Jealous Man ‘Kills’ Wife in Nimba


Then kills himself

A man believed to be in his late 20s on November 23 brutally killed his wife, Mercy Tiah, in Gbei Bonlah Town, Twah River District, Nimba County, for allegedly having extramarital affairs.

An eyewitness told this newspaper that the man, Freddy Loleh, shot his wife with a single barrel gun during the early hours, while the lady was sitting on a bench in front of their home.

The single barrel gun scattered her internal organs. She died before she could be taken to a nearby clinic.

Loleh left his Garplay home, not too far from Gbei Bonlah, near the Liberia-Ivory Coast border, and was staying with the woman where the incident took place.

“After he had killed the lady,” an eyewitness said, “he fled into the bush where he later took his own life.”

This has been the third time this year that a man has reportedly killed his spouse for suspected extra-marital affairs.

In May, a man killed his wife in Leesonnon Clan, and then later killed himself few meters away from where he had killed the woman.

Also in May, another man killed his girlfriend in Dulay Town, near the Liberia-Ivory Coast border, and an angry mob is believed to have beaten the man to death.

Meanwhile, family members of Mercy Tiah have laid her to rest, while the remains of her murderer was loaded in a bag and returned to his family in Garplay Town, an eyewitness said.

Investigation continues.


  1. It really doesn’t make any sense for a guy to kill a lady because his wife is found to have been having sex with another guy. There isn’t any scientific research I am aware of that could authenticate my claim. But by looking at things very, very carefully, it can be argued that there are more women in Liberia than men. If a woman decides to go out for more sex, the best that any guy could do is to go for counseling or end the relationship. Why? Because there are more women than men in Liberia. If any serious-minded man makes a serious effort to win a woman over anywhere in Liberia, he’ll succeed. It is dumb to kill a lady by any means because of love. Very, very senseless!

    A recommended core value:
    Think before you act. Don’t act before you think about the consequences.

  2. My people this is getting too much in this county, is it because of ignorance? The government through the local authorities have to put things in place to reduce this act. If this continued in the long run it might result into something else. Town and Town, village to village will turn against each other. People are not controlling their minds any more for woman business, what a great lost! Killed the woman killed yourself is that in grave she will stopped loving?


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