‘I’ve Not Come for Politics’


In the wake of widespread speculations that former Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), Amara M. Konneh, will contest in the upcoming elections, he announced to a huge crowd of people who turned out to welcome him home yesterday that he is not ready for politics.

“I am not in Liberia for power but I have come to work with my people, visit my farm, celebrate the festive season and contribute to the development process of my country,” Mr. Konneh said.

Mr. Konneh, who is the Manager for Fragility, Conflict, Violence and Forced Migration Hub at the World Bank, resident in Nairobi, Kenya, spoke yesterday at a well-organized welcome and interfaith intercessory program by the Amara Mohammed Konneh Foundation and friends of Amara held at the Monrovia City Hall in Sinkor.

The program brought together people from the Muslim and Christian communities, the Yana Boys Association of Liberia, student groups, government officials, Shoe Shine Union of Liberia, and the business community.

“The message here today to the Liberian people and the Liberian media is, I have not come back home for politics, but I am home to see friends, family members and colleagues,” Konneh declared.

The former finance minister said he has come to reconnect with friends about the future of Liberia and the people and to visit his farm, because “I am a farmer as well. This gathering today is not about Liberian politics but about appreciation from brotherhood and sisterhood which I appreciate so highly.”

Konneh, who has spent eight months at his new job in Nairobi, said he was delighted to be back in Liberia to celebrate the festive season with friends and family.

Konneh said he was excited, because he did not abuse the power he had but helped people that he had no connection with.

“When God gave me power through the blessing of the President, I helped young people, for which all of you gathered here today have come to welcome me. I did not go to the University in Liberia because of the war so I was naïve of the help to people. And I am happy that I made some important friendships in all of you,” he said.

Konneh meanwhile pledged 20 percent of his salary to the Amara Mohammed Konneh Foundation to help improve the lives of Liberians whether Muslim or Christian.

He said his vision is to empower the young generation of Liberians through education by assisting schools around the country and working to renovate churches and mosques to rebuild his country and strengthen the youth and the Liberian people.

His target, according to him, is to create avenues for entrepreneurs and improve the livelihood of shoe shine boys, market women which are part of his Foundation’s mandate.

“I want to thank everyone for coming to welcome me, including the religious leaders. I visited twenty countries in the last eight months helping them, including Liberia with the issue of the budget,” he said.


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