JCADF Gives to Less Fortunate

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More than 1000 less fortunate Liberians have reasons to smile this festive season because an American aid organization, Jerry Cebuski Africa Disability Foundation (JCADF), has seen the need to identify with them.

JCADF has extended a helping hand to under privileged Liberians with the distribution of several food items. The items distributed include 100 bags of rice, eggs, tomatoes, soap and other assorted supplies to help make their season a joyous one. All of the beneficiaries are residents of the Old Road Community in Monrovia.

According to the JCADF Focal Person in Liberia Roosevelt S. Prowd, the initiative is essential during this Christmas season as it will induce smiles on the faces of residents of the Old Road Community.

This comes at a time when the Ebola Virus Disease has ravaged the country causing many Liberians economic hardship.

He disclosed that the food items cost about US$6000.00 and is the third in a series of donations by the Foundation, bringing to a total of US$15,000.00 worth of food items the organization has donated since the outbreak of the Ebola disease.

Mr. Prowd added that Liberians have been encountering hardship since the outbreak of the Ebola virus which has left many people jobless.

“These people are really in need of help, they are suffering and they have been calling on us the Jerry Cebuski Africa Disability Foundation, especially during this Christmas season for us to help them with food,” Roosevelt Prowd noted.

Mr. Prowd disclosed to reporters that the JCADF based in the USA has been helping disabled people around the World including Liberia.

Apart from food we have also been helping people with medical problems especially people who cannot afford to seek treatment at clinics or hospitals.

Mr. Prowd expressed hope that other organizations will be moved by the JCADF initiative in Liberia, noting that many Liberians are actually suffering to get their basic needs during the Ebola crisis.

“People are out of job because of Ebola so people that are fortunate need to help the less fortunate,” he noted.

He also expressed frustration that the World Food Program, he claims, is not distributing food to Liberians, stressing that “Liberia is in a crisis and as such the WFP needs to help”

Several of the beneficiaries thanked the Foundation for their initiative.

They indicated that Liberia has now become extremely difficult and as such finding food on a daily basis has almost become impossible, but were optimistic that the Cebuski Foundation will always help Liberians with needed supplies.

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