Jene Wonde Residents Plead For Support


The residents of Jene Wonde Township, one of the communities hardest hit by the Ebola Virus Disease, are said to be in dire need of support to help improve their lives after the Ebola virus has left them almost hopeless.

 Jene Wonde is located in Grand Cape Mount, bordering Sierra Leone where the virus is still raging. The virus killed more than fifty residents in the township, leaving many orphans and survivors. 

Jene Wonde Town Chief Madam Jebbeh Sannoh told the Daily Observer during a recent visit to the town that it is time for the Government of Liberia to provide support for the community.

She also called on international and local non-governmental organizations, philanthropists and well-meaning Liberians who have the means, to assist the community with aid.

“We want the government and other international and local partners to hear the cries of Jene Wonde and let them provide us with financial support so we can do businesses and send our children to school.

To the Agriculture Ministry, she pleaded, “Give us seeds to plant our farms and support for the care of survivors and orphans.”

Town Chief Sannoh stated that following the decline of Ebola cases in the area, there have been serious problems in getting seeds for their farms which were seriously impacted by the virus.

She expressed the hope that the Liberian government and other non-governmental organizations will listen to their appeal and come to their assistance.

Madam Sannoh also called on the Superintendent of Grand Cape Mount County, Mohammed Passawe, to visit the community in order to see for himself what is lacking.

In an interview with the Daily Observer, Supt. Passawe said the government is working through its partners to implement some programs which stand to benefit the residents of Jene Wonde, and other townships.

He called on the people of Jene Wonde to be patient and promised to continue to work in their interest.


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