Ja’neh Mulling Voluntary Resignation to Avoid Impeachment?

The embattled Associate Justice, Kabineh Ja’neh

The Daily Observer has reliably learnt that embattled Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, against who lawmakers from the Lower House have set up a judicial panel to probe allegations of corruption, is reportedly mulling the option of voluntary resignation before impeachment proceedings are initiated against him.

Counselor Ja’neh was appointed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 2006 by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

According to a staff (name withheld) of Ja’neh’s office, for days the Justice has been seen packing most of his belonging at the High Court, something which, according to court staffers, he has never been seen doing before.

“The pending impeachment proceedings in recent days have put the entire Judiciary in disrepute, thereby affecting the honor and integrity of its justices, judges, officials and rank-and-file personnel. This is why Ja’neh is considering resigning to ensure the dignity of the High Court is restored,” a Court staffer clarified.

The Judicial worker however did not say exactly when Ja’neh is expected to submit his letter of resignation to President George Weah to avoid being impeached by the Upper House for proved misconduct, abuse of public office, wanton abuse of judicial discretion, fraud, misuse of power and corruption as charged by the legislators.

The source further said there have been ongoing negotiations between the government and some Muslim leaders to nominate a replacement for Justice Ja’neh.

The House Judiciary Committee has adopted rules and procedures of impeachment against Ja’neh, accusing the Justice of a range of crimes and throwing the future of the Supreme Court bench into a state of uncertainty.

Approved on Friday, the rules and procedures of impeachment recommend that an immediate investigation into the activities of Justice Ja’neh consistent with the evidence provided, cause to be held a full hearing of the matter to afford him due process and thereafter seek the appropriate motion; and order the casting of the necessary votes to have Justice Ja’neh duly ousted, ejected and impeached as in keeping with the rules and procedures of impeachment.

The Articles of Impeachment from the House’s Committee will be submitted for voting by all members of the House of Representatives.  One-third vote of all the members would be sufficient to transmit the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial.

The Articles of Impeachment from the House’s Committee will be submitted for voting by all members of the House of Representatives.  One-third vote of all the members would be sufficient to transmit the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial.

The petition was filed by Montserrado County Representatives Thomas P. Fallah of District #5 and Acarous M. Gray of District #8, Montserrado County.

So far, public statements from lawyers and judicial actors appear to urge the House of Representatives to forthwith file the impeachment complaint against Ja’neh before the Senate so he can have his “day in court” to answer to charges of impropriety levied against him.


  1. People that ate the country Ebola money cannot be impeached!
    Global witness case under the table! Liberia in serious trouble!!!

  2. Oh so now the Judiciary Committee is involved! So what happened to the Bill of Impeachment that was filed and the ad hoc committee? What they are doing now is exactly what they should have done from the beginning! At least they have recognized their error and have corrected their course. They disrespected the Constitution and the authority granted to the Supreme Court but they will never admit to their mistake. Those of us who know better know the truth!

  3. Dear All, these “Johnny Just Comes” as usual will never want to listen to reasons, even when they are proceeding wrongly, good advice will never satisfied them, they are so-so arrogant empty headed.


  4. Whether Kabineh Ja’neh voluntarily resigns or not, the trial must proceed. If Ja’neh is found guilty, something must be done. In other words, the issue of consequence must be seriously considered. Many Liberians avoid punishment for their crimes or misdeeds because of connnections and influence. Of course, I cannot rule out the use of voodoo to confuse people.

    The law is the law. That being the case, the law should apply to all men and women regardless of their influence or connections. A society quickly loses its dignity and worldwide prestige when games of corruption are invented and played. If a felony is committed by a poor person, an entire county will not bother to beg for forgiveness. Why should clemency be considered in Ja’neh’s case when a trial hasn’t taken place? Isn’t this a game of corruption?

    Ja’neh should stand trial. If Ja’neh was in violation of ethics, Ja’neh must do the time. If the case that’s brought against Ja’neh is false, Ja’neh must be set free.

    • Concerning your last statement, just like that ? The social revolution just starting, and in a post by Siboe Doe, the Chief Justice of the Supreme is from Nimba County the same as the Associate Justice and he should not be part of any trial should the Article of Impeachment goes before the Senate. You guys over there being down this road before, but nothing to learn. In fact nothing happen at all. And so a replay is necessary .

  5. God have mercy on Liberia! Even those who are to make laws are arrogantly violating the rule of law.
    Hope justice be served!


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