James H. K. Gayemen to Launch Debut Gospel Album

James H.K Gayemen (left) is poised to launch his first Gospel music album.

The St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Wood-Camp, Paynesville is set to witness a baptism of praise, as one of Liberia’s emerging Gospel musicians launches his maiden album titled, “Here I Am Lord”.

James H.K. Gayemen, who is undoubtedly positioned to make headway is expected to be joined by several other Gospel musicians at the launch of his debut album on Sunday, December 22, 2019 at 3:30 pm.

Some musicians expected to participate in the launch include Pst. Klah B. Doteh, Kedrick Kangar, Samuel Mulbah and Rosalyn Bassey. Others are Abel Wah and Kessellee Mulbah.

Gayemen, whose parents, John Gayemen and Benetta Harding are members of the Bassa tribe, discovered his singing gift at an early age while seeking refuge in Danané, La Cote d’ Ivoire.

They worshiped with the Lutheran Refugee Congregation in Danane.

“This is where it all started. As a matter of fact, I have been in the church; singing in the choir ever since I was a teenager. I joined the youth choir. I sang in the male chorus as well,” Gayemen said in an interview with the Daily Observer recently.

Gayemen served as choir master for St Matthew and many other churches for years.

But the burning desire for a bigger role in the Kingdom of God actually ignited in 2015, when Gayemen started developing his abilities to discern musical sounds, tones, and other facets of music.

And as it is mostly the case, he had to learn by himself, “for I had no formal musical training. I visited people who could help me at times,” the singer said.

Gayemen said he actually started to experience that he was called into the signing ministry after a tarry at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in 2015.

“I got through singing and Rev. T. Doe Johnson called me up on the podium to sit in the pastor’s seat. He insisted; I told him “No Rev., that is not my seat”, but he said, “I know, but it is not a problem, I am telling you to sit,” he explained.

Prior to producing the album, Gayemen served as a drummer, pianist, director’s aid, lead vocalist and music trainer.

“I have served as music trainer for few churches’ music ministries, but this is the time to move to another level with the gift,” he added.

His style of music can be described as ‘contemporary Gospel music’ blending worship, praise and thanksgiving in the inspiration.

He becomes classic at times, but that is based on the inspiration from above, he explained.

“My goal is to utilize my potentials and work out my 3–in–1 Ministry (Music Ministry – Environmental Wellbeing Education – Motivational Talks),” he said further.

According to him, he wants to fully understand his gifts and develop all of them regularly.

With these, he wants to make himself valuable to the world, by applying constant efforts and obeying biblical principles.

Asked what difference he intends to bring to the Gospel music industry and what Gospel music lovers should watch out for, Gayemen said: “My music is also praise and worship. We need to learn how to worship God in this country. I’m here to praise and worship my Maker.”

Gayemen’s foremost inspiration is that many are out there waiting to be touched and blessed by God and he wants to be that medium through which those things can be achieved.

The album comprises soul-inspiring and original Christian praise medley, a worship medley, inspirational songs in high mid-tempo high-life tunes. Some of these are: Here I Am Lord, Have Your Way, Don’t Take It to the Grave and I’m a Kingdom Child.

One of the refreshing things about this album is Gayemen’s ever-present silky and smooth voice, which is a far cry from the usually shrill and high sounding shouts we are used to from contemporary Gospel ministers.

The stimulating high-life worship song, Here I Am Lord, is a rhythmic, melodious, uplifting, filled-spirit joint which encourages Christians to avail themselves to the service of God.

Gayemen is the songwriter and lead singer on all the songs on the album.

The Gospel music debutant is inspired by many musicians, both at home and abroad, notable among them being Pastor Klah Doeteh (Liberia) and the late Dr. Myles Munroe of the Bahamas Faith Ministries.

Meanwhile, the launch is absolutely free and Gayemen desires that attendees will come into the presence of God to worship him and give what they have been moved to give willingly. There will be no fund raiser.

He said, “freely you received and freely you must give”. I wish to preach this for about 4 to 5 minutes before any music ministration.

“We need to stop the wrong way of giving to the body of Christ or to the man or woman of God.”


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