced over the years.

    Fear not, for Cummings is on a noble mission for Liberia!

    US Breaking News (Friday, December 18, 2020):
    “Pentagon Halts Cooperation with Biden Transition Briefings”
    I only hope retirement will not be transformed into life imprisonment.

  6. Mr. Petarus Dolo writes:
    “I wish 2023 could come as quickly as possible for the ANC to set many things right in our country”.

    Mr. K. Z. Zoedjallah,
    The above quote is contained in the 3rd paragraph of an earlier post that was authored by comrade Dolo. Take your time and look up at the second post above. I wrote the first post on this page. The second post is precisely what I am instructing you to take a look at.

    As you probably know, comrade Dolo always tells Daily Observer’s readers that Alexander Benedict Cummings has the ability to set things right in Liberia. Because I totally disagree with him, I countered Dolo’s point of view by saying Cummings is not the right person for Liberia.

    Furthermore, comrade Dolo always says that because of his private sector background, Cummings is well-suited to provide the answers that Liberia needs. Once again, my counter argument is that although he worked in the private sector, it’s highly unlikely for Cummings to translate his experience into governmental leadership. Additionally, I gave an example of a Republican (Trump) who was elected because some American voters believed that Trump’s business background was a lot better than anything Hillary Clinton had to offer.

    You and comrade Concerned Liberian should take a careful look at my last paragraph, third post!

    In order to boost my argument, I gave a few examples of our country’s past leaders, starting from the leaders of the TWP.

    I was born in Maryland county. Although Tubman claimed to have been a Marylander, he wasn’t fair to a majority of the Marylanders! It’s a fact! If examples are warranted, I will not hesitate to list how most Marylanders felt misused during Tubman’s presidency.

    I can list a litany of things Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, EJS did and things they did not do. I am a Weah sympathizer. But I have a different analysis. As long as he is president, his hardcore critics will tar him negatively. That’s normal, but I disagree with them from East to West!. Why?
    Because, Weah inherited a weak economy. Mr. Zoedjallah, I’m not stupid. I Know that Boakai, Urey, Cummings and the rest of the power-hungry do-nothing politicians are trying their level best to destabilize Weah’s leadership. I have the feeling that their tactics will boomerang.

    Lastly, I am surprised to hear you say that you are happy because I was “cornered” by comrade Concerned Liberian. Concerned Liberian did not corner me at all. If you have been following my comments, you will see that I counter Dolo’s arguments more than anyone. Just take your time and re-read some of my comments.

    On the other hand, who am I to tell you anything? If you believe that I was cornered by comrade Concerned Liberian, it’s up to you Sir. You can believe anything you want. I think I have made myself explicit.

    My position is unshakable…..I strongly believe that Alexander Benedict Cummings’ private sector background is not a badge of honor to being elected to the presidency.

  7. Mr. Hney, my usage of the word “cornered” is in no way meant to disparage, relegate, impugn, nor even insult. NEVER!

    You are “too much“ of AN AMIABLE PERSONALITY that no one in his or her right mind shall ever behave in such aforementioned manner against you.

    Connotatively, that word “cornered” simply masqueraded as the word ”encouraged” and or “appeal“ to you! And the utmost reason was to encourage you towards a second thought or reconsideration!,

    For the truth, fact, or reality, is that while former President Doe was not and could not be a political saint (or even an ecclesiastical saint) while being alive and being in politics, he moved the country forward and did remarkably well in terms of growth and development!

    Now, we encourage you to glance into hindsight and imagine what Liberia would have been in terms of the economy, human resource, and technology, had those you refer to as “critics“ but actually power seeking hypocrites as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Amos Sawyer, Charles Taylor, Tom Wowwiyu, Harry Greaves, and or their entire ACDL AND NPFL bandits did not come to steal, kill, and destroy, what Liberia would have been to day with our natural resources, information and technology!?

    When you have made that retrospect, you will see that former President Doe moved the country forward, while the likes of Ellen, Charles Taylor, Tom Woewiyu and the rest of their ACDL AND NPFL GANGS IN THEIR BANDITRY TOOK THE COUNTRY A HUNDRED YEARS BACKWARD!

    Now, in the case of that BUTT BOY and political neophyte Alex Cummings, you or anyone make a mere waste of time to imagine such a character (GAY RAPIST AND BUTT BOY NEOPHYTE and worse, CDB KING’S descendant) CUMMINGS as a match to even Benoni Urey (though also a settler descendant), not to talk about Boakai or even a young and indigenous national political giant and hero as President Weah.

    Go and ask George Klay Kieh who and his group in diaspora won election on the internet, and when they went on the ground in Liberia, they and their New Deal Alternative were looked upon as aliens from a different universe.

    Let no one make the mistake. As Tip O’ Neill Jr former Speaker of the US House of Representatives chipped … “All politics is local!“

  8. Mr. Zoedjallah,
    Maybe I wasn’t as perspicuous as I could have been when I wrote what the critics or hatemongers said about Doe and some of our country’s past leaders. Specifically as matters relate to Doe, he will always be credited and remembered because he and his fearless colleagues brought Liberia to a period renaissance. Furthermore, the soccer stadium that’s named in honor of him will certainly keep his signature achievement alive in our country’s history.

    In 2014 when I visited Liberia, I went to the Doe soccer stadium to watch a game between Senegal and the Lone Stars. Sadly, the home team lost, but I didn’t lose my patriotism. More importantly, I was impressed with the Stadium which Doe had built. Of course, there’s no comparison between the Doe Sports Complex (the stadium) and Antoinette Tubman stadium.

    When I wrote my earlier comment, I wasn’t waddling in the blame game. I was conveying what the critics (or hypocrites) have been saying. God knows my where my heart is on this one.

    Lastly, this chapter is being closed on friendly grounds. Your response was as clear as water.
    Merry Christmas.


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