James Lamin Korboi Remanded in Custody

Defendant Korboi, a Sierra Leonean is remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison because he could not secure a bond.

James Larmin Korboi, a Sierra Leonean national who was said to have held a series of confidential discussions with authorities of both the ministries of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and State for Presidential Affairs (MSFA) that led to his alleged attempt to withdraw US$32,835,654.14 from the account of the Manna World Holding Trust Funds to Liberia was remanded in custody at the Monrovia Central Prison on Monday, December 17, 2018.

The Manna World Holding Trust to Liberia is a company that holds Liberia’s development and road construction fund. A document obtained from the Monrovia City Court about the Trust Fund claimed that it had in its possession over US$5,914 billion for road construction and development initiatives in the country.

It was out of that money that Korboi allegedly conspired with several other defendants to dupe the government of US$32,835,654.14. The document failed to give further details and ownership of Manna World Holding Trust.

Instead, it alleged that Korboi, shortly after he failed to convince the ministries to withdraw US$32, 835,654.14, with wicked and criminal intent organized several discussions, this time with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, to withdraw US$5,914 billion from Manna World Holding Trust, following which police arrested him.

Court records claimed that the Liberia National Police arrested Korboi on December 5, 2018, at the offices of Minister Samuel Tweah where he had gone to hold a meeting with the minister.

It was not disclosed yesterday as to what prompted Korboi’s arrest, but details from the court’s record said Korboi had earlier introduced himself as an executive of Maga Strategic Partners Limited, a construction company, to senior staffs of both ministries. He Said he had come to the country with an unspecified amount of money to help support President George Weah’s Pro-poor Agenda, especially in the areas of road construction and other development initiatives.

It was due to an alleged introduction of his company’s intent to invest in the country that afforded him the opportunity to hold discussions with senior staffs at the two ministries.

Despite holding discussions with both ministries, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), according to the document, claimed that Maga Strategic Partners Limited did not exist. As such, it was a “bogus construction company.”

Korboi was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison yesterday, shortly after he appeared in court for the first time because he could not afford a bond.

However, his crimes, which included criminal conspiracy and criminal facilitation, impersonation of officials, forgery and attempted theft of property, qualify him (Korboi) for a bail.

It was also reported that in early 2018, Korboi conspired with his cohorts to defraud the Liberian government of US$32,835,654.14 intended for road construction and development initiative.

The record claimed that out of deception, Korboi allegedly manipulated the system through electronic means and requested 13 transactions of transfer amounting to US$32,835,654.14 from several accounts belonging to the government and which were placed in local banking institutions outside of the country.

“The defendant criminally attempted to deprive the country of that money but was aborted,” the court records noted on the first attempt by Korboi to allegedly withdraw from the Road Construction Trust Funds.


  1. A wise person once said, “Covetousness (wrongly desirous of wealth possession), by a greediness of getting more, deprives itself of the true end of getting; it loses the enjoyment of what it had got.”

    Greed has overtaken the common rational of this crooked individual to the extent that he fails to realize in this modern age of technology it is so easy to google anyone name or proclaimed business entity on the spot to find out if he/she or the proclaimed business entity is legit.

    Those days are gone where it was difficult to do on-the-spot due diligence on fraudulent companies and individuals involved in a 419 scam. What a greedy dumb criminal who thinks he could scam a poor country like Liberia out of a whopping US$32,835,654.14. This huge amount is almost 1/16th of Liberia fiscal budget.

    You reap what you sow! You eventually have to face up to the consequences of your greediness
    Mr. James Larmin Korboi of Sierra Leone.

  2. what do you expect when the least capable and the most incompetent people are put in charge and their only intent is to steal? Just imagine the ones we don’t know about

  3. Wow! Thank you Jesus. Our prayers for the survival of Ma Liberia are not in vain! This man would have rendered our nation completely bankrupt. God will expose all evil doers against this nation. We need better roads for people to be able to travel freely. I do not think this man is using his real name. The Korboi originates from Lofa County. It is most popular among the Lorma Tribe in Lofa. He is apparently using Larmin and Korboi name to make people to believe that he is related to someone in Liberia. Investigators should further check his background. He might not even be a Sierre Leonean citizen. Many criminal minded people such as this fellow took advantage of the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone to fraudulently purchase or obtain Liberian or Sierra Leanean passports.

  4. God is great, those who calls themselves Liberians but go around and bad mouth their own government, their evil intent will fail. This government will succeed. If I were you who knows so much about running a government, why not come out of the closet and help instead of hiding your faces and making negative remarks all the time.

  5. I’m really not very concerned about the criminal act of James, who’s already behind bars but the amount involved. I’m not sure of the actual amount the writer meant but it definitely cannot be 5Billion!

  6. “It was also reported that in early 2018, Korboi conspired with his cohorts to defraud the Liberian government of US$32,835,654.14″… So Liberians should be more concerned about “(Korboi’s) cohorts”, those very high government officials who gave him access to the account in the first place. And, assuming that our Pro-Poor President himself is innocent, he has a duty to immediately suspend, investigate, and prosecute all officials and staff involved in the alleged scam. The people should know what’s up with their government employees and it is not acceptable for their boss man to be hiding and keeping quiet in these very disturbing situations.

  7. I thought this government told us that they inherited a broke economy? Where all this money coming from and because of kickbacks they giving our country code to fraudster. This government will kill the Liberian people. Rodney please publish all the stealing they are doing.

  8. I am quiet sure these allegations would never be true!. He would walk a free man from the courts. I understand from the point u guys are coming – you really dont know about this man who has been falsely accused of these crimes. James is a hard working sierra Leonean who has never been reprimanded for a misdemeanor, not to talk about these crave made-up crimes. I believe the newspaper wants to make money to feed its owners. Nobody with a conscience would ever imagine a huge sum of money like that would be in the coffers of a bank in Liberia with little or no internal controls to the extent that a foreigner would easily ave access to. Am sure this is all made up to stifle the good rapport between Sierra Leone and Liberia. We shall press the right buttons here in sierra Leone. Just wait and see…

  9. Sorry, but this article does not prove that “Manna World Holding Trust” exists! not one i oat uh. This is just a made up written article that any one, person, company could have written, doesn’t prove anything.

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