J J Dossen Hospital Gets Medical Boost Again

Senator Brown presents to the Medical Director of the JJDossen Hospital, Dr. George, a pair of crutches, as part of US$25k worth of medical equipment and supplies for the hospital.

By Moses Geply 

The James Jenkins Dossen Hospital has benefited from an endowment of miscellaneous medical supplies worth US$25,000 from Maryland County Senator J. Gbleh-bo Brown.

“We did not bring drugs, but we have brought you some assorted items, like Manual or electric wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, oxygen, gloves, life support equipment, traction equipment; most of those basic items you need to effectively run the Hospital,” the Senator explained.

The JJ Dozen Hospital situated in the city of Harper, Maryland County, has for months now suffered the lack of basic items to carry out medical tasks of varying complexities.

As a means of easing the problem at the Hospital, Maryland County Senator J. Gbleh-Bo Brown donated the medical items to the hospital in the presence of several implementing partners. The items were received and brought through a goodwill gesture from partners in the United States and worth thousands of United States dollars, according to Sen. Brown.

Presenting the items Tuesday, January 21, the Senator indicated that the central government is challenged with an economic downturn and, as a national leader; he saw it befitting to make available these items to help intercede to address the lack of some major medical supplies at various health facilities in Maryland County.

“Today we want to start with the only referral hospital in Maryland County and, God blessing us again, we will reach other public health facilities in the county” Senator said.

He further explained: “I know how important the JJ Dossen Hospital is to the people of Maryland and other nationalities and the role you guys played during the EBOLA crisis in Liberia, as well as the partnership with my people during my campaign period. So, I have come to give back to you,” the Senator stated.

Senator Brown, in a separate interview with this reporter, said the use of medical equipment in hospitals and clinics nowadays is of utmost importance to health workers and patients. According to him, this equipment denoted will enable the Health Team (especially the technicians and doctors) to assess a patient’s medical conditions.

Wheelchairs and other medical equipment and supplies donated to the JJ Dossen Hospital

The Maryland County former superintendent and current Lawmaker, as an Executive Member of the ruling party, indicated that their quest is to ensure that all of the hospitals, especially, the public hospitals, are functional and offering free medical care.

He, however, acknowledged the County Health Officer and team for their immense contributions to the people of Maryland County but frowned at the issue of patients being requested to provide basic items for medical tests and treatments.

“We have been getting reports from across the country — not only Maryland — that most patients who go to government hospitals are asked to pay or buy some items before proper treatment like medicine and other assorted items, well, if this is true, it means that the government needs to do more for its people” he indicated.

Receiving the gesture on behalf of the people of Maryland and JJ Dossen Hospital, Dr. Methodius George, Medical Director, expressed thanks to the Lawmaker for the good-will to the hospital and the people of Maryland County. “These items came just in time. The entire hospital is completely out of major supplies, most particularly ‘gloves’ to perform key jobs”, Dr. George Mentioned.

Dr. Methodius George, Medical Director, JJ Dossen Hospital

“Senator, even before your coming to present these items, some departments here have already put in their request for immediate use; this means that the hospital still needs additional support,” Dr. George Said.

He termed the gift as a major boost for the Hospital, especially at a time when the facility is faced with the lack of this basic equipment. He promised that the items will be used for its main purpose.

Some Citizens who witnessed the presentation ceremony expressed thanks and appreciation to the senator for thinking about them to bring medical equipment.

“This morning my brother, I am very much happy for such a huge donation to the hospital — especially we the citizens, we don’t really need money from our leaders but an intervention that will ease our daily challenges,” said John Tweh Wleh, resident of J. Lamas Cos Community, Harper.

According to Mr. Wleh, such medical aid can make lives healthier, happier and stress-free.

“JJ Dossen is gradually bombarded with new medical equipment and, as such, I call on our health workers here at the Hospital to take extremely important measures to maintain them to provide quality healthcare and cut costs”. Felecia Allison, resident of Lake Sheppard Community.


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